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Communist government of VIET NAM appropriating property Redemptorists THAI HA


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Brazen act of the Hanoi government to appropriate private property of the Redemptorists of Thai Ha parish where the government has "borrowed" in the past decades has made public opinion and foreign extremely radiation contact. Based on the documentation and legal documentation on the property was owned legally by the Redemptorists in Hanoi and was formed 15 years before the birth VNDCCH state can not be appropriated for any for any reason. Furthermore, Article 70 of the Constitution clearly stipulates that all assets under Religion are protected by the State. That said, legally, but in terms of human emotions is borrowed must be paid, which is the law of human nature and in a fair society. Generally speaking about, the act of appropriating the property of the Redemptorists of Thai Ha, Hanoi was completely wrong and not acceptable.

Chapter XIV, Article 135 and 140 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, Socialist Republic of Vietnam has clearly stated the charges for trial if the use of force or by any other means to mental intimidation to appropriate personal property of others, or abuse of confidence to borrow and then appropriated as his own property. Please click to see below: People who violate the above rules will be prosecuted to the law immediately, so if the authorities, who represents the law blatantly breaking the law out there which they are heard or law remedies are not? answer is now open so ...... awaiting consideration and wise actions from the authorities in Hanoi!.

'The law any relatives' This is the only one saying that only common even in those countries are democracies and in society where human rights are respected thoroughly. In our opinion, the Hanoi government should also consider the attitudes and actions of his unruly to avoid conflicts with pity his people. Action using force to intimidate people in order to appropriate their property is a work not only unwise but also sparked the boom where people protested, and spread throughout the of water. The spirit of the Catholics are immortal and has been shown clearly and fully in the past. To protect Religion, protecting the spiritual pastors, lay people will do in any way and even if by the sacrifice of their own lives. Let's communion and prayer for government leaders to Vietnam to be wise in the conduct of the people and pray for the truth, for justice to be respected, especially pray for the peace of the parish of Thai Ha, Ha Noi.

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Inspectorate of the culture does not understand the Law, according to Radio THHN hit with bagasse

28/10/11 2:46 PM

Borrowing must be paid, that is the principle of human social life normally. Using violence to borrow and not pay it just can not take action from any other than "Pirates." Vietnam society does not tolerate laws for piracy action ever.Thanh tra Sở văn hóa cũng không hiểu Luật, Đài THHN lại theo voi hít bã mía

In recent days, the Hanoi Department of Health and Hospitals brazen Dong Da Thai Ha church to "Alert" on the construction of sewage systems "aimed at opening the package 75 billion transformation Monastery Hanoi Redemptorists which was "borrowed" from decades without turn back, Thai Ha parishioners are extremely indignant.

Redemptorist Monastery was built before the state VNDCCH to 15 years, when the founding of the Constitution and the law was explicit recognition of the religious places of worship protected by law. So, but then these places of worship in the hands of state and since then, requires not give back, it also disguises the bid to play the fiddler. So, not a layman would accept and believe in where the "law state" in similar cases.
In addition to a series of letters sent very negative difference signal, the authorities considered the collective cry of the faithful, priests and monks known here as frogs in the fields, lay UBNDTP also directly to Hanoi, District Ward time to time ... but all are meaningless to the authorities when the grasp of religious property in the hands. Currently, an investment project approved 75 billion of converting this facility into a monastery forms.

Perforce, the Thai Ha parishioners have an electronic board placed on the roof line with the contents: "Ask the Hanoi government returned to the monastery is on loan to hospitals, Dong Da Hanoi Redemptorists and Lake Ba Giang return to Thai Ha parish. " The contents of this request, how is the content of the laity in the petition has been sent but no response.
Then, immediately, the way 26/10/2011, a delegation of officials with the Department of Culture and other police officers stormed the church during the priests' retreats. But, are any retreat, no priest to be a way for teams to break and arrogance do not have an appointment.

Delegation of functions burning out and leaving a very funny record. Funny because the Inspectorate Department of Culture did not understand the law.

Sheet "record of administrative violations in the field of culture" created by the group, write content "There have been administrative violations as follows: Treo built with tube lights billboard on the roof 7-storey church Thai Ha unlicensed advertising and promotional content offensive honors organization "(Signature personnel records too bad can not read out). Even if the report also cited Decree No. 75/2010? NDCP dated 12.7.2010 to close offenses "Taking advantage of advertising ..."

The record subject to inspection by the Cultural Affairs Division

To understand the silly here, we need to come to the Ordinance on Advertising, the basis for the Department of Culture inspection teams set records at the Thai Ha Church. Even in the first part of Article 4. Definitions section specify:
In this Ordinance, the following terms shall be construed as follows:
1. Advertising was introduced to consumers in business, goods and services, including services that profit and service without profit.
Services profitability is intended to create services for profit organizations and individuals providing services.
Service does not have profit as service is not intended to generate profits to organizations and individuals providing services.

