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World marches calling for human rights for people currently living under the oppression of the government of the country such as Vietnam, Burma, China, Iran, Syria .. v. .. v. .. Among the countries listed above include a number of countries has been a permanent member or non-permanent United Nations such as China, Vietnam ..... but these countries are the world report force human rights abuses and suppression of serious free speech rights of the people. Typically in China, a series of cases of harassment, repression, arrests and detention of dissidents. Especially serious is the missing confusing and full of concern for many advocates dissent in the case of Liu Xiaobo, a dissident had been awarded the Nobel disappeared in 6 months in 2008-2009. The case of Mr Ngai Vi Vi The Beijing an artist and also a struggle disappeared at the police station Monday 23-04-2011. She Govruud Huuchihuu a struggle of Inner Mongolia on 27-01-2011 disappeared after leaving the hospital where she was being treated for cancer .... Many dissidents suddenly disappeared confusing in a long time and then reappear International capital has been criticized and accused of abuse and inhumane laws. Besides, many cases of other dissidents were missing even longer and far back as absolutely not return as cases of human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng was missing from last month 04-2010 hitherto not been mentioned.

Particularly in Vietnam, the situation of human rights violations and repression of dissent is no other place similar to what China. A series of dissidents were arrested and detained the wrong way as in the case-law Dr. Cu Huy Ha Vu, prisoner of conscience-dissident priest Nguyen Van Ly, journalist-blogger  two- nationality Nguyen Minh Hoang ... and hundreds of other dissidents. Especially serious is the case again arrested Father Nguyen Van Ly, while his health is not good as a result of brain tumor caused led to many strokes are being held in detention to keep. The second case is a news blogger Nguyen Van Hai "Dieu Cay" the official information from police officers that have lost a hand while being held and to date no one knows where He is being held hold, as well as health and even how I live or dead and nobody knows?

Actions associated organizations fighting for human rights in many different countries around the world marched today, organized by Libera Societa - Italy made, calling for unity in Europe and often block speak to people through their government funds are being oppressed in the country. According to the statement in his opening speech President Olita Vincenzo Libera Societa held that "the protection of free speech, religious freedom and other fundamental rights of human capital was the target pursuit of the European Commission in recent years and it is flawed if we only mention individual cases in the past, but unfocused and often voiced is a flaw. " Yes, it is the exact meaning of every sentence and every word. To succeed in creating pressure on the authorities of the world dictator respect for human rights and freedoms of the people will require a lot more effort from the International Human Rights organization, a high consensus between Member States and the United Nations decided to eliminate the authoritarian rule, a multitude of countries mentioned above, is equal to the power struggle and the solidarity of the people are oppressed in the country.

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International march for oppressed peoples
Y Lan, RFA correspondent
On Saturday, 22.10.2011, in three cities Rome, Berlin, Paris, went to People's Day parade in the oppressed go free.

Photo by Y Lan
International march Wednesday was for people in oppressed countries are in Rome on 22.10.2011 Freedom

Libera Societa Organization of Italy was held in conjunction with the struggle of the Tibetan, Uyghur, Vietnam, Burma, Iran, Syria, China, Cambodia and Laos, made this parade.
On this occasion, the organization Libera Socita signatures to petition the European Parliament normally requires years of taking the 22:10 "European Freedom Day for Ethnic Groups and other oppressed people." In the capital Rome, the parade starting at 15 pm and ended at 20 hours at the Bocca della Verita Square. People crowd accompanied the Italian delegation to Tibet, Vietnam, Uyghour, Burma, Iran, etc ...
In his opening speech, Mr. Olita Vincenzo, the president of Libera Societa, said: "Ideally, defending freedom for people in oppressed countries has been the focus of civil society. But we are seeing a situation of decline in a quarter of UN member states. Personal freedom were blatant abuses, in the name of economic development and international relations. Individual freedom, free speech, religious freedom and freedom of people decide the fate of millions of men and women on earth are deprived.
"Through the International Parade was this Wednesday, we want people to join the European human rights protection. Because we think that expression of solidarity in general, or occasionally to defend the individual cases is too short. It is time for the European countries would be given through the commitment of its citizens. "
Call for free

Two foreign tourists, and also won two characters of the International Freedom of Italy two years, are invited to attend the parade at the Fourth International Rome is Rebiya Kadeer, leader of Democratic Movement Uyghur home, and Mr. Vo Van Ai, President Base Mother Country: Action for Democracy in Vietnam. In his speech, Ms. Rebiya Kadeer said:
"Today, I marched along with delegates from Vietnam, Burma, Iran to call for freedom. I urge China to respect human rights, freedom and democracy to become a respected member of the human community. The Uyghur, Tibetan and Chinese people as well as other ethnic groups subject to so many suffering so long under the yoke of oppression by the Chinese Communist Party.

On the podium, from left: Tibetan deputies, Ms. Kadeer Rybia and Mr. Vo Van Ai. Photo by Y Lan
It is time for the people of the oppressed people are healing and harmony. We have to march for freedom long freedom of Uyghur people are also deprived. Today we march in Rome, Paris and Berlin. Will come when we march in Urumchi, Lhasa and Beijing. That day did not last long. "
In his speech, Mr. Vo Van Ai refers to "The frantic rally from three months in Saigon and Hanoi to protest the Chinese invasion of Vietnam. But today the Hanoi government has banned and persecuted, arrested the protesters. Vietnamese people we have no mouth to speak, whether in Vietnam with over 700 newspapers, hundreds of television and radio. But all are of the Party and the party-controlled.
"But the party did not speak up to protect Vietnam's sovereignty. China invaded South China Sea, China invaded archipelagos Hoang Sa and Truong Sa. " Mr. Ai said:
"The people of Vietnam live under the slavery of two lenses: Vietnamese Communist Party slave and slave the Chinese Communist Party. We urge you to join the parade this Wednesday was International please support us, demand that the Hanoi government to legislate freedom of demonstration. We call on the media and press are present today to write up in trampled human rights and democracy in Vietnam, persecution today. "
It is known in Paris, a similar parade was held. The procession from the Monument to Freedom Square in the Grenelle Bridge Café Trocadero Human Rights. And in Berlin, Germany, away from the Brandenburger Gate to Checkpoint Charlie.

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