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The death of Colonel Gaddafi - The end to dictatorship Regime.

                       Nhà cựu lãnh đạo Libya Moammar Gadhafi
                             leader of Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi

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Images taken from a video circulated on mobile phones
 that Gaddafi was arrested injured after shootout.


The news of leader of Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi was dead, make the whole world happy. End
the same is a brutal dictatorship will also have a joint, put an end after 42 years dominating infamous since 1969. Can not describe in words the joy joy when the Libyan people to understand that after years of nightmare doomed to live under the rule of strict, authoritarian and brutal of the dictatorship leadership group in the rights under the leadership of his only Colonel Gaddafi has now ended and true forever.

Libya today's lesson shows the power of desire and Liberal Democrats. The explosion of strong opposition of Libya after years of people living under oppression, of course, is doomed and there is nothing difficult to understand. Revolution against oppression and overthrow the totalitarian regime of the Libyan people as a strong message and meaning have been sent around the world where nations still apply strict policies to govern , arbitrary  include some of communist countries like China, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea v. ... v. .....

The Vietnam Communist authorities should aware of this, and quickly draw valuable lessons from the revolution of the people of countries such as Tunisia, Libya, Yemen ... v.. V. .. for the authoritarian rule of their present. The leaders of the communist party and the state should remember that Vietnam Freedom and Democracy has always been the desire of all classes of people, of all people, and anyone who lives on this planet. The suppression by force, with arrests in prison can only threaten and make people fear in the short run but can not stand in the desire for Freedom and Democracy in the heart of everyone. And once the desire to accumulate a long day in the hearts of all who will be at the boom boom and it was like the tsunami will engulf and destroy all dictatorships and brutal as what has been is happening in some Middle Eastern countries today.

The news
BBC. Vietnamese

International reaction to the death of Gaddafi 

Update: 00:07 GMT - Friday, October 21, 2011

The people of Libya celebrated the death of former dictator Gaddafi.
Tin former Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was arrested and killed in the attack the decision of the new pro-government parties in the Libyan city of Sirte, his hometown, to receive responses from leaders countries and the widespread concern of the international community.
Leaders of many Western countries welcomed the former Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi declared killed and Libya backed reconstruction.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon received the event as a "transfer history" of the Libyan people.
Secretary General of Arab League urged the Libyan people to ignore painful past, "forward" and the political forces come together to meet the expected "peace" of the people.
From London, British Prime Minister David Cameron in a speech before the media outside the Federal Chancellery at 10 Downing Street, not long after these events said:
"People Libya today has a greater opportunity through the building itself a strong future and democracy"
British Prime Minister David Cameron
"I think today is the day to commemorate all victims of Colonel Gaddafi," Mr Cameron said, and described in a number of these victims who were killed in terrorist bombings in 1988 aimed at a Pan Am flight flying over the airspace of the Scottish city of Lockerbie.
"People Libya today has a greater opportunity through the building itself a strong future and democracy," he said leaders.
U.S. President Barack Obama welcomed these developments as a "a great day in the history of Libya" because dictatorships collapsed.
But Mr. Obama also encouraged people to Libya sense of "responsibility" in the reconstruction of the great country "of tolerance and democracy" after the "shadow of the regime" dictatorship did not exist any more .
"You have made a revolution in his. Now we will be a partner when you reinforce a future human dignity, freedom and full of opportunities," the head of the White House said.
Senator Republican John McCain said the United States said Thursday's event "is a beautiful day not only for Libya," but also warned against "all the dictatorships in the World about. "
'Important step'

