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The fate of the soldiers of the armed forces of South Vietnam lost the war. What will happen when the Hanoi government policy continued inhumane treatment?

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War has been over 36 years but the pain is still there in the heart of the people there once lived in South Vietnam free. The pain has multiplied hundreds of thousands of times when the soldiers and officers of the armed forces of South Vietnam was communist regime northern vengeance and extremely cruel treatment. Those who have had loved ones suffering from a zombie in grim camps of North Vietnam disguised and covered up by the beautiful and smooth words as the "camp" and the veterans staff officers of the former regime are only invited to "education period" must never forget the images and stories from their relatives about the tragic circumstances when the prisoners had stolen potatoes pasta shell to advance through hunger. There are those who after eating it got salivation poisoning from cassava peel. The unlucky prisons were discovered by officials, they had to accept the whipping more dead than alive.

36 years to take hundreds of thousands of veteran soldiers and officials have perished in the unhumanitarian  camps of Vietnam's communist regime. Those fortunate to overcome death, on returning after being released from prison continued to suffer the heartache the other pitiful. Some officers had lost their loved wives who  being communist officials seized, others hurt when return is no longer on the place for living because the property was confiscated and communist take all his wife and children was sent to the new economy in which many people have fallen into the home is shattered and its members gone because the revenge of the victors despicable inhumane. those years were living in misery, living in deeply resent  makes peaceful people of South Viet Nam resilience and indomitable more. However, with the peaceful nature and tolerance has made available many of them also want to forget the past hurt and hope that people will be happy to live together in a society full of people because even though love is South or North, all of us are Vietnam, with a mother and with the same blood flow.

But 36 years although always exhorted to unity, ethnic harmony mediator, but in the hearts of the leaders of the communist party and the state still kept Vietnam hostility that the abuse, distribution discrimination during the past several years have demonstrated clearly. Millions of unbearable oppression that had to risk their lives crossing the border to find ways to escape. Millions have perished at sea, hundreds of thousands of others must give up his place in the toxic jungle, who survived suffered the tragic accident is being raped, robbed .. v.. .. v.

Undergone years of terrible suffering, the children of Viet Nam were lucky winner and settled in the fate of the free nations. But pain is not subside over the years but always in the heart of everyone anxious and the hearts always look toward their home. Everyone would soon have the opportunity to return together to build the country and eliminating hatred but the God was not follow their will because their hearts once again surprise when they hear statements from the Communist government Vietnam does not deal with the U.S. government in the search for missing soldiers during the war include U.S. military personnel and soldiers both North and South Vietnam. Reconciliation in the words of the Communist government of Vietnam is this here? Even for the dead that are still being discriminated like that, people are still living will be to distinguish to what extent?

The news
BBC. Vietnamese
Updated: 11:08 GMT - Friday, October 7, 2011

There should be no conditions' to find the remains
Nghĩa trang Biên Hòa
There are no statistics on the number of the Republic of Vietnamsoldiers missing during the war

Vietnam says not want to be the condition in the program's search for missing soldiers during the war the war, the U.S. requested to include the soldiers find the remains of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN).
Reply to AFP, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam said "cooperation must come from the humanitarian spirit of goodwill, sincerity and unconditional."

He said Hanoi hopes the two sides would work "in spirit" about Vietnam looking for the missing soldiers.
Mr. Luong Thanh Nghi said: "Vietnam always cooperate unconditionally with the United States to find American soldiers missing in action up."
Last week, Senator Jim Webb, chairman of the East Asia and the Pacific of the U.S. Senate, said the government stopped funding worth a million dollars to Vietnam unless Hanoi pledged to find the remains of ARVN soldiers.
But Hanoi said they have not received formal notification of America.
In January 2011, the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi said the two sides signed an agreement last two years' technical assistance to help Vietnam to search for soldiers missing in war. "
War wounds

Currently, there are no official statistics about the number of missing persons serving in the South of Viet Nam Republican government.
Vietnam says about 300,000 people of Vietnam People's Army during the war still missing as of late April 1975.
Talk to the BBC today, Mr Nguyen Van Hoang, who served in the Army South, said he felt lucky that his family no one in the list of missing.
He said: "In personal feelings, those who have lost, I should do something to their comfort and their relatives also less disturbing. In this case, I feel a bit sad. "
He added: "The state should have the same advantage because the Vietnamese people together in the fight just then, perhaps one can understand how it is."
Vietnam denied the request to find the remains of the Republic of Vietnam soldiers that surprise to some people in the context of Hanoi trying to attract overseas Vietnamese sentiment, many of whom fled Vietnam after 1975.
The daughter incumbent Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung is married to a businessman, son of former officials of South Vietnam regime, ever shown signs of opening of the Communist Party.
AFP News of the comments of those involved in U.S. support to the old South still feel to be rejected by communist officials.

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