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China attacked Vietnam in 1979 in CaoBang



The arrest of Ms. Bui Thi Minh Hang on 17-10-2011 by Hanoi government is completely illegal and despite violating the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights makes people not from the more poignant in the heart. A country still boasts of being undefeated in the fight against foreign invaders preserve and protect the territorial integrity of the Fathers is a Viet Nam country like this? Cowardice, weakness or there's any other underlying conditions that Vietnam's communist government could not publicly known to the people?

Resolving an effective and satisfactory sovereignty disputes in the East Sea between China and Vietnam as well as with other countries in the region declared sovereignty as the Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia ... . is an outstanding issue which is controversial and not less expensive ink and papers. While countries in the disputed area are determined to strive to protect their territorial waters by asking China to participate in multilateral negotiations to resolve disputes under the International Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS ) in 1982, the Vietnam government to unilaterally appoint high-level delegation of the party and government to bilateral negotiations with China in the compromise and consensus difficultly to understand again and again making many people worried and anxious.

In fact, everyone knows people's hearts is the sharpest weapon and persistence in the struggle and effectively protect the country against any invasion. And everyone knows the Chinese ambition for territorial expansion, but with Vietnam territorial waters in the past, history has repeatedly demonstrated a clear and powerful through history thousands of years and the incident recently as offensive invasion of the Paracel Islands in 1974, attacks to invade six northern provinces in 1979, attacks on the Spratly Islands in 1988 caused bloody ..... and killed so many lives of the heroic soldier of Vietnam under both regimes.

It is extremely difficult to understand is why before  the thought and action aggression, hostility like that of China, the group leader and Vietnam's communist state still be hand in hand and put the enemy on the head with 16 and 04 letters of gold in the spirit of friendship and good brothers as "Lips and Teeth"?. There are also so many other invasions of cultural, economic and even the political. They seem to wait until an appropriate moment that the country will turn Vietnam into a district, a province li or a small city under the rule of the brother Chinese Communist.

Rather bitter! rather sad! because there are still many people in Vietnam and almost apathetic indifference risk and danger that many people know and recognize but fearful before the persecution, arrests and beatings of police, the officials should be completely passive and silent in spite of the fate of the country whatever. What hurt the most and laments most to us is a part, some people, a group of ruling elites in totalitarian communist government of Vietnam has considered the interests of individuals and families they are pushing the homeland to the brink of trial, to the destruction and slavery in the future.

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Ms. Bui Thi Minh Hang caught by police
An Khanh, RFA reporter
After more than 24 hours of being taken away by security forces while participating in "silent protest" at Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi, on 16/10, so far (18/10) nobodies is not news Ms. Bui Thi Minh Hang on.

Picture submitted by listeners RFA

Ms. Bui Thi Minh Hang before being caught by police
 on Sunday, 16/10/2011

Friends and interested persons are urged people struggle to Hoan Kiem district police to drop people.

It is known that on the morning of Sunday, 16/10, Ms. Bui Thi Minh Hang, along with a group of friends to protest China had previously walked the Sword Lake. The party wear shirts with the word "No U" shaped line against China's tongue of cow wearing banners and wearing a conical hat with the inscription "Hoang Sa - Truong Sa in Vietnam". The party was a crowd of mobile police, police Hoan Kiem district, security forces surrounded wear red.

According to the witness, after being shocked conical hats, Ms. Bui Thi Minh Hang is catched up the truck by a group of people wearing red. Until the evening of 17/10, still no one contact with her.

A group of over 20 people and friends who joined demonstration with Hang previously agreed to meet together before the Hoan Kiem district police on the afternoon of 17/10 to inquiry of Hang Bui's news. Appear in front of the police Hoan Kiem, Nguyen Van Dung, who was arrested along with protesters during the lunar day 21 / 8, said:

"(I) Participating with people waiting in Hoan Kiem district where the police to see if they decide to do with Hang Bui. People are also waiting and asked the police only, but then after 5 pm the police they do not work, so just stood there waiting for some of  familiar face security officers for asking   of how situation. The captain said it will be handled in accordance with due process of law.

And now Ms Hang, we put up a number one detention  and then (the camp that people called Hoa Lo but before the third round of the Hang Bui, Phuong Bich Dung was arrested and put on there) to our consolidated dossier.

All that will be due process of law and everyone would have known only. If people ask more else should  appoint a representative on tomorrow morning, we will respond further. "

An Khanh: Have everyone know the cause that Ms Hang been arrested?

Anh Dung: "Ask Mr. Head security officer about reason to arrest Ms Hang Bui, he replied that:" Recently the Party and State have worked, there were then signed on to the Party and the country to work. We also say her but she does not listen then. She was the slogan on the hat who was wearing banners and stuff, even shout " lu loa", so we have to arrest. "

We told: "Because you robbed hats, robbery of them so they shout " lu loa" but if  is normal, there's no someone shouted," I asked, "Why do you do what the role such robbery? "security, he said:" There are many forces we do not know is how do the forces there. "

We told: "You are the police, about impending robbery and that he did not do anything, does not protect his people before the robbers did not understand what he was police-style? ! ", the security comrades said:" Well, I could make such answer . "

Everyone stood there long and long, up to half an hour, after they gave the police car to some type of threat. They were told to disperse as it is in front of the police, not to stand, then people stand back from the door. After a while, people to the lakeside talk. "

An Khanh: Currently, are you how intending to respond for Hang Bui arrested?

Minh Hang She returned home after being 
arrested on 8/21/2011 by protesters.
 Photo courtesy of anhbasam

Anh Dung: "Everyone love with Bui Hang constant because it only impatient, but also will exercise utmost restraint in order to see what the police do and just have thoughts how reaction. "
An Khanh: According to your own opinion, the situation of Ms Hang this time is worrying?

Anh Dung: "I think they might be taken to court, because they now want to threaten everyone. People on every Sunday despite protests but not walk, talk together around Hoan Kiem Lake, but they are very worried that since these people, since these actions will make as nuclear to break new protests, because people are burning the signing of the Party and State.

As many people say they can say is "sell country", which people say is "too weak", but generally everyone is very frustrating. Police seriously threatened so demonstrations can not be sure broke out, but police are also worried there will be protests, so I think they will treat her as an example Hang Bui to scare the rest. "

This is the second time Ms. Bui Thi Minh Hang arrested by police for reasons related to the anti-Chinese protests. After being released in three days was arrested on Monday 21 / 8, during a radio interview with Free Asia, Hang Bui she said:

"It is depressing when I contact with his staff and security, I also say that I fear most is when the government and people against each other, because we were both Vietnam and in fact, the roots of leadership become from the people  only. "

Immediately after the news she was arrested Bui Thi Minh Hang been posted on the internet, many people have spoken on the social networking site calling for the arrest of her objections. In addition, a blogger also sent a letter presenting the case and sent to international organizations.

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