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Mr. Nguyen cong Nhut and his new bride
Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Tuyen



"Justice" language familiar to the legal system in Vietnam suddenly become alien to the majority of people nationwide. While more and more deaths than all dead by the police at Vietnam, causing the police station while investigating the case. Indeed, people today are being invited to a hesitant public authorities to work because no one knows for sure what will happen to them after the meeting back at the police station. In the eyes of people today, the police force was scary and too dangerous for people over such use of indiscriminate force and strong action. International Human Rights Organization Human Rights Watch has written dozens of pages long report on many tragic death and the complete injustice of people dead by police in Vietnam have caused over the years.

 Nguyen Cong Nhut corpses at the police station

The weakness and partial processing of the procuracy and the court granted to the non-transparency in the trial, and act to cover up the wrongdoing by government officials of various government agencies including armed forces and security personnel, have truly lost the trust of the people in justice and law enforcement. Acts of covering up, encouraged to tolerate the wrongdoing of the police on a more and more dangerous than ever. Police comfortable applying corporal punishment, torture in investigations and even treatment powerful enough to force or coercion deliberately falsified the case that many people have died and the police report then have the same situation is the same: "parties for fear of punishment law committed suicide while in custody .....".

The news

Mac Lam, editor of RFA

People still believe in justice?

On last October 1, the people's Supreme procuracy Instituted for journalism that has completed the inspection, verification and decision not to prosecute criminal cases on charges of "using corporal punishment" in case Mr. Nguyen Quoc Bao.


Mr. Nguyen Quang Phuc, the father of 
Mr Nguyen Quoc Bao, September 2011 photo.

Nguyen Quoc Bao, who was police Hai Ba Trung District Hanoi arrested and later died in early 2010. Even forest monitoring and detailed article on this issue.

Police abuse of power findings

Nguyen Quoc Bao case began when public opinion has been much concerned by the serious nature of it. A law enforcement agency is located between the capital Hanoi, Hai Ba Trung District police have indications of abuse of power led to his death Bao. Bao's family as well as people in the know have put all their faith in the fairness of the law through the Institute of Forensic Medicine in the Army, perform autopsies and provide clear results on the Bao is killed by his head injuries and many other injuries.

According to autopsy results of the Hanoi Police identified the cause of his death had said "due to brain injury severity due to the limited arm wrestling."

As a result his family has filed a lawsuit Security agencies Hai Ba Trung district police custody and he told he was clearly using corporal punishment to death when there is no clear a crime was being arrested.

An application submitted to the court complaint handling requests until several months before October 1, 2011 Institute of the Supreme People's Procuracy for the press to know is not to prosecute the case because no evidence was identified I Make use of torture or corporal punishment to death.
According to the press report sent to the Procuracy, the Supreme People in about 45 days at 04.00pm 21/01/2010, see Nguyen Quoc Bao motor control, signs of administrative violation, police were Ba 113 coordinate with the police check, he discovered Privacy carry weapons, signs of drug use and gambling participation in the form of plot threads, football betting. Bao, He was taken to the police district headquarters to work.

Before the words do not exactly this, his father, Mr. Nguyen Quang Phuc Bao said the incident as follows:

"It told me my son's drug use but the legal conclusion that my son's health is negative. It told me my son organized gambling then who gambling with? It must have material evidence and physical evidence that is the principle of drug use and it must have time and room location but is now used on the road he began, how it uses? The Monday it told me I have pulled a knife weapon stockpile knife I asked where it does not give! "

The decision which loan to download the press stating that during testimony, he acts torn Security record testimony, the table itself head-first into the front, bangs her head on the wooden plaque hanging on the wall behind his back, Investigators should use the handcuffs, block 2 hands on a wooden bench.

0 o'clock to 22 Jan Security by his continued ties, paper and pedal to two investigators had his feet shackled Bao. Approx 0 hours and 10 minutes, the investigators found he Bao drooling, eyes rolled, red skin, breathing difficulties. 5 am the same day they found him Bao dry cough, breathing loud pro-fertility, continuous bracing shock collar, posture and work forward themselves head-first into the two sides of the wooden benches. Seeing wounded, investigators took him to hospital but Bao victim died on the way to the emergency.

Through this report people realize that almost all deaths from the agency's investigation police have released a very similar answer, which is looking to take the victims died while being taken interrogation.

Mr Phuc Bao said his father this nonsense when he was a follower of autopsy from the beginning. He said the injury actually did die for his children as follows:

"It's totally contrary to the truth. I was in his hand, forensic records of the army and so they totally rely on forensic What they offer is not in writing. For example, they say my first break into the chair seat dies after beating trauma to wound but not horizontally along it. Meanwhile the wound caused the death of my child in the occipital hole, ie the rear profile 3 cm long skull, I ask them to explain but they do not explain!

I see a professor of forensic experts say he has no reason to claim that there's no reason for the head put itself to the chair that was dead. "

Procuracy not to prosecute

Ms. Trinh Kim Tien with a photograph 
of her father Trinh xuan Tung, who was 
also beaten to death by police. AFP PHOTO.

The  case of Mr. Bao makes people a bit of experience in forensic negligence will see the record in this investigation because a person with his legs shackled, handcuffed himself could not hit his head on the seat to death as the results indicate. Furthermore he told no reason to die while being arrested for a felony gambling.

Make his death to make people remember the case of Nguyen cong Nhut at Binh Duong some months ago. With the survey results said he Nhut from a string of suicide slim phone and is too short to be able to hook his up to find death.

Bao and Nhut will be monitoring closely how much of an immediate but can be killed easily as at home is not easy to answer questions.

Families of victims who bear the most painful sight unjust death of a loved one but in the current situation of their claims could not be found for a court to call for help for the injustice of their sight.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Phuc, after many months of waiting for justice was depressing disappointment before this news, he said several months ago every time he came to the Procuracy shall follow the news here said:

"Procuracy told police it all and then sealing it, and now it has craft for itself later on its investigation will clarify the law but do not give a press it so! I very sudden and urgent. It is absurd, but why it made so I do not understand the mechanism of state law is what it looks like! "

Court system has revealed the deep dependence on the body of the police should investigate all the results are difficult to be viewed as fair and objective when the agency suspects is also working to place the responsibility dieut . How can you prove that the agency fair, impartial people directly working for them, not yet to mention of cutting creepers affecting the forest that anyone can think of.

In the case of He said, according to the conclusions of the investigating agencies, the Supreme KSND Institute said that although not sufficient grounds to determine that the police use corporal punishment but the Hai Ba Trung district police detention of persons administrative violations in the workplace, taking testimony at night and shackles, locked his legs for Security is violating the regulation of custody according to administrative procedures. Institute recommendations KSND Supreme Director of Hanoi Police review organization, discipline those who violate the rules and experiences to educate, prevent them. Also, report the results of the Supreme KSND Institute.

A serious case the result is too light and not try to ask how convincing call for the people's trust in justice. Furthermore the sanctions in case you can Make the people here who wonder if it protects them when the police were invited but did not know that you can safely go home or not?

And more importantly, this result may be a precondition for many other cases continue to occur that violate no one else will be the police degenerated, information on the cover of the investigating agencies in more are afraid of legal punishment really.

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