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Great Chinese National Day celebration begins with the last national flag at Tiananmen Square, Beijing, this morning 01-10-2009. Photo: Xinhua.

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Vietnam's communist government increasingly oriented to the end that the public is cynical to doubt, from the sale of notes by the Prime Minister Pham Van Dong recognizes Chinese sovereignty over Hoang Sa and Truong Sa of Vietnam Nam in 1958 and then to the shady deal between the two countries underground communist China and Vietnam over the secret negotiations which had been in the Vietnamese public opinion and foreign repeatedly protested and criticized. Especially the organization of the grand celebration of Thang Long thousand years, an important historic event to show the cultural and ethnic characteristics of the country of Vietnam with a thickness of 4000 years of civilization. But spiritual pride which had been noble group of state party leaders and communist Vietnam destroyed when chosen day of the October 1 National Day, the holiday on the day of China.

Today once again shady actions of the communist government of Vietnam to push people doubt that a serious doubt when choosing the date for re-establishment of Lao Cai province in northern Vietnam on the day October 1st, the anniversary of China's National Day holiday instead keep the anniversary of the re-establishment of the National Assembly on 10-10 VIII through Vietnam in 1991. Collective administration and party leaders to explain how significant the act above reproach?. National Vietnam is a sovereign and was declared an independent nation or indeed a district, a small city or a province in China's retail? Vietnam's communist government is represented by the corporate leadership of the communist dictatorship has been pushing the country and the people of Vietnam to the risk of dehydration and become a slave to the enemy that the history of China demonstrated for thousands of years.


Lao Cai province to renew China's National Day?

The morning last October 1, Lao Cai province formally organized the "20 year anniversary date of the re-establishment 1/10/1991-1/10/2011.

The delegates gift memorial flowers to leaders of Lao Cai for 20 year re-establishment anniversary of Lao Cai on 01/10/2011.

In recent days, domestic and international public opinion questions and then indignant at the Lao Cai leaders celebrated on the re-establishment right on the Chinese National Day - not the actual date of Lao Cai was re- Lao Cai is made or the date established in the French colonial time. General and contact record reviews, Thanh Quang presented this problem as follows:

Public outrage

According to the Voice of Vietnam VOV the morning last October 1, Lao Cai province formally organized the "20 year anniversary date of the re-establishment 1/10/1991-1/10/2011". On this occasion, according to local press, "Party and State were awarded to the Party, government and people of Lao Cai province Labour Order, second class."
Lao Cai said the occasion was, "the city of Lao Cai has started the program of urban areas, including the lighted lantern, at the offices and houses on some routes."

Before referring to the issue of China's lantern was criticized as inconsistent with VN. culture - by what Ms. Hue at Pho Moi ward, Lao Cai City, "The population of households required in the locality to buy suspended, "the 20-year anniversary date of the re-establishment of Lao Cai where local rulers held on select th October 1 has not the right time really just coincides with China's National Day, that public outrage.

While the Vietnamese people still do not have satisfactory answers to the question why local authorities choose the opening ceremony of the Millennium of Thang Long last year right on China's National Day on October 1 th, the day today, the same question was raised for the leadership of Lao Cai on the re-establishment. Professor Tran Khue from the comments:

"It was nonsense. Because right in the opening ceremony of Thang Long  also on October 1 th. They still make a game that nonsense style. Why China's National Day falls on about? Unclear how the engine but rather laughed. I found this story absolutely no benefit in terms of political, social and cultural. Especially in terms of public opinion. Also see the other side of this organization so that fun is welcome problem to be considered. "

On 01-10-2011, Lao Cai province formally organized the "20 year anniversary date of the re-establishment from 1/10/1991-1/10/2011. Courtesy

Democratic journalism across all networks "Conspiracy of Han - Updated history to the 20th anniversary of the re-establishment with China's National Day", also note the strong reaction of public opinion about China's Lantern "No. out front ", and then to the Lao Cai" jubilant celebration on the day of China's big, "that is" wicked conspiracy "of the country to honor those sales as well as water bandits, opening the way for North "gradually dominate the VN.".

Developments that Lao Cai Dong Ha Vu analyst mentions what he calls "imprint dates of the period of the 5th North Properties," and raised questions that appear from nowhere on October 1 as date for re- Lao Cai province up? Why October 1 "natural" and "of course" officially became the re-establishment of Lao Cai on?

If back in time, according to Wikipedia encyclopedia, then on July 12, 1907, Governor General of Indochina Lao Cai province established a decree to transfer control of military civilian regime to govern local This, and the electronic portal network in Lao Cai province also recorded the time said.
Then on 10/10/1991, Lao Cai province is re-established by Resolution adopted in the 9th session of VN. Congress VIII.

Dark conspiracy?

Thus the question raised is why Lao Cai is not selected on the re-establishment is October 10 th as the Resolution of Congress VIII, or the date established 12 provincial decree in July as in 1907, but chose time coincides with National Day of Beijing?

According to public opinion, the "Lao Cai incident" showed signs have been a "dark conspiracy Vietnam gradually pulled into the orbit of slavery in China."

The delegates attending the 20th anniversary of the re-establishment of Lao Cai on 1/10/2011. Courtesy

Those who are devoted to their homeland, people increasingly expressed concern about the tactics "range hidden" by Beijing to turn Vietnam into a form of "core interest" of China as the Tibet case, Xinjiang, especially with the powerful hand by those who described journalism blogger Dan "brought a red card and still bearing the mark, nationality Vietnam."

The actions of the leadership of Lao Cai in particular and Vietnam in general leadership in relation to China and Vietnam provided implications that many people devoted to their home country are anxious for the campaign, as Professor Tran Khue said:

"It is worrying that happened long ago, from Ai Nam Quan, Falls to Ban Gioc cascade and other notes ... everything about this.
Opinion they are not satisfied, a strong reaction to it. And people are to blame. I was also voiced then, from the debate on the radio to send a letter to Jiang Zemin of China, said that the. actions such as treason, selling the country while China is clearly playing a role so is for people to know he was big chauvinist country and pushed the brothers, his comrades court criminal history and become part of map. Both the Politburo to take responsibility for this because he solved by collective responsibility. Both also have some advice he is responsible, not the private one. For domestic and international public opinion, the court is a matter of history. Now none of this trial, after hearing the children also. "

"Lao Cai event" again making people wonder if the top leaders of his thinking and will do anything Stand on a country's fortunes depend more on the neighbors.

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