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             Fellow ethnic Catholics and Protestants
             persecuted by the authorities in Vietnam
                                    IN  2011

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The mobilization to the U.S. government put Vietnam back on the CPC list, the countries have more serious acts of persecution on Religion in a systematic and continuous, is a job fair and consistent before the human rights situation is getting worse worse than in Vietnam. The main work that has received the sympathy and strong support of most parts of the Vietnamese community living all over the world, especially fellow Vietnam currently work and live in many states of the United States. The valuable information on heart tingle really do most people who live far away but Que Huong has many years but always towards the heart of ancestral land, and so long, every shared with the oppressed and injustice, the days of the doomed in jail in the country where people are suffering, just for daring to stand up publicly protested, bringing the wrongdoing of the party group leaders and the communist state of Vietnam before public opinion at home and abroad. 

Moreover, the campaign this time the campaign committee for religious freedom in Vietnam has been prepared very carefully and thoroughly, especially in the context of Vietnam's communist government is increasing the hostility towards the Catholic community in the country, through the arrest and illegal detention are many young Catholics of the Redemptorists in the diocese of Vinh and many other dioceses across the country in recent times. Even willing to use force to suppress the laity in the complaint requests to government for a refund  facilities, land and that the Church of Vietnam's communist government had seized from the Church after seizing power. 

The communist government of Vietnam has always quibble that all events happened before and now is due to disputes over land, and the government never use force to solve. In fact all the events unfolded in recent years has fully declared against all their lies. Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front is the strict management of all activities of the Religion. In addition to the very distorted propaganda to distort the truth of Religion aims to entice people to support their wrongdoing, the government also set their people into the community core Catholics and even in the operators of Religion aims to undermine or cause doubt and division among each other the same religion and between religion with other religions. 

Two of the most serious violations of freedom of Religion as following: The government has intervened heavily in all activities organization under the authority of the Church. Vietnam's communist government  deposed or pressured to remove the dignitaries do not compromise, or acts against human wrongdoing state as in the case of Archbishop Ngo Quang Kiet of Hanoi diocese, when he spoke for justice against the brutal government of Thai Ha parish in the year 2007 to 2008. The government then used vile tactics to defame the reputation Bishop Ngo Quang Kiet, by performing the truncate statement of Bishop then brought up the local media to not cause cognitive right about him, including directing journalists to write and publish in the press as the Father has disparaged people. One of the authors reported that the Ha Van Thinh, collaborator of Lao Dong newspaper, so be aware of his wrongdoing in hand with the government, has also requested the Bishop Ngo Quang Kiet forgiving. (Reply posted on the page so the Queen on 28-09-2011 Justice. On page click here: 
and finally, the Hanoi government has put pressure on Bishop to leave the department position. The government has the right to directly intervene in the allocation Priest of the Catholic Church in Vietnam. In fact, the decentralization of the clergy and appointed the sole decision of the Vatican. 

The second seriously issue, we need to mention that, when not achieve good results in the use of propaganda tricks tried to entice people, the government has sought to harass or forbid their practicing of faithful and even forcing people to fall religion away, especially targeted at minority communities Catholics and Protestants in the North West frontier, and Vietnam's Central Highlands. The Congregation of the faithful have responded strongly and decisively. Many large-scale protests erupted in recent years, leading to the tragic death of dozens of people during the bloody suppression occurs with minority ethnic Muong Nhe in Dien Bien of North Vietnam on May 05 to 2011 this year. 

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Quynh Chi, RFA reporter 


Campaign taking VN back to the list CPC 

Representatives of the Campaign Committee put Vietnam back on the CPC list is a list of U.S. State Department for water should be of particular concern on the issue of religious freedom has completed the trip to the Washington DC to lobby for religious freedom and human rights for Vietnam. 

Image taken from youtube 
On the morning of 14/12/2010, hundreds of police
equipped withbulldozers demolished two pulled to
 the base of VietnamMennonite Church in District 2  

On the morning of 14/12/2010, hundreds of police equipped with bulldozers demolished two pulled to the base of Vietnam Mennonite Church in District 2 - Saigon. 

This trip includes Tran Van Minh, General Secretary of the Board, Dr. Francis Nghiem Phu, the Commission's consultant, Mr. Nguyen Van Luc, Chairman of the Vietnamese community in San Diego, Kim Trang Dang, deputy Chairman of the Vietnamese community in San Diego, and Ms. Nha Tran, executive board member of the Commission. 

Five people were Quynh Chi for the Radio Free Asia a discussion of this campaign period. 

CPC Campaign Committee 

Mr. Nguyen Tan Lac at 
the opening ceremony of 
CPC Campaign Committee.
Photo courtesy of 

First, Tran Van Minh said a few brief strokes of this Commission.
Tran Van Minh: The Commission was established in November last year and so far has been active for almost a year. 

Quynh Chi: Yes . Please allow for better Quynh Chi was asked the purpose of this trip is to mobilize put Vietnam back on the CPC list, or how, gentlemen? 

Tran Van Minh:  Yes. This is a dual purpose. The main purpose, I find there is usually referred to legislation or a campaign to put Vietnam on the CPC list, in addition we also have an active task is that Congress, because Congress now have a of the human rights bill in Congress. 

Usually every year the CPC list is active then the law must rely on the State Department's decision, but that is about his struggle with the other path, you can go through his campaign that is Congressional action to place the bill on human rights in Vietnam, where the bill is passed, then it is not through the State Department again. States have a bill that if adopted, also near the same bill as CPC. 

Religious freedom for VN 
Quynh Chi: So can you please talk a bit about the program of this trip is like? 

