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European Parliament often criticized for poor human rights situation in Vietnam



Recently many countries around the world want to exchange and cooperate with Vietnam to promote relations and economic development. According to the countries, Vietnam is a country in the wake of the Asian economies grow rapidly in recent years and is gradually becoming competitors as China has great potential Nations. However, as identified from national powers such as Britain, America, France, Germany .. v. .. v.. the biggest obstacles hinder the integration process of Vietnam's International Human Rights is the worst situation of Vietnam in recent years, while countries like the United States and other countries of the European blo has always shared the idea that cooperation and economic development has always been associated with human rights conditions in Vietnam.

During the dialogue meeting on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly held in New York late in September last concerning Human Rights, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned Vietnam about poor situation on human rights and stressed that the United States put Human Rights forefront in all relations and US-Vietnam diplomatic and always linked to economic development with respect for human rights in Vietnam. To show his goodwill, the government of Vietnam is no longer any choice other than to adhere to all commitments have been signed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the protection of Civil and Politics from the date of 24-09-1982.

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Merkel will address human rights issues while visiting Vietnam 

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Thủ tướng Ðức Angela Merkel
Hình: AP
Thủ tướng Ðức Angela Merkel

10/10 Ms. Angela Merkel set off on tour in Vietnam with the hope to achieve agreement on trade and raw materials to the host country. 
Accompanied prime Minister Merkel to Vietnam's delegation of leading German companies mostly seek investment opportunities and strengthen relationships between the leading economies in Europe with rapidly growing economies in Asia. 
Ms. Merkel said Vietnam is a country emerging Asian economies grew rapidly in recent years and is becoming a competitor with other countries such as China. 
AFP news agency quoted sources on 10/10 from senior officials in the German government said during a visit to Vietnam this time, the German leader will accelerate the process of free trade treaty between the United Europe to Vietnam, the agreement was strongly supported by Germany. 
In addition, Ms.Merkel emphasized that she will address the human rights situation in Vietnam is declining in this trip. 
Ms Merkel said economic cooperation naturally associated with human rights and to know when to Vietnam, she certainly will raise questions about human rights with the Hanoi government. 
European Union regularly denounced Ha Noi on human rights violations, preventing freedom of expression by citizens and are calling on Vietnam to release a citizen of the EU, blogger offers with both French-Vietnamese nationality Pham Minh Hoang. He was sentenced to three years in prison in August on charges of "activities aimed at overthrowing the people's government 'because the article published on the internet. 

Source: AFP,

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