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Congratulation letter and word instruction your precious Catholic leaders of Kon Tum Diocese Bishop Michael Hoang Duc Oanh sent by the new school year 2011-2012 as a reminder to all students before educational status " problem" in Viet Nam society today. Bishop reminds you need to live and study full example of a generation of young Catholics also do not forget to guard against hazards in the environment looking for an easy education "problem" today. Envy, jealousy, selfishness and dishonesty disease merits, fraud is encirclement around the young students of today and can destroy a whole generation of young country's future.

Today, there are too many leaders in society, in organizations, agencies and sectors and especially in leadership at all levels of government is not capable, by using false documents to insert other feet on the important position of national machinery and in other important positions of society. These people, for the sake of greed and profiteering to enjoy for themselves and their own family and loved ones no matter what the ignorant and selfish greed that has caused harmful effects and to large How to ethnic minorities and their homeland. The letter said the injunction so full of enthusiasm, time of Bishop Michael Hoang Duc Oanh Bishop of Kon Tum Diocese as a truth called on everyone to contribute together to wash all the "problems" of education which are also more likely to survive and destroy the whole future generations the country to the brink of the abyss.

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Bishop Michael Hoang Duc Oanh: "The education that has pushed" childhood "to" wild "

Đức Cha Micae Hoàng Đức Oanh: “Nền giáo dục nào đã đẩy “thơ bé” thành “man dại”

LTS: On the occasion of the new school year, Bishop Michael Hoang Duc Oanh, Bishop of Kontum, sent to the students a pastoral letter dated 1/10/2011.

The contents of the letter referring to the burning issue of education to the country, in which students and students, the nursery of the country's future and the Church is faced with an education " "problem"!? His message as the students, be careful because "Around the stuff I do not know how many attacks beset and minds, hearts and lives all day! The disease dishonesty, fraud, selfishness, ... not to enjoy the peace you are healed! The victims' achievement, cheating, "the service" classes, tutoring, "has been eroded intelligence, creativeness and energy of children! The things that have been produced layers of "fake" for tomorrow's generation. They have been washed into the deep end in the womb of the children and even your family. Sometimes both in the institutions of religion! Very creepy! Too subtle? It's unfathomable! "

We respectfully submit to you readers of this pastoral letter to the reflection and learning.


Kon Tum, October 1, 2011

Dear children,

The children began the school year 2011-2012 is 45 days and that to this day I send a message to congratulate. Tet Trung Thu is busy welcoming the recent German nuncio Leopoldo Girelli, should also not writing to you a word. But I still remember you and fellowship with you in prayer. Today the child celebrate St. Teresa, father of the children remembered in a special way, he shared with his children a few sentiments that every individual has always cherished and remembered throughout the journey to work in France, home St. Teresa of the past week (from 16.09 to 09.22.2011), especially when it landed in northern Norway, where there is a very active education and development.

I. Church with an education.

Dear children,

In many parishes in Vietnam that is still seen hanging slogan "Education Today, society and the church tomorrow"! This is a slogan taken from Chung's letter Viet Nam Episcopacy in 2007! The slogan mean? For a family of how civilization advances, on the steps to the kitchen, the toilet will know soon! For a progressive country are, just look at those young people will understand will happen tomorrow! Look at Japan, Korea Water now stands quickly develop a par with those advanced countries and even more thanks to the decades that they have invested heavily in training and education of the young, to date This is the class leader with intellectual capacity, capable of morality, a sense of responsibility and know the correct moral behavior "as adults"! For "Education plays an extremely important role in human life and its effects are added on the advance of modern society" (Vat.2, GD opening). Because "Everyone, regardless of race, class and age, due to human dignity, have an inalienable right is to receive an education that meets its own mission, in accordance with individuality of each gender, culture and adapted to national traditions, and extend fraternal cooperation with other nations, to support the consolidation and true peace on earth "(Vat .2, GD 1).

In Vietnam, authorities have been more tries in the areas of education and training. After 1975, the government has available many educational institutions of the private sector and other religions with a large contingent of skilled teachers of South Vietnam. Then also have more new facilities, training new teachers, but newspapers, radio networks and public opinion remains constant complaining and talking about the increasing severity of the decline in education Vietnam Nam now!? Much has been identified, analyzed many positive proposals, but the work is not that bright! Why Quality education has not reached? (Cf. Letter No. 7 Chung HDGMVN 2010). There are many reasons. Mainly because ".... The policy relative and enjoyment, the state education shortcomings, the layout of half-truths in the media ... has brought more young people to a life mentality and pragmatic, to do anything to benefit the bankruptcy ... signs of conscience. " (Cf. Chung HDGMVN Letter 2010, No. 5). Or because "education Vietnam does not have an educational philosophy of authentic and comprehensive" (cf. Letter Chung HDGMVN 2010, No. 7)? Is the philosophy of the "materialist atheist communism" has command and communications are making balance training should educate young people a balanced harmony between the soul and the body, between matter and spirit, between the individual and collective, between the real and the fake reasonable? People just are harmonious development between human and divine dimensions of the divine, the moral dimension of religion. Image coordinate axes in mathematics could help understand the problem much easier!

