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                                      VN her radio hero,
             project caused a wave of indignation among the people

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Semi-monthly magazine editorials Free Speech 133 (15-10-2011)

            1 - On 13-09-2011, Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper reported: "On 14-7, the Quang Nam People's Committee Chairman Le Phuoc Thanh signed a decision to add 330 billion for projects to build her monument Vietnam Heroes, heroes get prototypes mother Nguyen Thi Thu, forbidden mountain region (Tam Phu, Tam Ky City, Quang Nam), bringing the total amount of investment from the central budget and provincial budget to more than 410 billion, more than five times the amount originally approved 81 billion ... According to Dinh Gia Thang, author of the design, construction shall VN Hero Mother statue, upon completion, the largest monument not only Vietnam but also Southeast Asia's largest. Eternal in the hearts of ... "I was the Deputy Nguyen Thi Quang Nam, had nine sons were killed in the war. Statue taken from her prototype carved marble, built over an area of ​​15 ha, including the mass audience (mothers arms embrace a herd of children) and 8 "head myth", was started on 27 -7-2007. In the heart block is the memorial area of ​​950m2, enrolls nearly "50,000 VN. women heroes" of the country and save the images and data on "women represent two recent VN. war against France and anti-American "(!?!)

            Immediately, the incident has sparked a wave of indignation which the people of Vietnam all the world, including the "hero mother" is still alive, and Domestic came from overseas. The reason a lot of opposition. First, shame to build a costly project to honor nearly 20 millions of dollars while many honor object is falling misery. There are about 44,000 state she is the Mother of VN Communist Government style heroes, most of them are old and poor. Should have used that money to care for and support themselves. Also, do not say more Quang Nam is one of the poorest province in countries, annual face the most storms and floods, local residents need to be forgiven, but also throughout the VN. to countless destitution heart rate and brain absurd: as the children (grandchildren of the mother) in the Ka York and Mr. Tu Trong Hoa commune of Quang Binh Minh Hoa district to swim across the river to go to school, many village people still like to swing line monkey falls of water flowing through the tape, send one bulb instead of grinding the rice to eat, pick up dry on each heating plant; hundreds of thousands of her daughter to get married because of poverty in the South, should prostitute in Singapore , to surrogacy for Thai workers to slave to the Arabs ... 410 billion could build 100 bridges for children to swim the river take the word, 100 small schools and hospitals in more remote areas , 1000 foster care facilities elderly, help the lives of thousands of poor families ... Monday, are at the state needs to cut down the investment project is not necessary to fight inflation, are now standing before a pile of VN. national debt can not pay because the budget is empty, then the construction of a monument more to the U.S. (please think of the memorial 10 years in New York 11-9-2001 events are to be completed), but only to watch the game, used to get gutted and to work out the bag from the right is antidemocratic, water damage, irresponsible ... Tuesday, monuments that honor the heroic mother out how? As mentioned above, is clearly not the heroic mother of the soldier left the country because of how the battle against invasion by thousands of years of history, not the mother as hero of the monks of war safeguard competition and protect freedom of the Republic of Vietnam regime. This monument is for the mothers of the soldiers who served and protected mode Communist, who was killed to pave the way and built the throne for the Communist group leaders are currently in two wars unjust that a very utility, only to monopolize the leadership of the Communist Party ("war against France") and a stupid (the expression of the writer Duong Thu Huong) only to the communist liken to country of democracy and freedom ("award launched against the U.S.). Most woman are living in extreme poverty, with the guys being honored proclaims they rob rob home field, was the team grabbed their children's public records, photos from bike to the ground who they represent converted property, or the particular bitterness died in sad news is fresh or "waiting for reunion with human sin" as the soldiers have been killed in battle "Saute pan skin" unjust, "expansionist ideology" inhuman, contribute to the unjust regime, unjust and inappropriate to its current existence to which side the two countries! Just as the Church has to give up writing in "VN: Monument, the bridge" icon "and people" Wednesday 28-09: "In my village there are two cases of maternal VN hero. One she has three sons died because to "liberate the South," until recently occupied Saigon, was visiting her brother, witnessed the scene in the South, and she returned home and died of the disease , because the grief, confusion and blame for the injustice to die! In particular there are four sons, two people must be taught to soldiers, and a son in law is total five, dies in battle in 1968 ... Until diseases in old age is not one solitary care, before death, she cried day and night over the last few words spoken had hidden in the heart of many decades, "Because I'm stupid ... should have killed all of my children," and she decided ... to go to find the children sorry! "