Thus, the definition above, the electronic board on the 7th floor of the Thai Ha parish not included in the definition of "Advertising". And when the ads were not, then the provisions of Decree 75/2010 the other is meaningless.

However, it seems that the Hanoi Department of Culture was not able to understand the meaning of the words on it is called up on billboards minutes, and was immediately asked to dismantle billboards mentioned on the day 26/10/2011.

In fact, if more meaningful interpretation voila can also be regarded as truly billboards, product policy despite legal pillaging of the Hanoi government assets religious law protection , the profit organizations is that the Hanoi government. Goods here are the Redemptorist Monastery in Hanoi, Lake Ba Giang, the land area of ​​the garden parish of Thai Ha ... So according to the principle of Advertising, the Hanoi government to pay for advertising Parish New Thai Ha is it not? In the service of the Thai Ha parish here is what? The monastery is built, the line, finished the church to the state to take over the name of the "loan does not pay". The world is probably no one wants to do this service outside the Catholic Church in Vietnam.

Know that minutes left ignorant of this law, Radio - Television Hanoi continued to monitor building and defamatory story Thai Ha parish as traditionally used.

But lie always has its price, people no longer like the old days, the propaganda did not lie deceived them as before.

Tonight, while listening to news on the PT - THHN finished, a friend called me and said: "This guy Hanoi TV it said there Vu Thai Ha, I hear but do not believe, those who love the water longer they considered reactionary, the Thai Ha is definitely back with them it says 100% then. Tomorrow I have to see that a particular star sign. "

I laughed: "Well, just invited you to see, to see the billboard that is, you will find products that are advertised as the face of small lava authorities to account for robbery and illegal variable Tu Monastery hospital into the chapel where the Holy Spirit snacks, dancing debauchery under the guise of "Hospital" and "waste water treatment station."

Hanoi Redemptorist clerical replies Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism Hanoi
28/10/11 12:58 PM

Immediately after the Hanoi government made clear attitude determination permanently appropriated the monastic priory (now Dong Da Hospital borrowing used), the so-called "Project wastewater treatment plants", all the priests, religious and laity of Thai Ha, before choking feeling crowded job this unconstitutional by the authorities in Hanoi.Văn thư DCCT Hà Nội trả lời Sở Văn hóa Thể thao và Du lịch Hà Nội

A table with the contents of electronic text, "Ask the Hanoi government returned to the monastery is on loan to hospitals, Dong Da Hanoi Redemptorists and returned to Lake Ba Giang Thai Ha parish," was installed on the 7th floor of the monastery.

This has caused sore for the Hanoi government. Repeatedly those days, the Hanoi government has sent the delegation to work with parishes and the line of text electronic content table above.

The records by state officials to unilaterally establish that "the Thai Ha Church had violated Article 5, Clause 6 of the Ordinance on Advertising."

On 27/10/2011 the past, the Thai Ha parish has sent official letter to the Department of Culture and Tourism Information. Based on the provisions of law, written content made clear, the parish: "No violation of the Ordinance on Advertising", and "No act of propaganda contrary to law" as the minutes of administrative sanctions already mentioned.

In recent years, since the case broke out Vatican Ambassador - Thai Ha parish, Redemptorists - Thai Ha parish in Hanoi is the government specifically pay attention.

The struggle for justice by Thai Ha parishioners have created a buzz in the Catholic community in particular and Vietnam in general society. The prayer for the petitioners, to lay Con Dau, for fighting for human rights and democracy, for the Doctor of Laws Cu Huy Ha Vu ... must have been sore for a cause to "just know you are also his. "

Many said that, the case authorities determined to improve Hanoi Dong Da Hospital (which is the monastery of the Order) through the so-called "Project wastewater treatment plants" is nothing other than a test of teachers Made after the recent personnel changes, while the authorities also want to clear the leader of a parish with a long history of struggle, the desire to stamp out opposition voices?

People also said that the government and Dong Da district of Hanoi Health Department is required to disburse the money they asked for 74 billion from the state budget, to divide each trade large amounts were spent on approved for upgrading Dong Da Hospital?

Whether any reason, then blatantly, unilateral conduct and upgraded hospitals, despite the law and the voice of the legal use of the Thai Ha parish, is a work unwise .

Sure, parishioners of Thai Ha will not sit still look bandits stripped of their assets. These days, the parish boiling, the county down the road to the applicant, or the electronic spreadsheet development is concrete evidence that the burning of this.

Should state and church should have a talk based on legal grounds, it is best to return the monastery to the church to the church the right to use this facility to its original purpose. It is the best author in the present time, by the state has borrowed this basis, but now it was time to return to the legal owner is using the Thai Ha parish.


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