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Rule brutality of the atheist Communist cause people to become INSENSIBILITY.

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The world is shocked about a Video Clip of a girl 2 years old with two small trucks rolling up the last Tuesday 18-10-2011. Image recording shows exactly when the collision scene girl child with initial vehicle travel way and fell to the car that stopped. This indicates that the driver had discovered the baby in distress. Instead of taking the baby off at another, pitifully dishonest driver after another moment thinking was crazy ga rolling up the baby to escape. But what makes people angry and disgusted that is insensitive to the cruelty of nearly 20 Chinese people after seeing that accident, including pedestrians and ride leisurely across the baby seat lying eyes or monitor then quietly discarded as no what happens.

An animal if accidentally met a tragic accident like that is not worth being treated like that. Yet this is a person of flesh and blood, a two-year-old baby just pathetic to be treated in a inhuman way was lost even another animal. Why? What made the Chinese people become cold, insensitive and cruel as that? Perhaps the rule of the brutal communist regime in recent years has tempered people become as human. why? yes, though not like or do not dare think about it, but the undeniable fact is what has been happening in the society is put on the words beautiful and gentle as " The Socialist Republic of Vietnam "or" The People's Republic of China "... v. .. v. ..

But language is a little different but undeniable fact that the communist regime has produced the human with heart's cold blood. Between atheist people and fellow who have belief Religion has too many different and separate. The major impact when people live in fear of many years under the harsh rule and brutality of a regime also led to people losing the people and becomes insensitive to any situation or event impending. The danger is the group leader and dictatorial communist government of Vietnam is looking forward to people, follow the direction their country's policy disgusting Chinese communism. Many people in Vietnam in recent years has become not the indifference of government oppression of their fellow patriots?

Vietnam a country of peace and friendship, a gentle people of Vietnam in the eyes of friendly international community has lost. Instead, the people coldly indifferent to the current policies of the ruling communist government of Vietnam is entering the authoritarian rule policy, the brother brutal communist China. The second largest economy in the world but all of us probably no one knows about it ethical foundation of a great country "China" which produce the toxic filter deception lies .... from food, cosmetics, clothing, and even children's toys everywhere filled with toxic dyes and are now spreading poison and staining all the people, the Chinese people.

Please do not leave every thing become too late. Please do not let the corporations dictatorial leadership of the Communist Party and State Vietnam pushed the country and people of Vietnam to become a man and a shameful country as "China". Because the future of our children. the future of our country has, the whole nation the people of Vietnam please hurry realize and do not indifference of the country's current situation. Let's join hands to stop all acts of "sale country", the act of assimilation Vietnam with China's communist rulers of Vietnam. Resolve to fight for a real democracy in Vietnam. A country, a people of Vietnam honest, friendly and full of compassion which is often referred by international when Saigon was a "Far Eastern Pearl" of South-East Asia in the 60 and 70.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

China faces a crisis of conscience

Beijing authorities have recently decided to increase its soft power and increase the influence of Chinese culture in the world through the so-called "cultural reforms". Meanwhile, the unscrupulous attitude of the Chinese people expressed through the two-year-old girl for being the car rolled twice in Foshan city which for some people raised questions about the spiritual life of Chinese people at present. Duy Ai invites you to hear more details presented in the item following the Asian Looking Back.

Duy Ai - VOA

Vuong Duyet Baby 2-year-old truck was rolling, and then passers-by to wear em lying bleeding on the road until the car was rolled her back again
Plenary Meeting of the 6th Central Committee Member of the Chinese Communist Party ended the 17 key 3 on Thursday in Beijing. Besides the announcement of the Congress Party will take place 18 years later half of 2012, this conference has set a policy to be in the limelight. It's "Party Central Committee's decision on a number of important issues in strengthening cultural institutional reform, promoting the development and prosperity of the socialist culture."

The News on Tuesday's Xinhua news agency said the decision aims to strengthen the soft power of China and maintain "security culture" while the national economy continues to grow rapidly. The message added that the authorities will set aside more resources to increase cultural self-confidence and strengthen the culture of the Chinese people and culture to improve the quality of the entire population.

Mr. Lawrence Reardon, a researcher with Chinese politics at the University of New Hampshire in America, said Beijing hoped to hold a larger role in the international arena.

He said: "I think now they are focusing efforts on holding a more important role in the world. Chinese authorities understand the global role are at their intersection. They know is to take a leadership role more important, they can not rely on commercial or based on status at the United Nations or other international organizations to influence the world. "

Mr. Reardon said that the best way for China to make the world understand China's incessant promotion of cultural values ​​and the beauties of his country.

However, China Zhang Wei, Dong User magazine editors in Hong Kong, said that plans to reform the culture of the Chinese government is only a deception of people while the government does not neutralize the deepening contradictions in society and can not meet the demands of the people on political reform.

Mr Zhang said: "This is just a way of deceiving people, pretending to tell people that we are working, we are reforming. In fact, the government knows very well that people totally disappointing for reform. Reform is a cultural expressions to questions now, to trick the day or days, to shift the demands of the people on political reform, about root out corruption, and on addressing the important issues in people's lives. "

Truong Vi Quoc Lawyers also mention the irony is that the same day authorities say Beijing's major cultural issue in the world, many people felt "chills" the loss of humanity China after seeing the video collection of two-year-old girl scene in Foshan City of Guangdong Province in the vehicle rolled twice at the back and no one there to even look at anything. He said that this event proved to be the traditional Chinese culture was destroyed completely by the policies of the ruling Communist Party in 62 years, from the Cultural Revolution of Mao Zedong, the means devoted cult coins of Deng Xiaoping, to the policy "to maintain stability in the end" of Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao.

Luong Hieu Sinh Writers Born in China also endorsed the idea that children services in Foshan Vuong Duyet Duyet baby situation highlights the moral decline in society and culture today. He said that Chinese people may take 30, 40 years to attend courses, which he called "cultural enrichment".

If you do not learn the rich nations have also no use. The problem of continuing education to how a problem is extremely complex. This course can not completely rely on the government, can not rely on the party, which also can not use political ideology to replace, and can not be solely based on religion. Ultimately, only to promote the new cultural impact in changing the mentality of a people.

Professor Zhou's genuine Renmin University in Beijing before the ban also state that some people call "crisis of conscience in China."

Professor Zhou said: "The core values ​​of morality belongs to the software. Just like the hardware of the computer software. There is no software, hardware is just a bunch of scrap metal. The year before they let's say GDP is 'hard logic'. The result is like this. The ancient saying 'paint fouling out in the country.' Now, the 'nation in fouling paint out' - but the longer it took fouling paint . Environmental pollution, food safety, etc ... everything has a serious problem. "

Meanwhile, a research culture in Beijing, Mr. Zhang Kiet Dieu, said the decision to reform the culture of the Chinese Communist Party is actually a signal that the authorities prepared to enhance measures to limit free speech.

Mr Zhang said: "Their goal is internet activities. The network now has too many microblogs. They want to control to find an excuse to control the idea."

Kiet Truong Dieu added that cultural activities can not by party leaders as leaders of many cultures as long as many of them were thwarted. Mr. Zhang said that culture is the expression of spiritual freedom, and culture will develop a nice way when people are free to express their opinions.

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