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Besides the hands passionate friendship
is the image of Vietnam fishermen were
beaten by Chinese soldiers that kowtow to beg.

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While the Vietnam communist government to thoroughly apply the 16 letters of gold and four good on their head to invaders in China and dispute resolution and keep enforcement  friendship brothers on the fine tradition of communist spirit " Lip and Teeth ' , the Chinese are enemies with the response shown by provocative actions that could spark a war of aggression of the Chinese government expansionism directed at two national in parts of Asia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Statement by Chinese experts on Hoan Cau Times, a newspaper of the Communist Party of China called on teaching to Viet Nam and  Philippines a moral lesson by "violence" is a flagrant provocation not acceptable.

The approval to publish the calls smell "aggressive war" of the strategic analyst, China, Mr. Long Tao on official newspaper of the Communist Party of China clearly reflects the intention of raising support an invasion of the tiny neighboring country including Vietnam. Any attempt any of the Chinese Communist government in the region has exposed an openly International has made public opinion is always concern and put the water in the disputed area in the state of vigilance and defense cut close. Unlike other countries in the region, the Communist regime of Vietnam has always proved loyal blindly before her invaders not only praises the Chinese language imbued with brotherly love but also to express deep feelings in that particular action in cracking down on his fellow patriots during the past.

Vietnam's communist government really do not see, do not understand the risks that people and the country is facing or even the hide inside other situation where public authorities can not explain his position before their people? The unspoken agreement not transparent between the two countries' governments plus the attitude and action is difficult to understand the absurdity of the Hanoi government in resolving disputes in the East Sea has really sparked relationship big problem in our country people at risk of dehydration is a serious day while everyone just knew silent and keep toward their eyes full of helpless look under the suppression by force from the communist government Vietnam.

The news
BBC. Vietnamese
Updated: 15:56 GMT - Friday, September 30, 2011

Experts of China calls for Sea war
Tàu cá Việt Nam đi ngan qua tàu chiến USS Chung-Hoon tại cảng Tiên Sa, Đà Nẵng hôm 15/7/2011                             
newspaper editorials of China said the Vietnam made strain on East Sea

Chinese analysts have been all over the globe Times of the Communist Party of China called on Vietnam and the Philippines to teach "moral lessons" by force.

The article was published today in Chinese 27 / 9 and then the English translation has appeared and spread on the internet.
Mr. Long wrote, "Do not worry about the small-scale wars; this is the best way to relieve the danger of war.
Editorial entitled "The opportunity to have good military action in the South Sea" was published on the author's Long Tao, an analyst of strategic non-governmental organizations of China and the Energy Foundation is also an expert Security Centre of the traditional African Peace and Development of Zhejiang University.
"Rating a few small games that can avoid the big battle."
Analysts also said China needs a key pointing to Vietnam and the Philippines, two countries that they are trying to internationalize the South China Sea issue and drag on the U.S..
"I felt in the war on the South China Sea, we need to narrow the scope of attack and focus on those countries that seem to us here today, the Philippines and Vietnam.
"Kill the chicken to scare the monkey colony."
Tao Long, though he also said China should use peaceful means to prevent the infringement of China's territorial waters.
'Pirates' Island
All over the globe Times wrote: "Source of the" problem "is the South China Sea South Vietnam regime and independent government in Vietnam later.
"Vietnam violated the Nansha Islands [Vietnam known as Truong Sa] of China and claims to the islands Western Sa.
"In addition to the sanctions regime of South Vietnam to counter-attack on the western island of Sa and self-defense attacks on the mainland, China has never prevented the invasion of Vietnam Public in the South China Sea. "
Mr. Long also said Vietnam has encouraged other countries "robbed" of China's Spratly Islands and the last time the United States and some other small countries to threaten China.
Related to the Philippines, the article said they considered themselves Philppines mosquitoes and said they were not afraid of China's elephants.
Long Tao authors write: "It is true that elephants should not be trampled crushed mosquitoes, but mosquitoes can be burned or elephant?
"Moreover, if the mosquitoes are so inviting" old eagle "to strengthen the will to?
"I think the country is infringing the territorial sovereignty of China.
"Many countries continued with the exercises and such major reasons China is entirely appropriate to attack in retaliation."
Long Tao scholars refer to the actions of Russia in the Caspian Sea in 2008 and said the actions of big countries can cause a temporary shock to the international system but in the long term could create stability in the region and end promote reconciliation strategy.
Long Tao He said China should learn fromGiàn khoan dầu trên Biển Đông the behavior of the United States in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya, but should fight very flexible and can turn it into moral education campaign, using tactics to take over the .
This analysis identified in the United States is not entirely out of the fight against terrorism and basically could not start the fight Monday in the South China Sea.
"A U.S. firm is the only game fool."
Specialist in Energy Fund also said China now has more than 1,000 oil wells in the East Sea which does not have wells of China.
Besides, he said, the Nansha (Spratly) has four airports that China has no airport.
The editorial of the Times says that the earth not matter who wins, who loses, Sea battle would create islands of fire and other Western oil companies will have to leave.
Part of the article said China should have committed a great battle and actually preparing for a war because such a small scale "China has for other countries the choice between peace and war. "
BBC  News

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