            2 - Besides the VN. monuments and heroic mother are intense public opposition, there is a monument also vehemently assailed. We refer to the monument in honor of mode Communist textbooks in VN. history. The attacking this from student to student, not verbal messages, but the test score. According to Radio Free Asia, all radio "History scores subject to abnormally low" on 01-08-2011 "There are nearly 4400 test subjects contestants History of the University Police reached the point 2. It was announced recently launched today from the University of the People's Police. Status Results History subject test scores are too low not only unusual happening at the University police, but also occurs in many other universities, including the College of Education. Accordingly, statistics, only qualified candidates will reach 0.3-5%, while the number of candidates do not meet required test scores up to 99% in some schools like the University of Da Nang, Quang Nam University ... " . That the competition is that? It's a - cause analysis to find a way to save country by Nguyen Tat Thanh. 2 - May 10-1930 political theses of the Communist Party of Indochina have in anything other than the first political platform of the Communist Party of Vietnam? These problems are solved like in the period 1939-1945? 3 - In the war against America, to save the country (1954-1975), the people of Vietnam have completed the basic tasks "for the U.S. elbows" with any success? If the impact of that victory for the revolutionary development of the South.

            These questions of course, is to test knowledge of the history textbooks by the Communist Party directed by the Education and Training exclusively compiled under the auspices of the agency associations in the hands of the party and with the penning of the professors or teachers mostly party members. For example the book "Guide exam university & college history" thick, 410 pages, size 14x20cm, published in 2004, is recorded as "Wednesday edition - have revised and supplemented." The book was sponsored by "The History of Education (History of Science Society VN), Department of History University of Hanoi Teachers' and published by the College of Education publication. Groups of up to 7 are compiled have doctorates (TS.) with the title of professor (GS) or Associate Professor (PGS), with the help of two other PGS-TS. That is, group editor of the prices are very tasty!

            In addition to III of the test sample 85 pages, the book focuses on two key areas: VN. History and World History, 325 pages. Part I is designed only to promote victory "great" instead of VN Communist Party presenting truthful historical vicissitudes of the country and people, they not also speak highly to Ho Chi Minh but  even inflate to inflate Communist Party. All under the banner of Marxist-Leninit invincible! Go from this great victory to another great victory! Always victory, beat all enemies baihoan through all wars, big and small. Extremely glorious! ... Part II, on "world history," but only weighs about the history of international communist parties, mainly focusing on the "fruits" of the world's communist parties such as the Russian October Revolution, building owners socialism in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, China, North Korea with its great victory in all areas of political, economic and social development. Everywhere the Communists also "win" and "profit" big win, good to!

            Of course, the actual political, economic, cultural, social VN increasingly bad and unfold, with multi-dimensional documentation of knowledge is increasingly going into full on mind, no wonder what today's youth, said: "Like it or not want, I will have to chew and chew and to insert at the beginning of the lesson" that communist propaganda "which he called the Vietnamese people!. .. They preach the Marx-Engels pagan than what to teach history! Her young age it was, but her mind where they so foolish, regardless of what the user is, what is propaganda poisoned! ... A Republic is said to be invincible champion is to have something 'recession ... heavy losses'? What is the 'collapse' of a totalitarian system, do the 'crash' of the Republic was rooted in the ground water system by totalitarian leaders? Again, had to decline, has disintegrated, collapsed ... that is dead, buried, what is a spell that makes it so that regeneration to storm ... "victory"? Consequently, they have attitude deposed Communist monuments through negative patterns and very unique ... in thousands of subjects using zero points! (According to Le Thien, from thousands of students about subjects using 0, 16-09-2011).

            Because only live in the fraud and violence, by special fraud and oppression, the Communist forget that the true heroes of humanity or people you know are really sacrificing themselves for freedom, truth , justice, love, and thus they become monuments of the human mind, people's minds before the square, the town ... Communist of Vietnam not see how many statues of Lenin, Stalin, Ceaucescu, Jivkov , Hoxha, Pol Pot .. had been overturned and crushed under the hash jubilant cheers of his people so that the leader? Ho Chi Minh statue and then it's probably the same fate!


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