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         Trinh Xuan Tung funeral on  10 Mar, 2011

        Police beat to death because of no helmet on the way.

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Continue to have died while being held for investigation in the police. In the past year, the International Organization for Human Rights has expressed concern over the increasing violence where the public authorities continually lead to more death and full of pitiful sight all the accused persons after arrested and detained at the police office for investigation. In the annual report of the U.S. State Department report on human rights situation worse in Vietnam in March last year, has recorded more deaths due to police torture were beaten to death but then have been reported consistently in the case that the accused due to fear of legal punishment should have been suicide, although in many cases that violate common errors such as theft or circulated without hats insurance. etc. ..

his has raised doubts in many people's opinion and in the reports, many International Human Rights Organizations and several domestic and foreign media have stated that, after some victims were killed and autopsy results showed that many of them had serious injuries struck by hard objects resulting in death. Others have also determined that some organs have a strong external impact to cause damage and lead to death shortly thereafter. Conclusions show that most victims were detained during the investigation and police force in a violent death on the spot or shortly after being taken to hospital. Many cases have died in the road taken to emergency. However, the police officer that violations are rarely punished by law to disregard people's lives and also the reason why more and more tragic death occurred similar cases have been reported in recent years.

We can not continue to turn a blind eye before the unruly and inhuman brutality of the police force, who are known as defenders of law and protect people's lives and property while they who claimed to know how people's lives a callous way. In their eyes, the lives of the people is like the life of a creature so deadly even if not punished by law or sanctions. The bladder of the majority of people also contributed little to the police continue to disregard people's lives. After the tragic death, then who will be the next victim? whether any of us dared to make sure that myself or children will not be victims of similar violence the civil authority place as above.

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Updated: 14:31 GMT - Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting four of 'troublemakers' in police 


UBND huyện Bù Đốp
Bu Dop located near the border withCambodia

  • Bu Dop police district, Binh Phuoc Province, has decided to start four of the emergency services hundreds of people surrounded the police headquarters as a suspect died while in detention.
  • According to sources, up to 200 participants, which authorities called a "disturbing", held on the evening of Saturday 8 / 10.
  •  Thang, After he died, his family expressed urgent response, said that he died because of beat from the police so should not refuse the autopsy.
  • Reportedly, he Huynh Thanh Thang, 24, Bu Dop police arrested on 20 / 9 to investigate the alleged theft of property. Till 7 / 10, this suspect fainted at the district police custody and died on the way to the emergency.
  • On the afternoon of 8 / 10, about 200 people including his relatives Huynh Thanh Thang and local people surrounded the police district headquarters. Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper said these people  "shocked pouring gate, iron fence at the office of Public Security Bu Dop to put his body on the ground."
  • They also smashed guard hut and threw stones and bottles on a public servant.
  • Getting 'emergency'
  • Earlier, the hearse carrying his body on the way to district police rammed into the motorcycle patrol of traffic police.
  • After several hours the new crowd dispersed.
  • Bu Dop police said three policemen were wounded.
  • Police also said the district initially arrested 33 people for investigation related, then was released back home, only urgent arrest of four people.
  • These people will be able to prosecute crimes 'disturbing public order "and" obstructing public duty', as in a number of protests of people like.
  • In Vietnam, there have been many deaths in police stations, leaving the foreign human rights organizations to speak about what they call "the civil authority place violence."
  • July last year, thousands of people had pulled up in Bac Giang Provincial People's Committee to demand the cases suspected of traffic police beat to death a young man for not wearing helmets.

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