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The pensive and worried by the priest
before the brazen actions of the administration of Nghe An.

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According to the Church and the vast majority of lay people throughout the country, the provocative and uncompromising suppression of Nghe An authorities to the parish now Ngoc Long is the beginning of a calculation purposes explore the views, attitudes and reactions of fellow Catholic country. Especially the attitudes and reactions of fellow Catholics in the diocese of Vinh diocese how look like before the brazen actions of governments at all levels. It is true with the people of the Church and Catholic country, even after the communist government, hijacking the "Catholic" Religion has always been a destination that targets the communist government in the isolate and weaken the enormous influence of the Church of Vietnam fellow Catholic in country.

We certainly have not forgotten about the painful events, the series of brutal oppression of the communist government of Vietnam for us Catholics in the past, with a tragic Con Dau, a Thai Ha scattered as hundreds and thousands of other painful incident that happened with most of the dioceses in the country. Article published on the Queen Justice today as a practical reminder to those who are still keeping deviant thoughts, or show indifference difficult and serious challenge that the Church Vietnam Catholics are facing. Intention and ambition of Vietnam's communist government increasingly apparent. The peace of the Church and religious freedom of the people would be like totally dependent on the attitudes and reactions of fellow Catholics throughout the country, especially the attitude and response of the parishes belonging to Vinh which suffered severe persecution from the government, through the thought and actions of people.

A conference such as "Dien Hong Conference" in the past should be affordable? Dear fellow country that is a point or a very practical and should be widely available in all classes of people throughout the country. Current situation in the country showed a false peace and outright lie. We not only face the risk of religious persecution by the provocation and the complete wrong of the government during that time have to face even with the risk of dehydration through the actions coward of the group leader and Vietnam's communist state, including notes sold country by the late Prime Minister Pham Van Dong in the past and a series of cryptic consensus, non-transparency of the most senior leaders haichinh between the Vietnam - China recently. Especially the government's agreement between the two countries in shaping public opinion to avoid damaging the friendship between the two parties and two communist state.

In fact, the people-oriented public opinion between Vietnam and China completely different such as in during past time: While the Hanoi government determined to prevent any protests expressed against China not only on official documents by the government in Hanoi announced on 18-08-2011 past, but also by concrete actions through a series of the harassed, arrested, imprisoned demonstrators situation soon after the Chinese attack calmly continue to Vietnam by threatening words smell of war is typical newspaper editorial of the newspaper "Hoan Bridge," a newspaper representing the voice of the Communist Party China on Tuesday 25-10-2011 targeting two countries Vietnam and the Philippines with arrogant words "cannon will be known in the disputed area."

Two days after statement irresponsibly China's Party newspaper, the Government of Vietnam has not had any attitude or any official response! should this also is one of the agreement that Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong, the most senior leaders of the party and the communist state of Vietnam has signed loyalty as a gift donated glasses brother during his China 05 day working visit at the invitation of his Chinese General Secretary Hu Jintao from 06-10-2011 to 11-10-2011 past?. It's clearly defined. We can not continue to entrust the lives and destiny of our country in the hands of Nguyen Phu Trong Nguyen Tan Dung, Truong Tan Sang ........ people arbitrarily, cowardice and reflect bumper.

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Parish Ngoc Long, GP Vinh and intentions of the authorities in Nghe An

10/26/11 2:21 AM

These days, in GP Vinh have been many cases involving the Catholic Church with the authorities. After the arrests following the terrorist with the laity GP Vinh received confusing silence from places that would not be silent, the Nghe An authorities continue to aggressive with the parishes as Cau Ram Ngoc Long ... toimplement policies to reduce and destroy religion.

Queen of Justice reflects a number of issues related to the GP Vinh Parish and are continuing to monitor the actions, reactions of the parties. We will provide for you to read Queen of Justice clearly what is happening in a strong diocese, unity and tradition.
The difficulties of the parish, in the case lay in the field of religion, the reactions and attitudes of the order and How those who is responsible? The words and deeds of the characters involved like? We will in turn present to the reader to track and communion with the victims of this place.Giáo xứ Ngọc Long,  GP Vinh và ý đồ của nhà cầm quyền Nghệ An

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Between May 10-2011, the provinces of Nghe An open propaganda campaign launched attack on the parish Ngoc Long. This is a planned process to suppress the indomitable spirit of the struggle for justice and truth of the laity by Vinh Vietnam government arrangements.

