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Falun Gong practitioners in Vietnam call for help

U.S. House calls for end to the persecution of Falun Gong



Cry of some Falun Gong practitioners were Vietnam's communist government persecuted, arrested and then beaten very savagely at the offices of the police investigation showed that the human rights situation in Vietnam Nam increasingly poorly. Authorities, who brought nominal to maintain order and protect property to life for people with unruly behavior despite violations of the law and International law. Although the constitution and national legislation does not contain provisions which forbid people to participate or practice the teachings of Falun Gong, but police in Vietnam in recent times has increased the persecution, arrests and harassment of Falun Gong practitioners in Vietnam.

The arbitrary arrest and torture, beatings, police coercion of Vietnam is still common action in the society which claims are always fair and civilized, and democratic. In fact, many countries around the world including the International Human Rights organizations have frequently concerned about the abuse of power and measures used corporal punishment, torture led to many tragic death in the past. The joined and signed the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights since 1982 but Vietnam has often been accused of violating the country having the most severe human rights. Articles published between VOA interview with a Falun Gong practitioner today show
after allegations from international, state human rights violations in Vietnam is not only contrary to reduce rising further, and act defiantly, despite the law of Vietnam as an at making people More than fear.

It is time for international public opinion must speak more strongly to improve the poor human rights situation in Vietnam today. A strong pressure, nature is the most legally required to be applied immediately to curb the violation of human rights at the lowest level. As the statement of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Cliton during a meeting with his Pham Binh Minh conference on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York last Thursday 26-09: The U.S. government always eager to promote and develop the relationship between the two countries as well as help Vietnam stable political economy. However, she said U.S. Secretary of State that any issues are closely linked to the articles about Human Rights in Vietnam.

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 Thursdau 27 Oct, 2011

 Thursday, October 27, 2011
Falun Gong in Vietnam for help
Practitioners of Falun Gong in Vietnam are calling for help before the persecution of the government with new arrests, beatings, arbitrary power of force, especially in two days 6 and 9 October. The incident occurred after dozens of followers of Falun Gong meditation before the Chinese consulate in Saigon against the trial of two Vu Duc Trung and Le Van Thanh for his radio program about Falun Gong to China. Four young people are practicing Falun Gong in the country participate in today's Journal of Youth tells of the interference they are having with the desire to call the attention of international public opinion to improve the status of human rights violations in Vietnam.
Tra Mi - VOA

Học viên Pháp Luân Công tọa thiền trước Lãnh sự quán Trung Quốc ở Sài Gòn, ngày 16/10/2011
Falun Gong meditation before the Chinese Embassy in Saigon, on 16/10/2011

Invites you and your friends met Lan in Tan Binh, Saigon, Quach Chi Tiep born in Hoa Binh, Trung in Vung Tau, and Hung from District 4, Saigon.

Lan: Sunday every week, I still exercises us in Le Van Tam Park. On 9 / 10, police to very large. They spray water to dissolve. Hung is the meditation that you do not stand up with violence they pulled the truck, I take the phone to take pictures. They grabbed me by phone, holding the neck, arm twisting them into a car and then on wards. They record the minutes of the administrative penalty for failing to provide proof of the people, and began opening a file with someone, who led the training session held. They are very evil curse. Finally they sent me on an Binh Tri Dong, chase them off, protected by a roadside bench seat. I ask again that you have done nothing wrong, but from morning to catch them now, not for eating, take your keys and phone, now how can I go on? Too urgent, I just sat there meditating always. They have my hair , pick me up, and dragged about 10 feet and then thrown over the side of the road.

Tra Mi: In addition to the reasons 'do not bring proof of the people', they can explain any other reason that she was arrested and aggressive actions like that?

Lan: I have asked, they said Falun Gong was banned in here and this time they are fired, not the file again. I would ban text. Da Kao ward police protection and said they were not wrong as such, have immediate travel lodge.

Tra Mi: How is the Trung's case??

