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Nguyen Huu Cau                                       Truong Van Suong
Arrested since 1975, life sentence            Arrested since 1975, life sentence
There are still detained in prison              Died in prison on 12 Oct, 2011.
Ba Sao, Ha Nam



Political prisoners - prisoners of conscience, the human soul noble and pure, who sacrificed himself, his family, accept the doomed date, harsh and painful prison in terrible place regime's brutal communist Vietnam wants only to regain the right to "human" for the people, for the holy things and the best for his country in Vietnam. They have quietly endured so many miserable, doomed from the inhuman treatment which was available to the political prisoner, a prisoner in the rhetoric of the communist government of Vietnam is not to exist in Vietnam.

The great cost to their legitimate demands. A real country Freedom and Democracy. An equitable and prosperous. A person with full rights fundamental freedoms which are recognized in the constitution and the laws of nations as well as public law and international law, there is nothing wrong but? Yet they had to pay a hefty price for those that wish to normal. The freedom of the self, a broken family and sometimes pay with their lives as the cases of political prisoners Truong Van Suong, Nguyen Van Trai recently, and so many other prisoners in past had to lie down quietly and just because the desire for simple,  high normal quarter.

Not only should reserve a day to remember the political prisoners that fellow Vietnam Vietnam both at home and abroad should regularly be organized campaign donations, raising funds to fully support material to separate themselves not only political prisoners but also ones which their families are living in destitution, suffering or living hard wandering in foreign land. Besides, it's more important is to exercise regularly spoke International further pressure to force the communist government of Vietnam must comply with the commitments in the International Convention on the Protection of Civil Politics and the government of Vietnam has signed since 1982 include the right to freedom of expression peacefully without harm, arrested or imprisoned ....Also supress to VN government immediately to drop out to all of political prisoners who are still now being illegally held in Viet Nam.

The news

Do not forget the prisoners of conscience
Thanh Quang, RFA reporter
After moving from the military junta dictatorship to civil polity - whether considered on behalf of, Myanmar also recently freed 300 political prisoners.

What happens in Burma would make people relate to VN, which allegedly was to continue doomed many prisoners of conscience to fight for their native peoples. Thanh Quang learn about the plight of political prisoners.
Sadness abandoned
While these political prisoners are known to the public as former ARVN Captain Nguyen Huu Cau detained more than 34 years in prison in Xuan Loc, South Vietnam or try to Lt. Truong Van Suong also imprisoned all these same years and when arrested again forever away ( dead) at Ba Sao prison, Nam Ha, or political prisoner Nguyen Van Trai is the only life known as inclusions found in Xuan Loc district prison after 15 years of employment, but now - according to political prisoners are on probation, Nguyen Bac Truyen, "many prisoners have been largely forgotten," "they exist as do not exist," quietly weighed down by life sentence "as the mountain ", no one visits adopted, no one know about.
Former political prisoner, Nguyen Bac Truyen presented on this situation:
"While in prison I have in common with the first prisoners captured in 2005. The prisoner was arrested in Thailand, Cambodia and brought to trial in the VN. while their families are still wandering in those country said so when they were detained in VN. do not have relatives to visit adopted, or a letter from them.
They live very quietly, bringing sorrow abandoned, with that inferiority feeling that you do not get people interested. But for the time they fight and resilience. As the case of Nguyen Tan Nam was arrested and in prison from 1994 until now. He is now 75 years old, have 2 times with complications and no bodies visits once adopted.