Nha Tran: we came here for about three days. To Washington at first of all, the goal is to mobilize Congress, and campaigning through the Senate bill is also subject to "pending", ie has not been approved by the Senate, we are campaigning hard positive and trying to make an appointment with the U.S. senators that support for human rights and religious freedom in Vietnam this past. All of the Vietnamese states as Texas, California, North Carolina is the other we have to. 

And we left them the "information", records of violations of religious freedom and human rights in Vietnam, and called for the support and urging them to adopt the bill is still awaiting approval the standard. 

Nha Tran 

In addition, we also exercise all the other senators in the parliament building where we can, we go to each office presented the reasons and principles, our purpose. And we left them the "information", records of violations of religious freedom and human rights in Vietnam, and called for the support and urging them to adopt the bill is still awaiting approval the standard. 

Quynh Chi: Quynh Chi Request permission to cut your words. you said that included information on religious freedom in Vietnam for the U.S. senator, but do not know information about which cases of lack of religious freedom in Vietnam? 

Nha Tran: We collected almost all of the outstanding service since Vietnam the United States, in particular the U.S. State Department put out the CPC list in 2006, there are are many outstanding cases for which we can know as the Catholic persecution, the persecution of Buddhism, Cao Dai and Hoa Hao. 
For example, there are the Catholic parish of Thai Ha for seized land, as well as lay leaders, the priests were doing hard time, persecuted, repression, imprisonment, etc. 

Then Buddhism is the case such as the Great Venerable Thich Quang Do, then the other direction that we know. There are also issues such as the parish of Dong Chiem, Tam Toa cases, case of Con Dau, and even cases of Plum Village Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. 

Tăng sinh rời Bát Nhã hồi năm 2009. Photo courtesy of
Increase in Bat Nha leavers in 2009.
Photo courtesy of 

Quynh Chi: Yes. You has occasion to mention Prajna service - Plum Village, the newspaper Quan Doi Nhan Dan recently, only a few days ago had just published an article in which they said there was no suppression in Plum Village, So if you have  commented on this article or not? 
Nha Tran:  In the opinion of my own, I see this is entirely contrary to the evidence was made several years ago that the press, not the media that Vietnamese overseas even the international news agencies such as AP, AFP, the international radio stations such as VOA, RFI, RFA has reported. 

Quynh Chi: People talk about freedom of religion as you know is the current opinion that in Vietnam there are many churches, there are many temples, people rely on it was found that in Vietnam Nam have religious freedom because the freedom of worship. Do you have any comments on these comments? 

Tran Van Minh: Your question has two problems, one side of Vietnam, one side is the U.S. government. Side the U.S. government on issues relating to diplomatic relations, they tend to talk relations, we think so. But that side of his Vietnam, the Vietnamese community is its own can not create enough pressure so that people can change their opinion about religious persecution in Vietnam. But which side of the communist authorities, the issue of religious freedom which they say is religious freedom is something about going to church, then it is only part time. On the issue of religious freedom, it also includes many things. 

I would say next. On specific issues, according to Father Nguyen Nhu The, try to get Vietnam's communist government to allow people to practice in the seminaries are free to practice as erstwhile yet? After the priest has to finance Vietnam's communist government has never accepted them not to become a priest? When have all the country schools are open as far as mental education is ancient peoples? When have any religion, of a church that is open an "account" is not natural? 


Công an ngăn chặn buổi hành lễ nhân Ngày Lễ Đản Sanh Đức Huỳnh Giáo Chủ tổ chức tại An Giang trước đây. Photo courtesy
Police prevented the ceremony's Day
of Dan Huynh Sanh Holiness 
held in An Giang in the past. 
Photo courtesy 

Quynh Chi: Yes. Request permission to Quynh Chi for the last question for you. Do not know if you think this trip its effects, how many times because there was movement that seemed to not have any results at all. 
Tran Van Minh: On the issue of influence that conversation is not happening so I can not say, but that is what we have gone very much movement, especially with Congress. Regarding the State Department said it could be depending on the pressure of the Vietnamese diaspora of his campaign. 

Kim Trang Dang: I'm Kim Trang Dang, vice president of Vietnam Community San Diego, then yesterday we had used all day in Congress, to meet most of the offices of the senators. We've put all the documents and evidence of religious persecution and human rights of Vietnam's communist government for all the offices of the senators that. 

As this afternoon we have the press conference and meet with the other elected officials, we believe and hope the trip and this work is our success and have the support of all overseas Vietnamese, and will also have the support of Americans - those elected officials to see our efforts. 

Kim Trang Dang 
And this is the first time all the representatives of Vietnam, and community parties join forces for this movement, the power so I am confident that we will have success in the future. Now they dare not say, but we believe that the good would happen, ma'am. 

Quynh Chi: Yes,. But as far as I know, and we also saw in the press conference of Foreign Ministry spokesman Vietnam, they always told that human rights in Vietnam are guaranteed in the constitution and in practice. 

Tran Van Minh: Please answer you. Talking about Vietnam you can see that there are two different laws: one is the constitution of Vietnam, it ensures all the freedoms of citizens, but that the constitution which can only be used for wall only, but in reality, the communist authorities in the resolution, the ordinance is the ordinance that are completely contrary to the provisions of their constitution to curb the freedom of citizens. It is said that the freedoms are constitutional, that is true, but that really only to the constitution that wall only. 

Quynh Chi: Yes. Thank you for taking the time for this interview. 

Nha Tran: Yes. Thank you Radio Free Asia and we are pleased to answer your interview. 

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