Trung: Day 6 / 10, I and some fellow practitioners in meditation facing the Chinese Consulate. As long as an hour, a lot of police cars to carry us to bring about many places. I was taken back to police Ward 6, District 3, Vo Van Tan. There are ten persons were brought here with me. They questioned, but I do not say anything, just sitting pure meditation. Mr. Vo Hong Diep police continuosly put the ants on me. He squeezed my sternum right spots and constantly breaking my hand. I refused to remove their shirt inscription Falun Dafa, together they broke my arms, my clothes stripped out. I resisted, but a slap in my face. Mr. Ip took my hands and feet pounding down on the ice. I was there I starved for more than 13 hours. Yes a small glass of water take next, a snapped his officers: "Cleanup day. Do not eat it. This practice should not eat anything. "Afternoon, the militia said me go away. I feel so wrong because I do not commit crime, they began to beat, tortured, then released, without any records. I disagree. They grabbed me carry out the gate. I ran into the back. Later the police have little to go on drinking. They kicked me in the ribs, stepped on his foot hard into the hands em. They took the shoes to the face and spit on them. He hit me Phuoc name. Some people told him to prevent the 'Peace of mind goes, it does not know who I am first. "Another name is Loc.

Tra Mi: During 13 hours of being detained at the police station and was treated so badly, you have questions you break something that was not treated as such and how to answer?

Trung: I have asked. They tell us that you by crowds, disorderly. I said, 'We're located just sit still, do not mess. They, themselves violates the Constitution on freedom of religion. 'They said no and told law indicate that, terms.

Tra Mi: You were treated in a loss of human rights in the police station and not answer questions satisfactorily. No one has higher authority for your intervention?

Trung: There's a man claiming to be police chief ward. I told him that his subordinates did wrong. He denies not see anything.

Tra Mi: Do you plan to claim?

Trung: Now I do not denunciations again. This is not the first time. Now I just send the petition to call for help.

Tra Mi: You do not have witnesses that can defend yourself?

Trung: There are two people to an office of the density. I was beaten in front of two persons. I shouted to them that the police beat people. Police then took them through out other rooms to do.

Tra Mi: Now please ask the case of the two remaining friends.

Hung: On 9 / 10 I'm sitting at Le Van Tam Park with his two urban management carried on the bus. They take turns kicking me back and buttocks. Regarding the police, Da Kao Ward, a police type pharyngeal do not say, but I still try to say 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. "Lieutenant Colonel Tuy slapped me so much, I sat prohibited meditation, and call protection of farming forbids children to sleep. They then explain them to the police District 4. Just in the door, the police here a few slaps me and said why did you gather. They forced me to write to the commitment records gathered in the park anymore. I do not write, they slapped me in the face a little, hit my head.

Tra Mi: You have asked each other why the Falun Gong meditation practice was forbidden?

Hung: On 6 / 10 I told them: 'Falun Gong not prohibited by law, why I write such a catch?' A police replied: "Tao is the law, the law is the tao. I want to issue the issue. '

Tra Mi: Hung detained long and how things end? When they let you go, there are no records?

Hung: There is no record at all. On 6 / 10, he was arrested from 8 pm to 3 am daily. On 9 / 10, he was arrested from 8 am to 4 pm.

Tra Mi: In the two times you were they use force, strong legs strong hand beaten?

Hung: Yes.

Tra Mi: Now I would ask Mr. Tiep. How your case?

Tiep: We often practice at Le Van Tam Park. Around 8 am 9 / 10, police to disperse and to ask me about the ward. They check the names and addresses. But I do not feel that they should not say anything right. A plainclothes police hit my face, fingerprint rolling me down twice. They insulted and hit my face again. Up to 15 hours on 10 / 9 I was released. The reason they give is because I have no personal papers.

Tra Mi: The siblings said that these cases take place on 6 and 9 / 10. During the period prior to practice Falun Gong, the difficulty you have anything like that?

