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The sisters of the Holy Cross love at Thu Thiem alone on the path of seeking justice



Recently, the people of the country especially the Catholic community is extremely urgent before encroachment and conspiracy to take over the religious establishment. Property where the Redemptorist monks and laity oppose fiercely any wrongdoing by the authorities of Hanoi, has long been a goal to watch the communist government of Vietnam. Governments at all levels were colluding together an attempt to appropriate property of the Catholic Church by a legitimate tactic lies like: "to clear away the grounds to block the project to build public service, serving people .. etc. .. ". In fact the appropriate place finish after being used indiscriminately, sometimes just to satisfy the dark intrigues of their jobs.

Not only to appropriate private property of the Thai Ha parish, Redemptorists, the authorities also tried to appropriate the property of the Catholic Church in many places all over the country, such as Con Dau Parish Da Nang, Cau Ram parishes Nghe An, Tam Dao  Church Bac Ninh, St. Joseph's Seminary Saigon, Church of the Assumption of Mary Tran Phu Bac Lieu, Ke Xung parish Hue , My Du parish Nghe An, Dong Dang Church Lang Son  v. ... v. ... empire estimated thousands of religious establishments, including land and Church of Vietnam Catholic Church in the country has been communist  government of Viet Nam appropriated by wrong ways. More seriously is not simply appropriate the property to the Church seeking to satisfy the evil intentions of the administration in isolation to remove the influence of the Church to lay a Church, Religious Education has always alleged "anti-communist" in decades.

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09 Oct, 2011 at 05:19pm

Borrowing and appropriating the Redemptorist Monastery and story " come in Dong Da leave Van Dien" 

In recent days, the Hanoi government is intention of seizing long Redemptorist monastery in Hanoi, which has been "borrowed" by force in 1973 and then turned into a hospital where Da is the subject line return to the implementation of programs for the poor in society. 

Mượn rồi chiếm đoạt Tu viện Dòng Chúa Cứu thế và chuyện ‘Vào Đống Đa ra Văn Điển’

Over the years, many methods have been proposed to the appropriation of this monastery illegal. 

Illegal in that apparently it is a religious institution but was blatantly appropriated by gentle words are "borrowed" and always occupied. 

Meanwhile, all the Constitution of this state are recorded familiar turn: "The state of religion is protected." This is like a slap in the face of "legitimate state socialist" 

This is the oft-quoted line of the people of Ha Thanh every time someone brought the disease to be treated at the Hospital of Dong Da - Ha Noi. That means: put the house on treatment at Dong Da Hospital also means that the person will take to the Van Dien Cemetery. 

The Ha Thanh capital profound in words, in speech. These statements are generally satirical comes from the fact that people see. 

We have to find out the truth and heard so many stories about Dong  Da Hospital. There are anecdotal stories. There are stories will remain the subject of reflection in the reform of the country. Besides, we also have the marketing section of the event to give us more data to confirm the saying "come in Dong Da leave to Van Dien" is completely founded. 

Dong Da Hospital was formerly a monastery, where the practice of religious priests Vietnam Redemptorist

Dong Da Hospital was formerly a monastery, where the practice of priests Redemptorist priest Vietnam 
First is the story most proceedings begin. It is well known, Dong Da Hospital was formerly a monastery, where the practice of religious priests Redemptorists of Vietnam. In 1973, the government has appointed a representative to pressure Joseph Vu Ngoc Bich to sign a loan for a unit of government soldiers are stationed. This holy priest, who understood the law and current law states summary answer: "I do not have right." Immediately, the officials and government representatives at that time, was brag claims: "You can not but I have rights". This story, during his life, Vu Ngoc Bich priests often tell  to reminds us of a period of "government ... authoritarian dictatorship after seizing power has the right to use specialized to appropriate property of others. " 

Father Vu Ngoc Bich then was forced out of monasteries. After the priest was banished - the asset management of the line in Hanoi - from the monastery, the government embarked on a policy of "breaking down the remnants of the old regime." 

The Cross was cut down the legs and penance culprits were receiving

The first thing they do is break the cross on the roof of the monastery buildings. It is said that the soldiers were sent to dismantle the cross cut that day after the first hammer he fell on his knees. Cross only a small cleft. Currently, the cross still stands bearing the scars of his time. The Cross is inert with sky monthly . But also from that moment he appears to have a curse has been issued, which hospitals have become places were curse. Many people told you that some government officials at that time "as the sky in the area" has led to the country have "bad omen", making the people suffer more misery and those who go to the Dong Da hospital have witnessed crosses price with injuries, becoming a sign of the persecuted Church. 

Another story related to the story of "bad or good omen" at Dong Da Hospital. Everyone knows at Dong Da Hospital is still a chapel of the monastery. In the past, this is where the priests, the Redemptorist monks to prayer at the appointed moment of the day. This is also where each day of the ceremony, " offer sacrifices to heaven" to prayer the state's national security. From the monastery turned into government hospitals, to cover the lower natural eyes, we get the national emblem covered broken crucifix statue. Below the national emblem plate, it unfurled itself attained full text: "Vietnam Communist Party want glory years". They want to take long live of people  to cover the eternity of God. So arrogantly ! Soon, they began to turn the sacred chapel into a place of entertainment. They play table tennis, badminton and regular occasions when they make convenient house in the old chapel became a dance floor filled with the sound, to smoke, alcohol and a light charm of an inn modern bar. 

The chapel of the monastery which was turned into whore

The chapel of the monastery was turned into the whore place.
These are pictures we took an accidental occasion we visited a patient at the hospital. From about 300 meters away, we heard the sound of music that dominant the sound of traffic in Nguyen Luong Bang Street. The spotlights through out the window  on the iron frame stylized image of the cross fade, creating a sense of fear to touch. The sound of music invites us by surprise. A few friends along to wonder why the hospital has a dance floor with sound so terrible. On the floor, each embedded married couples. There are all female or all male pairs. There was the old age. There are certain things they are not a married couple and also make sure they are not lovers. On the table, the unfinished bottle of alcohol drinking. Cigarette smoke plus the smell of sweat are embedded in a narrow space creates a feeling hard to describe. The friend of our patients could only get two fingers tucked tightly into his ears. 

It is a story related to the "bad or good omen" at Dong Da Hospital. Everyone knows the "leave to Van Dien" is will of God, but the inoffensive of the people also contributed to the " leave toVan Dien " more quickly. Everyone knows that Dong Da Hospital Hospital of the poor, who do not have to qualify for the medical center more modern. However, poverty has also had to meet the waist, was not adequate medical care, they encounter the health worker shortage kind, at least from the heart, should fall into tragic situations. The hospital is dilapidated. The people who have responsible for care and drug loading, their heart are also dilapidated. Therefore, patients with early "to cool place" that is not uncommon. 

It turns out, talk "to the Dong Da leave to Van Dien" and about the country faced with "bad situation" also by all the so-called "dictatorship of the autocratic government that specialist robber" .

John Nguyen Thach Ha 

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