The horizontal axis is the axis of relations between man and man is a living creature is dead. It teaches people the moral axis "good life together," living "even in healthy eating." The vertical axis is the axis of religion, the spiritual axis refers to the relationship between the human creature with the Creator. It is a religious axis. Ideally, most harmonious, the best is where the O of the two axes meet. Speaking the language of the Gospel, the horizontal axis is expressed in love with the vertical axis, the love of God. God is love love! (Cf. Jn 13,34.35; Mt 22.37 to 45). No one can choose one out! Missing one is crooked. Heavily tilted to one side is "extremist or fanatic, just catastrophic for themselves and for others"! History records how many painful losses due to lameness education produces brutal dictators like Hitler, like Stalin, like Mao Zedong ....! Today is full of man "cruelty" as has been eliminated as has just happened oTunisia, Egypt, Libya! Starting with a poor young student Bouazizi, 26, police confiscated street vendors in the streets bear! Experience of landscape "oppressed", he decided to use his life to live torch to inspire the way to ethnic groups as well as the whole world stood up to find new life on Friday, 17/12 / 2010! He expired on 04.01.2011)!

There is something worth thinking and is under his enigmatic leader of the authoritarian, autocratic, cruel ... there are many intellectuals, have higher degrees, complete their degrees, with full text that is still closed eye to hand their heads for murder, robbery without shame embarrassed? Education that has pushed people "childhood" into the "wild" so much? Is greatly feared!

II. Wish to reach!

Dear children,

Indeed, today's children are receiving an education "problem"!? Around you, do not know how many things beset and attacked minds, hearts and lives all day! The disease dishonesty, fraud, selfishness, ... not to enjoy the peace you are healed! The victims' achievement, cheating, "the service" classes, tutoring, "has been eroded intelligence, creativeness and energy of children! The things that have been produced layers of "fake" for tomorrow's generation. They have been washed into the deep end in the womb of the children and even your family. Sometimes both in the institutions of religion! Very creepy! Too subtle? It's incalculable! Be careful to pass!

Meanwhile, "... The religion, like many people of good still have no legal conditions to contribute actively to the development of the country, particularly in the area of ​​education, health and charity." (Secretary General HDGMVN 2010, No. 6). Need a hand the contribution of all the people, especially the religious, we hope to have a balanced education and advanced!

Part of me, to live a life of harmonious unity between faith and reason! Do not overlook the other party. Look wise man studies his practice. Learn how people, as children of God, as brothers to everyone. Let steep wholeheartedly for learning. Discriminating good and bad in perforated through life! Courage forged a citizen who has a vibrant religious faith, a rich knowledge much wisdom to contribute to building a society rich in love charity, together respect the truth and the life ! Should clearly define the unified harmony between faith and reason as St. Augustine said, "You go out to believe; you believe to understand" (x.GLCG No. 157 & 158) or as St. John Henry Newman wrote, " Ten thousand difficulties do not make that a doubt "!

Specifically, he reminds you a few things that you can do right so as to offset any shortcomings of today:

1. Study hard. All for learning. Learning to be good. Bible study. Literacy. Learning means. Learning methods. Parents need to take care determined a Bible study and teaching of the Church, along with cultural learning! Do not choose a leave one! The Catholic teachers should take the lead in removing the victim tutoring tutoring by preparing articles in good teaching at school! Need to accept a life of "poverty" in order not to make "education" to "commercial".

2. Living a good direction! Catholics must be good. Good people who live true love. Where good people can not cheat or hypocrisy; not lazy or selfish; no stigma or discrimination or injustice.

3. With the soul apostles: The children live the spirit of "being sent" under the influence of the Holy Spirit! Men live as salt as light as the earth (cf. Mt 5,13.14) in the family and in society, in schools and streets. Everywhere, all the time, with everyone!

4. Pray: Pray for a true education! "Without me, ye do nothing" (John 15.5; cf. Chung 2010 Letter, No. 37). Pray God to enlighten the authorities to clear the current status of education today and the courage to give it to the private sector and his right to teach religion as well as educational institutions are holding together contribute to education in the country to go up!

Dear children,

May the Lord give you a really good school year, to become the human mind straight, with the first alert to become a balanced human development so that full service Country and eager to proclaim the Gospel of love for everyone.

St. Teresa of the Infant Please vote for the child to imitate you know Holy Gospel witness in the school environment and everywhere.


+ Michael Hoang Duc Oanh

Bishop of Kon Tum Diocese.

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