Trung, Lan,  Hung, Tiep: Yes.

Tra Mi: The earlier the level of harassment how?

Lan: Always up, they also said that Falun Gong was banned in Vietnam. When I asked them to document it does not answer. File several times before they were disbanded as well, but not as large this time. To respect us because we set this subject in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance '. We beseech the Vietnam government and help ease the conditions for us to practice in the park as the other practice. I am the Deputy Director Human Resources Administration of a company they defame me such honor. So, I want to say this to the authorities to review how they treat people, to respect people a little. But still they do, I can not speak. Themselves as civilians, do not know how to calculate.

Tra Mi: The file you are under the subject that you consider useful for myself and also contributing to ethical issues in human society, but encountered difficulties from the government like that, think How's you? As a child in Vietnam, according to Falun Gong, the Chinese are thinking?

Trung: In the past I have been in Vung Tau authorities interfere too much. On 7/1/2010, I have introduced this subject for two U.S. states overseas Vietnamese. They set out to sea, and Ward police arrested for the reason that 'cult', a fine of one thousand dollars each and deported to the United States. You and a partner also fined tens of millions. I have to do homework guidelines disk donate it for free. To the police raided, confiscated, and fines. Most recently I was fined ten millions and police  Vung Tau is holding my motorcycles and my phone.

Tra Mi: According to the government a license is not welcome, if not the government be any pressure to make his to give, such difficulties can not make you frustrated?

Tiep: None. Falun Gong is a spiritual qigong. Inside China's crackdown so that the practitioner is set and there are many benefits of this subject know that. So, like us they are also nothing. Do this subject I know what is good, truth, and nothing prevents us trust them.

Tra Mi: Comments other friends? According to the department albeit a useful but found too many difficulties such as being harassed, beaten, was administratively. There is nothing reasonable or beneficial that to get bad only? If anyone questions that the Falun Gong in Vietnam youth how to answer?

Trung: I set this subject gain many benefits, so that the difficulties felt nothing. Previously, I worked in dance halls, and gatherings eating drinking, gambling, fighting. But when I learned Falun Gong, I understand more and know the truth very well cultivated. When I exercise, I've changed myself, quit smoking, quit drinking and mood also easily possible to change. I feel very beneficial to introduce more people know. Despite much interference, but I recommend that people set to reap the benefits, I feel very happy, very worthy.

Tra Mi: Despite the difficulties, you have the will to pursue claims of Falun Gong. The message you want to share with the authorities and those who have knowledge of this subject is what?

Lan: The practice is good for health. We work hard and using our salary to print books and discs for free to all people who practice a healthy and do not fight with each other. Practice "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance 'is very happy family, the children should people, good for society. Since the Vietnam government has not understood about this subject, but in 100 countries around the world have set it. Only China and Vietnam, this last time. So, I called on human rights how to stop the persecution of Falun Gong in China and the interference in Vietnam but now in Vietnam is escalating to the persecution and interference rather than as before. We cultivate them gently and compassionately. Do this subject, people know each other better brand.

Tiep: Falun Gong put people about the direction of honesty, good values ​​of man. I do not think it's wrong. Maybe this trend tomorrow, one day, the authorities will understand and not fear anymore. We hope that we no longer subject to government harassment and restrictions anymore.

Tra Mi: The reason they give in the arrests is because this is a 'cult' is not recognized by the state, allows. Are you thinking about applying for permits to legally operate more?

Lan: So the practice of Falun Gong is not a director, just a mid-life practice only. Who wants to step into the religious practice rather than established organizations.

Tra Mi: I've provided is the cry and the fervent desire of the practitioners of Falun Gong in Vietnam before the difficulties they are having with the government. Please invite your audience to share ideas on this subject in the Journal of Youth forum on Journal of Youth is located in the 'Broadcasters' between the main page. Please press 2 times on the arrow to the right of the third frame in the middle. Journal of Youth bring your appointment and you are a new story at this hour, week after.

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