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              CHINA threatened to attack VIETNAM 



The authoritarian leader of the Communist Party of Vietnam, your eyes and ears should be open both to hear and know the thoughts of good friend,communist China which so long and are still loyal and caring team to your heads with 16 gold and 04 possible letters. The commitment to consensus among the senior leadership between Vietnam and China which includes the direction public opinion in the direction of better way and avoid potential disagreements settled on the same friendly spirit of brother????. The smell of war told the Times newspaper, "Hoan Bridge," a newspaper representing the voice of the Communist Party of China mentioned in today 25-10-2011 has revealed aggressive expansion ambition which countries are in the main sights of Vietnam and the Philippines.

Orientation for the public style by same? While China's communist government on the one hand to the propaganda of sovereignty in most of the South China Sea, on the other hand with words of training to a large hammer to threaten the small neighboring Vietnam, the government still gentle politeness to send out this mission for next mission to beg it to be safe and survive a country ruled by shame. The leaders will have to answer how his people in this situation now? Chinese media have voiced threaten us, the Chinese people have the right to didactically us while our press  are again silent as oysters. The people shall be incorporated into burning by " reactionary word", persecuted, harassed and even imprisoned in Vietnam ...... Viet Nam is now in the position of a country, a Chinese partner in the islands dispute resolution, or just a territorial district, a city of China and should be obliged to obey, to follow all the teachings of the Chinese enemy ??????

The leaders of the State of Vietnam Oh, you probably will not even words can continue to justify anymore. Although previous work of the position stems from the nature of cowardice, weakness, or is the mind has betrayed the nation, betray one's way, it is now the position to stop it all before too late. Please return immediately to the national self-determination, for people to stand up for protecting country, for the country to avoid the doom painting from dangerous enemies and faithless China. Despite being a small country, with rudimentary weapons and ammunition, but inferior compared to them we have a tremendous strength that is unpopular, passionate patriotic enough to defeat any evil intentions far larger enemy invasion of China which our Ancestors Cha He has written on the history unfolded in the past with the Le Loi, Quang Trung, Hung Dao Vuong ......

Besides we are not fighting alone in the protection of the country. In addition to major U.S. ally, we have the invaluable assistance of an Indian military force correlation, an ASEAN community friends together shoulder to shoulder against all invaders illicit as China Nations. A great judge the clarity of the United Nations is not easy for China to allow big unruly and arbitrary actions how well or how? Longer any reason to think the more sparse the party leaders and the communist government in Vietnam? Democratization of the country and based on the strength, the will of the people in this time is the prerequisite and feasible to protect and preserve our mountains and rivers to avoid any threat of foreign invasion, as well as equity in how to resolve conflict in the disputed territory, territorial Sea is to settle all disputes about sovereignty in the East Sea today.

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 Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Report warns of China 'will have a cannon' in disputed waters

Tàu khu trục của Hải quân Trung Quốc bắn tên lửa trong một cuộc tập trận ở Biển Ðông

Picture: AP
Destroyer of the Chinese Navy missile during a military exercise in South China Sea

A newspaper of the Communist Party of China issued a warning today that the country related to the sovereignty dispute in the South China Sea, which Vietnam has called the Sea, should be "prepared hear guns god "if they continue to disagree with Beijing.

Reuters and Bloomberg news agency quoted an editorial published in the Hoan Bridge Times (The Global Times) China's accusations that countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines took advantage of "soft diplomacy stance" of China to promote the agenda of their own.

The editorial is the article "Right now, China understands the need to take the channel talks with other countries to resolve disputes. But if the situation deteriorated, the military action was necessary. "

The editorial does not have signature to write that "if these countries do not want to change China's behavior, they will need to be prepared psychologically to hear the cannons. We need to be ready for it, because this may be the only way to resolve disputes in these waters. "

The Chinese government today said that the article does not represent their views.

When asked to comment on editorials, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said the government "China's commitment to resolving disputes through peaceful means and that sow discord and hostility only Complicating the situation. "

In recent months the Chinese patrol boats tried to hinder the exploration of Vietnam and the Philippines in the South China Sea.

In July, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned that the confrontation is increasing in this region is a threat to sea lanes.

Sources: Reuters, Bloomberg

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