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         Học viên Pháp Luân Công ngồi thiền trước LSQ TQ tại TP HCM sáng 6/10
                             Falun Gong associates Temperate meditation                                                                           in front of the Chinese Consulate was disbanded

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Since before and after the time of the national party congress XI in last 01-2011, Vietnam's communist government has increased the crackdown, arrests and detention in the Democratic target, the bloggers, activists and many characters Religious dissent on a national scale. A large-scale campaign around the country to stifle the voice of patriotism and express their opinions of people that can not influence bad conduct during the party congress and even can interfere with or detrimental to the success of the conference.

Status severely persecuted above is the main concern of many States, the international human rights organizations including the views and statements of Mr. Gilles Lordet above, director of the organization's information release without Borders (RSF), based in France. The communist government of Vietnam to conduct the trial of two journalists are citizens Vu Duc Trung and Le Van Thanh and there are acts that interfere in some activities of Falun Gong violates importance of human rights and religious freedom of citizens. Design thinking should also recall the history of the Falun Gong sect banned in China and the radical which was not recognized in Vietnam.

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RSF called on Vietnam to a fair trial two Falun Gong
Học viên Pháp Luân Công đang tập luyệnFalun Gong is practicing

Press release dated 5 / 10 of Reporters Without Borders RSF condemns the Vietnam decided to put on trial two citizen journalists Vu Duc Trung and Le Van Thanh, on charges of illegal radio programs radio about Falun Gong to China.
Mr. Gilles Lordet, director of information watchdog Reporters Without Borders, based in France, told VOA the Vietnamese language:
Học viên Pháp Luân Công Vũ Ðức Trung

Falun Gong Vu Duc Trung

"We think the two should not be sentenced this citizen journalism. We expected to see a fair trial for them. However, in Vietnam, information and press tightly censored and blogger or regular freelance journalist persecuted. So, we fear that is hard to see a fair hearing for two men  Thanh and Trung. We will closely monitor this case. "

The programs that both his radio and Central City began airing in 2008 as the Voice of Hope Network of Falun Gong, a community radio station of the United Overseas is based in California, United States.

Source: RSF, VOA's Interview

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