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Vietnam is one of the countries imprisoned network journalists most in the world , a commitment to objective and totally accurate of the organization called the International Human Rights: Committee to Protect Journalists called (CPJ) in a recent statement accused the campaign of persecution by the authorities in Hanoi for about writers during the second half of this year. According to the description of Mr Bob Dietz Asia program director of the CPJ organization like China Vietnam absolute control and tight on press freedom and strictly forbidden without permission newspaper published information on the government to do the negative. Sure we all remember the period between 2006 when he himself Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung exhorted countries to press to launch a movement to speak out strongly against corruption helps ...... Soon after the big newspapers of the communist state's economy as time sheets, Tuoi Tre and Thanh Nien .... have eagerly published the bulk of the articles and reports on corruption cases of father-son Le Duc Thuy Governor State Bank of Vietnam during the pre-polymer and result in some newspapers fined and temporarily closed down for allegedly revealed confidential information of the country.

Besides the views and perceptions of international human rights situation in Vietnam is bad completely accurate and facilities after a series of arrests and detention infamous for many activities Democracy, freelance journalist and online dissidents in recent years. The people of Vietnam as the situation further by saying that when his Bob Dietz can not find reason to arrest journalists, opposition to the Vietnam government is similar to China's communist government has always cited reason was the national security threat to legalize the seizure of their wrongful and distorting the truth for public opinion at home and abroad. At present Vietnam's communist government has applied Article 79 (on charges of plotting to overthrow the government) and Article 88 of the Criminal Code (crimes of propaganda against the regime and the Republic of socialist Vietnam) to tighten all the free speech rights of people in the country and distorting the truth about the terrible human rights situation in Vietnam today.

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    Vietnam: One country of the most imprisoned journalists in the world 

    Theo CPJ, trong 6 tháng qua, có ít nhất 9 nhà báo mạng bị bỏ tù
    According to CPJ, in six months, with at least nine network journalists imprisoned 
    Vietnam is one country of the most imprisoned journalists in the world. It is getting to the protection of human rights organizations called the International Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) in a recent statement condemning the crackdown against the pens of Hanoi government in the second half of this year. 

    Organization to Protect Journalists expressed concern about the situation violates freedom of expression in Vietnam, and called for the release of all imprisoned journalists immediately and unconditionally. 

    According to CPJ, in six months, at least nine network journalists imprisoned during late last year, the number of journalists detained, according to records of this organization, is 5 people. 
    Mr Bob Dietz, Asia program director of the CPJ organization, told VOA the Vietnamese Language: 
    "This is a new crackdown. We are not strangers to the Vietnam communist government controls the press and not allow freedom of the press, but what is happening shows level of stress and fear of the state before movement Vietnam independent press. They do not want people to know the policies and the employment of the negative state. What makes us concerned that some detainees accused of 'activities to overthrow the government'. The fact that governments such as Vietnam or China, as many do not find reason to detain the freelance journalist on charges of holding onto a national security threat is very broad, generic . This shows really no excuse to imprison these people out simply because the authorities do not like them. The conditions for the people of Vietnam against the government's action is limited, so we need to rely on pressure from the international community called on Hanoi to behave more responsibly. " 

    Among the freelance journalist imprisoned in Vietnam Protect Journalists Organization noted the case of network journalists Lu Van Bay has been sentenced to four years in prison Wednesday 22 / 8 on charges of 'propaganda against the state ', the two journalists of the independent Web site called the Redemptorists and Reporters Without margin, as blogger Paulus Le Son, Dang Xuan Dieu, Ho Duc Hoa, and Nguyen Van Duyet. They are among 15 activists arrested since last July to now. Some in the group were accused of "activities aimed at overthrowing the people's government '. 

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