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Human rights issues have long been foreign and domestic public opinion is extremely urgent, especially its deep concern from the International Human Rights organizations and freedom countries like the UK  - U.S. - France - Germany and other countries in the European Union bloc. Attitudes and perceptions of Mr Brad Adams, Asia director of International Human Rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) reports on the worsening human rights in Vietnam has more than reflect a clear and correct and very objective. In fact, the communist government not only increased repression of dissent in the country before and during the Party Congress held that even after that time, the pressure from the authorities still weigh up all the opposition of local people is typically a series of arrests of young Catholic Redemptorist. Acording to the government that those who more or less detrimental to their regime.

Meanwhile, many countries around the world have sought help Vietnam develop economic but gently in the field of human rights in Vietnam, which has made Vietnam a deviant thoughts. They believe that the common interests among countries are making the work and cooperation with Vietnam would agree with their behavior and work would stand the front line with the government of Vietnam despite or ignored even when they have the violation of law and public international law. Hopefully, through interviews and similar articles of overseas media especially the democratic voices of the website such as RFA, VOA, BBC .... can touch and awaken both side of the democracies of the world and  communist dictatorship government of Vietnam on human rights situation worsened in Vietnam today for Vietnam so as to avoid any isolation and sanctions regrettable from International as their punishment for countries with serious violations of human rights as Cuba, Myanmar and some other Middle Eastern countries in recent decades.

Human Rights in VN. currency more

During his visit to Radio Free Asia on the morning of today, Mr Brad Adams, director of the Asia division at Human Rights Watch gave an interview to Viet Ha on human rights in Vietnam.

RFA photo
Reporter Viet Ha and Brad Adams, director of Asia  Human Rights Watch at RFA on 13 Oct, 2011.

Strong hands with Catholics

 Việt Hà :Sir, has nearly nine months have passed since the Communist Party congress in Vietnam with the launch of the new general secretary and the new politics, he has seen the changes in the human rights situation in Vietnam compared to the previous period or not?
Brad Adams: We all have thought about human rights more muffled before congress by the Vietnam government fears the protests, demonstrations, the voice of the dissidents and so they need to set up security for the meeting takes place smoothly, the new leader to smooth out, then they will be more relaxed.
But all the people I met in the diplomatic corps, who monitored the situation in Vietnam are still not able to give an answer as to why this time they continued to tighten pressure freedom Human rights in Vietnam. Government monitoring of catching people who criticized the government strong. They begin to Father Nguyen Van Ly is a clear example, and then they arrest people in Catholic Church, the more that the situation worse and make their relationship with the church more difficult.
So there is a question left open is whether there is a problem within the Communist Party or not, or is party unity and that the future of human rights need to be tightened further, because they fear social unrest in Assembly should be made stronger. We do not know the cause but we know that the situation is very bad and increasingly worse between the time people expect the situation to be improved.

Việt Hà : Within about two or three months we see Vietnam government arrested many people, especially Catholics, said the reason why they now heavily concentrated crackdown arrests Catholics might ask?
Brad Adams : for example in China, the government sought to stifle even the group who they think can become a threat to the ruling Communist Party. Religion is one such group, the group is another group, or group of people fighting for land rights, too.
But their religion attracts people naturally focus, they share the same beliefs and they can challenge the government of Vietnam, it may not be nationwide, but in each locality, and they we have seen in many places. It is possible that the government of Vietnam for a few such groups have become so powerful, no longer under the government's way again.

Efforts of international

Ông Brad Adams. RFA photo

 Việt Hà : Human Rights Watch Organization International has repeatedly called on the government of Vietnam to immediately release the dissidents, or most recently the Catholic youth, but apparently not the government of Vietnam attention to these recommendations, whether the efforts of the international community to the government of Vietnam on human rights issues was enough and we need to do to push this issue?
Brad Adams: I think it is important that we continue to inform the people of Vietnam as RFA is doing, and HRW will continue to do its job. Another way to look at problems that the government of Vietnam has made strong statements against the HRW statement, so this shows they are interested. They say these people are criminals, and they follow the rules. I think we will have impacts on Vietnam, the world is changing, Vietnam has a big problem that China is a great neighborhood and is offering a model that I do not think it's a good model, because what is happening in China can not forever and is similar in Vietnam.
Vietnam in ASEAN region is gradually renewing human rights. Vietnam to have differences with China, they need to cooperate with the United States, they need U.S. help, so many people will look at human rights issues in Vietnam in order to put pressure on Vietnam. We are seeing change in Burma, which many people do not think last year, so we should continue fighting for change.
I hope the people of Vietnam is the most important factor, though they are inside or outside the country, they speak that what is happening in the country is not a role model, no such thing as a party leader can dictatorial director in a modern world.
Việt Hà: In the effort to call for the U.S. government put Vietnam back to the list of countries of particular concern for religious freedom. He said this could help to improve the human rights situation in Vietnam? and he believed Vietnam could soon be placed on the U.S. list of CPC?
The best way to promote democracy, transparency, openness, so that Vietnam can have its own voice, by now if they speak out they will be sent to prison.

Brad Adams: I think there is a fundamental problem with Vietnam's international now, most people focus on the economic achievements Vietnam has made, I'd say the U.S. embargo of war is unreasonable, it makes the development of Vietnam's slowed to a decade, so the U.S. and other countries regarding this embargo to try to correct by having good relations with Vietnam.
But I say to America that he did not do good for Vietnam by changing Vietnam is given assistance without conditions, and that only the current government continues to suppress the people. So it's important when you want to change, correction, it is not with the government of Vietnam that the people of Vietnam.
The best way to promote democracy, transparency, openness, so that Vietnam can have its own voice, by now if they speak out they will be sent to prison. So I think that the world is too gentle with Vietnam, the U.S., just think China is growing and trying to establish alliances with Vietnam against China and so they are to human rights issues Vietnam aside. We think that approach is wrong and in fact more and more people agree with us.
Việt Hà: Thank you for taking us with the interview.

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