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                                                  117 martyr saints Vietnam
                                                          (1861 - 2011)

                 THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE


12-11-2011 This evening, the Thai Ha parish held a solemn candle-lighting ceremony and holiday prayers of the martyrs of Vietnam. Meaning only ceremony today special prayer for the homeland, for the peace of Vietnam Catholic Church, pray for the peace of your Fathers, your men and women religious Priests and lay community of Thai Ha parish where have been Vietnam's communist government repression during the past days. Mass also pray for the leaders of the Hanoi government respect for truth, justice, stop all wrongdoing and overbearing at the same time return the property to the parish in lawful love and peace award. We loved the people of truth, justice-loving and freedom-loving, democratic lit the flame in the hearts and share communion with all people of Thai Ha parish, with prayer for all people, especially where the Fathers, the Monks and Nuns of the parish and the young Catholics have been Vietnam's communist government persecuted in the past.

Thai Ha parish events now fall at the right time we solemnly the 150th anniversary of the martyrdom of St. Vietnam (1861-2011). The meaning of "Martyrs" was Father Joseph Do Dinh Tu mentioned, clearly explaining the brave act to sacrifice their own lives to bear witness to the Name of God, while he also expressed call the faithful community is present at Mass courage and commitment to live God's word to speak strongly to the truth, for justice and peace. In addition to the call of encouragement to the Father are united more than 4,000 parishioners celebrated Mass at the Thai Ha parish church, Holy Mass today also remind all Catholics we always remember and imitate living the martyrdom of St. Vietnam. Church as much persecuted, Catholics, the more we become much more resilient. Dark power of "evil" today will not exist before the Name of God and light of the current resilience of the Thai Ha, the same indomitable Dong Chiem, Con Dau ........

Catholics we should be brave pioneer in the struggle for freedom and democracy in the homeland. Demanding truth and justice must be respected, to reclaim the rights and legitimate human rights of our people in Vietnam. A few individuals, a collective leadership dictator can not on behalf of the entire population, most are not able to continue using violence to control and to stifle the voice of fellow patriots. Against people, against the religion and betray the nation, The National, to give the territory, territorial waters for the invaders to protect the interests of individuals, the family is the could not be acceptable. Vietnam's communist government is now not only has really lost faith in our people, but also lost the trust of righteousness in the hearts of former teammates who have ever supported to an image of socialist country beautiful, fair and civilized.


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Thai Ha parish lit candles to pray for the truth to be respected
11/12/11 1:54 PM

Tonight (11/12/2011) Ceremony Martyrs of Vietnam, more than 4,000 faithful gathered at the Thai Ha church to the same union Mass to pray for the home country, especially to pray for the "government respect for truth 'early return of borrowed assets to use in parish worship God. Giáo xứ Thái Hà thắp nến cầu nguyện để sự thật được tôn trọng

Mass is the presence of your Holy Cross primary yeast strains Hanoi, a large goodwill and sisters, members of the protest, and some plain clothes security blend.

In his homily, Father Joseph Dinh Tu Do has started from the original meaning of the word "martyr" means witness to God who is the true way and the life, and invites community presence courage to speak out, strongly committed to justice and peace.

After Mass, thousands of candles were lit to express that our burning desire and a desire to strengthen homeland is prevalent, the truth is respected and enforced by law.

This is not the first time the Thai Ha parish lit candles to pray for the homeland, to the problems that exist in society, for the piece of injustice soon find peace and justice.

Since 2008 until now, the Thai Ha parish held a lot of prayers for the homeland, from conversation to stop praying for Bauxite mining in Central Highlands, to Dr. Law Cu Huy Ha Vu, for victims of social injustice, to the issues and events related to the Church as Tam Toa, Loan Ly, Dong Chiem, Con Dau ... ....

Prayers, especially the peaceful protest, but powerful injustice that the Hanoi government imposed on the parish over the years, making the Thai Ha parish became a thorn in the eyes of the authorities .

According to those who understand the situation, raiding the frenzy of the authorities in Hanoi these days Thai Ha parish is just despicable attack enemy targets steer public opinion away from the burning issue is Vietnam today's society as the economy is going to the brink of collapse, the burning of the people is increasing, especially before the patriotic movement is up, the communist government of Vietnam should proved his loyalty to North enemy.

The demonstrators prayed for member communion Thai Ha and country
Whether any reason, then the government thugs to Hanoi in the past to destroy a religious place, cursing the priests, monks is an action not acceptable, because it not only shows an unconscionable that the state is making a serious division of national unity more deeply that hundreds of years can not be resolved.

In the present situation, it was time for Catholics, the good sisters, the protesters and those who care about the survival of the country, should be closer together to keep mobile his father's property, especially conservation and maintenance of national unity formed strength Vietnam that more than 60 years, the communist authorities were deliberately raiding.


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