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                            A woman in China named Wang Xiongyin sentenced to death
                            for heroin trafficking on 200gr (2003). AFP

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We fully support the notion that in any case or how to implement the death penalty are really inhumane. Especially the deep concern of his office director David Knaulte Asian Federation of Human Rights of Vietnam's communist government can abuse the death penalty for those convicted dissidents characters charges that are vague: "The plot to overthrow the government, which is serious violation of national security v. ... v. .. besides the death penalty for abuse of people convicted of their complaints without fear of denunciation by the state due to non-transparency on the implementation of the death penalty in Vietnam makes most people very nervous.

At the same time, to deceive international public opinion when the number of people reporting the death penalty is very low annual basis by the communist government in Vietnam which has been proven as well by hundreds of thousands of prisoners of conscience, the dissidents, activists .... Religion was wrongfully imprisoned in a prison full of Vietnam's harsh but before international public opinion, the government of Vietnam still claims that in Vietnam did not have any political prisoners being held that only those who break the law only in captivity. The communist government of Vietnam has always used the 88 (anti-regime propaganda) and 79 (conspiracy to overthrow the government) in the criminal code to identify the house to fight for Democracy, Human Rights into the dangerous criminal in the worst case frame of the criminal code is a life sentence or capital punishment without any hesitation or thought.

The propaganda campaign to point out the inhumanity of the death penalty but also help people realize the potential danger when the communist government tyranny and inhuman dictatorship like China and Vietnam possible abuse as a tool to cause fear in people so as to limit the lowest resistance of all people in the country for the government. In addition to the movement of the International Human Rights organization, the stronger the voice from the social organization in the country as well as a strong consensus of people nationwide will be the main help to quickly eliminate the death penalty but now the whole world is a strong analogy. Abolition of the death penalty is a vital job in Vietnam, especially in the current context with an authoritarian state, including a weak legal system, lack of capacity in the settlement and also there are many other inadequate reasons  in the Police, the Courts and Procuracy .. etc. ..

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Y Lan  RFA correspondent
12 Oct, 2011

World Day Against Death Penalty in 

the 9th

  • October 10 th last World Day Against the Death Penalty in the 9th. On this occasion, we have radio interview with David Knaulte, Director of the Office of the Asian Federation of Human Rights, the Union decided to join the campaign against the death penalty. The interview made by Y Lan

  • AFP

  • To stabilize the volatile situation in 2009, the Urumqi court in Xinjiang region, China has executed nine people.

  • All executions are inhumane

  • Y Lan: Hello Mr. David Knaulte, he was Director of the Asian Federation of Human Rights. Can you tell us why the International Federation of Human Rights in the campaign against the death penalty?
  • David Knaulte: International Federation for Human Rights to the momentum behind the campaign for abolition of death penalty worldwide. Our Union is a member of the World Alliance Against Death Penalty brings together hundreds of organizations on five continents, including countries in Asia and Europe. We have the same target is to persuade the government abolished the death penalty.
  • Y Lan : This year the International Federation of Human Rights and the World Coalition Against Death Penalty to be active and what sir?
  • David Knault : This year we celebrate the 9th "World Day Against Death Penalty". International Federation and its members uphold the Union together titled "The death penalty is inhumane." Though the execution of how we all know that the condemned suffer inhuman way. In Paris, the headquarters of the International Federation of Human Rights, we organized a big demonstration called "village executed." Here we show how all executions in the world to use, to verify that the inhuman nature of the death penalty. For example, different ways are still in use in Asia, such as hanging,shot, injection, executions, stoning, etc. ...
  • Here I want to offer a form of so-called "reform" the death penalty in Vietnam, the decree issued this year on the injection rather than firing squad, the way that people call " improvement "for the death penalty seems to" humanitarian "than. We should emphasize here that such type of improvement did not do anything to change the pointlessness of the death penalty. 

  • All executions are inhumane.

  •  Một phụ nữ tên Wang Xiongyin ở Trung quốc bị kết án tử hình vì buôn trên 200gr bạch phiến. AFP
  •  A woman in China named Wang Xiongyin sentenced to death for heroin trafficking on 200gr (2003). AFP

  • Lack of transparency when sentenced
  • Y Lan: Are there any other activities, particularly to Asia?
  • David Knault : An action is mainly supported by the increasing transparency of government on the death penalty. Today in Asia have a number of governments, like China and Vietnam, no transparency at all on the death penalty. These countries do not publish statistics of executions. This allows the authoritarian government continues to execute people who are not afraid of them that accused, at the same time deceive international opinion on the annual number of executions is low.
  • In Vietnam, we are very interested in the event of the death penalty for crimes against "national security". The crime is rather vague, and we fear that Vietnam was to use the law to suppress those who criticize the government by violent methods. So we call on governments such as China and Vietnam have more transparency, and to accept a temporary suspension of the death penalty - this means suspend all executions until the government steps up to the signed the International Convention for the death penalty removed.
  • Y Lan: These campaigns do  achieve the result sir? There are many countries in the world did abolish the death penalty?
  • David Knault: There is no doubt, in recent years, the general trend in the world accept the death penalty removed. Gradually more countries cancel the acts issued death sentences. So in 2011, with 104 countries to cancel the death penalty, many countries are moving toward abolition.
  • For example, in Asia, Mongolia is a legal reform to remove the death penalty. This event by the activity and the active campaign of civil society. Lack of support from the civil society, the country never thought of removing the death penalty.
  • So we urge people in those countries still use capital punishment, to be employed all the influence, this is a unique way to change the situation. In the case of Vietnam, we call upon the people of Vietnam, along with our clear conviction that the death penalty, to lobby with the authorities and persuade them to cancel the death penalty.      

  • Y Lan: Thank you David Knaulte.

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