Lawyer, Nguyen Bac Truyen
When we were in prison with people like this new prison feel the loneliness of those without family care, not be known to the public, not to be reminded, not to What language in calling for pressure the VN authorities to drop them. "
One former prisoner of conscience understanding the plight of many other prisoners in the scene silently doomed, a Pastor in Dong Nai Than Van Truong, to speak:
"I agree with Mr. Nguyen Bac Truyen, there are many prisoners of conscience which we do not know. I myself know such people. But because of this reason that the other prisoners of conscience should not be flat to . There may be brothers, which they have come through the other person so they are outside attention, while many prisoners were not interested - just as the words he said Nguyen Bac Truyen . "
Referring to those who are forgotten prison in Vietnam, perhaps a former prisoner of conscience of each clinical situation doomed 26 years in communist prison, as Thich Thien Minh, head of the Peace Fellowship Association Political Prisoners Religion VN feel this whole situation:
"There are those whom I know, they are in prison for more than 30 years then. But that attention and intervention by the international community only in degree only. Up to now they are still in prison, and was exiled to the North again. On my old prison camp Xuan Phuoc, then the camp Xuan Loc.
So far now I know the inmate was still continuing at Xuan Phuoc camp again, and then exiled to the north. Or now you're still in prison camp Xuan Loc. The fate of all these people are unfortunate, their situation is miserable, hard-set in prison. The State may renew a part only, but they are increasingly being held much more than fighting for freedom and democracy. People were arrested while more and more people are dropping very low. On Holiday, the state just release only for the economy or the common criminals . But also political prisoners are less resolved, just waiting untill their sentences end only. "
Be discriminated
According to former jail, Nguyen Bac Truyen, the former Burma also denied problems of political prisoners, but now they also have recognized political prisoners, prisoners of conscience, and have to drop out of several hundred people. Thus he believes that the VN. government to hide such a "can not survive", and a short time, VN. must also recognize the presence of political prisoners in the country. And Nguyen Bac Truyen to comment on the rejection status of political prisoners of the VN. now:

More than 10,000 prisoners were pardoned Monday 30.08.2011, on the occasion of National Day, in which only two political prisoners. AFP
"It's the words of those who govern. They say rip off, they said, to force words and justice. The fact that the political activities and was arrested and convicted of state charges so they is the only political prisoners. Even the criminal prisoners or prison staff who are well known political prisoners. is not likely that people who eat higher-level education and have no awareness that? It is just as the authorities seek to conceal oppression for those who struggle, dissent alone. "

According to Ven Thich Thien Minh, the VN. now are not traditionally recognized as political prisoners, but Thien Minh Ven noted that the authorities have to distinguish two types of prisoners, which is referred to as "national security breach "and as a criminal, criminal society. Thich Thien Minh evidence:
"In prison they now share the private sector to treat detention or harsh, bitter or slightly wider. For example, the economic crimes, criminal, then slightly more level. In the prison political, are considered "violated national security", they have to separate policy, strict.

Thich Thien Minh
Although the authorities do not recognize VN has political prisoners, international conscience to be, but the fact also recognized. If not recognized as political prisoners, they deal with prisoners as well as many other trade, but why the project was considered for reduction or release, they never settle for political prisoners?. That is, they are often of a distinction between prisoners and political prisoners. "
Through this "VN Political Prisoners" with extreme situations and tragic demanding that the prisoners of conscience faced, former political prisoner Nguyen Bac Truyen raised the question that "should not we need a day to remember the VN Political Prisoners? And he explained:
"Because there are political prisoners like the unknown soldier. The place I suggest you choose one day a VN Political Prisoners Day. Within 365 days of course we always remember them, to mobilize and encourage them. But there should be a day so that we can remind once again, making the problem more formally, through which the world claims that VN has many political prisoners are detained unreasonably, indefinitely. So the memory of prisoners of conscience in Vietnam that have to do. "
Thich Thien Minh said that this is very true, very reasonable. " Why? Thien Minh He explained:
"Because Lawyer, Nguyen Bac Truyen was also in prison, plus size each concentric with the brothers remained after Nguyen Bac Truyen was to leave. And many people stay there, Nguyen Bac Truyen also spoke well as is support for you. So recommended "Date for thinking of The Political prisoners" are correct. The problem is not that select the most appropriate day for VN political prisoners. "
Perhaps the situation so are doomed prisoners of conscience from that author Le Minh Sedney post entitled "The oldest prison in hell of CSVN," noting that "the secrecy of information mode for the whole social scene was terrible, but the concealing of political prisoners and the conditions of prison life was terrible thousand times. Thus society and the outside world is completely unaware of what happened inside the prison camp there. "
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