U.S. President Barack Obama welcomed the event for which he is a great significance in the history of Libya.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy for the event is "an important step in the fight took place over eight months by the Libyan people to free themselves from tyranny and violence imposed on their capital over 40 years."
"The Sirte release marks the beginning of a process approved by the National Committee Forward (NTC) to establish a democracy in Libya in which all sectors of the country has its and their freedoms will be guaranteed. "
"A new page is open to people Libya, which is a new page of reconciliation, unity and freedom," Mr. Sarkozy said.
The military forces of Britain and France are thought to have the role of "pioneer" in the air strikes on his military base Gaddafi by Nato military alliance to conduct, support for a resolution Security Council of the United Nations to protect civilians Libya before the violence of the Gaddafi government.
"The road ahead for Liyba and people of this country will be difficult and challenging. But now it's time for all the people of Libya peace together"
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
More than 1,000 large and small air attack sorties have been made since April 03/2011.
One of which is to be conducted by the French air force to prevent the performance of his last flight on Thursday Gaddafi, have led to his defection to a sewer pipe, before being NTC support forces uncovered, captured and killed.
We have not verified said information two sons of former Colonel, in which Al-Saif had been "killed."
Shortly after the death of Gaddafi, the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon said Gaddafi's death has opened "a transfer of history" for Libya.
"The road ahead for Liyba and people of this country will be difficult and challenging. But now it's time for all the people of Libya peace together," Mr. Ban said from UN headquarters.
Secretary General of Arab League Nabil al-Arabi said:
"I urge the Libyan people overcome injuries the past and look to the future without revenge mentality, set aside all that can suspend the unity and peaceful country,"
"All the political forces and leaders need to close ranks Libya and Libya to build a new country which will fulfill all hopes and expectations of the people of freedom."
Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, in response to developments, said:
"We hope there will be peace in Libya and that all those national leaders, representatives of different tribes in Libya, will reach a final agreement on the establishment of power and Libya will become a modern democratic country. "
Leaders and representatives of national organizations and international institutions such as Germany, Italy, EU, NATO, etc. .. and Vatican statements and also to respond fairly quickly before the news of the death of the dictator was overthrown.
'Get lost bullet'?

Mr Gaddafi's body image on a car moved from Sirte to Misrata day Thursday, 20/10/2011.
The leader of the Provisional Government of Libya, Acting Prime Minister Mahmoud Jilbril confirmed the death of Mr. Gaddafi, but several hours after the news said he was killed, a former colonel killed during combat and support forces Gaddafi shooting back.
Jilbril He said Gaddafi had been shot in the head and said he died on the way to hospital.
Earlier Thursday, the head of the National Council Transfer (NTC) Mustafa Abdul Jalil only to confirm the former leader died in a press conference held in Tripoli.
Many TV channels also showed pictures of his body.
Channel al-Jazeera broadcast graphic video shows Mr. Gaddafi was dragged through the streets, not in a state that is alive or dead.
Information Minister Mahmoud Shammam said the soldiers at the scene said they saw his body Gaddafi.
Other officials said Mr. Gaddafi may have been killed in attacks in Sirte.
However, international media quoted the representative interim government said Libya former colonel was captured before being killed.
Colonel Gaddafi was ousted in August after 42 years in power. International Criminal Court is at the time he wanted him killed.
Nato, which do not carve out a campaign in Libya for several months, said had attacked from the air into two military vehicles of Gaddafi in Sirte in the morning last Thursday, 20/10.
Shammam Information Minister said, "He has been the soldiers killed in an attack. There are people on this film."
"Please do not shoot"

He recounted that Gaddafi was asked who shot to keep "no shot" before he was killed.
The NTC has warriors circulating video footage showed faint Gaddafi Press his body after it discovered he was in a sewer.
French news agency AFP reported that the video projector NTC a large group of soldiers are screaming around a corpse dressed in khaki, with blood flowing from the face and neck.
A soldier of the NTC told the BBC that he found Colonel Gaddafi is hiding in a concrete pipe in Sirte, Libya and the former leader asked him not to shoot her.
This soldier gave our reporters to see the gold-plated pistol which he won by Colonel Gaddafi.
The BBC's live reporting from Tripoli, meanwhile, said thousands of people celebrated believe "victory" and the death of former dictator from the capital to Misrata.
There were reports from NATO headquarters said coalition forces could soon make a statement to stop the bombing campaign in Libya after a meeting took place several hours between representatives of this volume.

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