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Parishioners of Thai Ha streets requires the authorities to return Monastery

Parishioners of Thai Ha - Hanoi returned to the streets demanding justice



In previous series, we have published the Hanoi authorities to use the name of "Borrow" and then seized the assets of the Redemptorists of Thai Ha, Hanoi. Serious and worse than after separate appropriation of parish lands, government buildings outside the hospital has created benefits for the poor but actually made the region the hospital is built on a where depraved playboy seriously affect all activities of the current Religion and quiet necessary for the health of patients and their treatment. Hanoi government has recently implemented a campaign to steal the property of the Redemptorists in the declaration of built waste water treatment system of the hospital despite public opinion at home and abroad.

Constitution and Religion Ordinance stipulates the Religious facilities are government-protected but their actions are against the law and the Constitution that Congress and their regulations promulgated after from 1992 to date. What made the government increasingly brazen and ridiculous like that? In their eyes the law and the constitution is just a cover for the so-called democratic hypocrisy. The law, the constitution that was being applied only when the common people sin but when the state officials guilty, it automatically becomes the tool to protect them effectively in the vague rhetoric and lies that is a violation of Article 88 of "propaganda against the regime" or the more serious is cited reasons affecting national security to close the 79 people on charges of "Conspiracy overthrow v. "..... v. ...

In a country where freedom of speech to express the people's government has been disabled in the future the country will go? But outside the mouth of Vietnam's communist government has always tried to shouting and neck After all freedom and democracy but actually inside the party and state leaders to find enough ways to kill democracy as soon as they begin formed early. The reason why there are such a travesty? yes, it's understandable because when the country truly democratic, then of course it will be engraved crystal of corruption, just not been completely blocked for authoritarian leaders, visiting rights and incidents are always put the interests of capital, and the interests of himself and his family over the interests of the nation and the country.

We, the patriotic citizen, please stand united as one to fight for truth, for justice and for a true democracy that we so long dreamed. The starting point in the struggle for democracy is the Religious unity, national unity, but the brother-Thai Ha parish in Hanoi, Cau Ram parish, parish Ngoc Long-Nghe An and many parishes in every other country is initiating. Let's set the strength of unity Religion, ready to break every intent and conspiracy of evil communist government of Vietnam. Only the swift formation of a democratic society actually be able to avoid painting the homeland for perdition invaders that China is attempting to perform day and night with the great help of the group leaders Communist Party and State of Vietnam, these people are cursed for betraying national interest, betraying the people and the country.

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Parishioners of Thai Ha streets requires the authorities to return Monastery
10/27/11 12:24 PM

This afternoon (10.27.2011), the Redemptorist priest - parish of Thai Ha parishioners led a delegation to the People's Committee of Dong Da district to apply for the Hanoi government returned the monastery the Priory and Parish.
Depart from Thai Ha Church, with banners bearing the words: 'Do not turn into a monastery and chapel dissipated place of sin "," Place of religious worship are protected by law, required to strictly act '...

The sudden appearance of groups that Thai Ha parishioners to the street people by surprise. Many people have voiced support for the work to lead the Thai Ha parishioners.

From the date of the Hanoi government launch campaign rob fully former monastery of the Redemptorists in Hanoi, the so-called "Project wastewater treatment plants", the priests, religious and laity of Thai Ha was pressing employment law defiantly in spite of the authorities in Hanoi.

On 7/10/2011, the parish has requested a petition "to stop the construction of wastewater treatment plants and returned to the monastery church" (now the Hospital Dong Da), for use purposes religion. Despite the legal requirements of the collective worth of the Redemptorist priests and parishioners of Thai Ha, those days, the Hanoi government, to release rumors, like "The State will reserve this project in one night ", which lay burning because of the legal requirements are violated, especially since the Hanoi government has no respect for the law that they themselves have set.

Be aware, the Redemptorists in Hanoi was established in 1928, with a total area of ​​61,455 m2 initially. The priests, the Redemptorist priest began to use and reside on the land continuously since then until today. In 1931, the Redemptorists had built a monastery on it to serve the religious needs of the Thai Ha parish and serving the poor in society according to principles and purposes of the Order.

         Application,request return of the Redemptorist Monastery in Hanoi

In 1959, Dong Da district were blatantly occupied the house of a monastery illegally in the name of the "borrowed". Some time later, authorities have used this house as Dong Da clinic. 70 years, the State has illegally occupied the building of the monastery remains to Dong Da Hospital without any legal basis does.

The agencies then make loan facilities Redemptorist Monastery in Hanoi Dong Da Hospital completely contrary to the Constitution and laws of Vietnam shall provide through the different periods.

Therefore, the Thai Ha parishioners asked the authorities in Hanoi to return to the monastery is a justified, true to what was prescribed by law.

According to information we received, but on the past, Hanoi police have harassment of monks, priests and parishioners of Thai Ha. This is a job is often found in this parish last few years. However, because the laws are respected and desired state must respect the law, especially since that should belong to the parish, the parishioners of Thai Ha is always brave and believe that "the truth will free you ".

While waiting for answers from the authorities, let's communion with Thai Ha parish, and spoke together for fairness and justice to the Church and the country of Vietnam.

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