Beginning in the summer of 2011 after completion of installation personnel in positions in the Party and government apparatus. Along with the resolution of issues related to China, to prevent inflation and recession are two pressing survival in the entire population. Vietnam government always accompany their goals for the rule of his exclusive never leave it to suppress radical elements of disagreement, the organization underlying ideological opposition ....

As we have seen, in China relations, the Vietnam government has bowed to obey absolutely divine. provide resources and sovereignty in exchange for peace for the position of his dictatorial rule. On solving internal economic relations, corruption, bureaucracy and incompetent management, personal interests have completely killed the economy of Vietnam. Inflation is rising continuously, the bankruptcy of enterprises according to another, creating a tremendous debt waves poured over the country. Gold prices soared, land price, the stock drop dramatically clear signal that the country's economy by the government are going in the right direction orbital nature, it is incompetent, unethical surely be broken .

Given this, dictators and incompetent often choose a different path to mask his weaknesses, but also uy power market that is looking for subjects to suppress. Order through this repression to intimidate critics of economic sovereignty and suspicious of leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Indeed the story in the parish Ngoc Long - Social Cong Thanh District - Yen Thanh-Nghe An Province, there is nothing terrible. Only a few hundred square meters of farmland in a remote village by the people of the church dedicated to pitch for the parish, parishioners increased physical activity, strengthening solidarity and reduce social evils Assembly is in danger of deeply rooted and almost every corner of society from urban to rural, mountainous areas. The land dedicated entirely consistent with the law permits and Parish came together to pay for renovation, construction fence, dressing, hygiene and rest for the athletes.

Compared with the gold square meters of land, urban areas that the government officials of corruption across this country, the piece of farmland in rural parishes as Ngoc Long only where mosquitoes on elephant back. Even the vast province of Nghe An extensive hundreds of thousands of small and large businesses with government collusion to occupy thousands of hectares as silkworms eat mulberry is a small piece of land to pitch in a remote rural area mean.

Last time, in Nghe An, the encroachment of public land officials, to sell and divide the land was common ground on ... everywhere. However, the government has tolerated and no effective measures.

However, the authorities of Nghe An has focused talent, material resources and communication systems in order to extinguish the good works of the laity in Ngoc Long is  intended.

The story is not in such a small stadium. The story lies in the deep core of nature Communist government of Vietnam, which is the withdrawal of Catholic influence in Vietnam, a goal from the right to rule the country for the communist has never abandoned. Today when senior CCP of China tight the church than ever before, communist of Vietnam is eager to do than to show loyalty and consistent stand with his elder free world. And further religious persecution are considered leaders in the policy rule tactics of the dictatorship over the years, and even communist Vietnam How beautiful do not hide away from that policy.

Communist of Viet Nam probably think this is an appropriate time to open the attack on the Church of Vietnam after a series of provocative exploration success. Typically, the arrest of the young Catholic priests forbidden exit pressure is not organized, active partner to the nation as a workshop on human rights, press freedom, a workshop on marine the East. The next step is the direct action is robbing the church land, striving to suppress violence against Catholics in Vietnam, finally brought the Catholic Church as Vietnam in the framework of the Chinese church.

The land is robbed work to do in the chain plans to annex the Church, from the land robbery success will be convenient to just a few steps after the takeover and control of the Catholic Church in Vietnam. Thus the land in the parish Ngoc Long suddenly becomes the focus of the administration of Nghe An province in particular and government in general CSVN. Ngoc Long parish shall be successful, make sure the government will have momentum Nghe An advantage to annex the land yellow spots in the city of Vinh Catholics, it is a land of Cau Ram parish.

Back to the land in the parish Ngoc Long, now the government has undone dismissed legal evidence of which the parish has made Ngoc Long. Although the parish council has repeatedly taken a petition according to law and due process. But sometimes it is just the inherent hostility of the administration of Nghe An. That's understandable because as the analysis shows that there is not a piece of land value, but it is the right board to Nghe An implementation of the policy plot as CSVN, which is created every reason to crackdown has been a buzz, causing fear for Catholics in Vietnam, through which the pressure on the clerical force them to discourage the fight for truth, justice that go back to compromise, refuge in the government.

On the vicious conspiracy that the government press conference in Nghe An has instructed the provincial newspapers on public roads raiding unit. With the power in the hands of finance, weapons and the executioner, mercenaries, Nghe An authorities probably thought I was early enough in the battle for the pioneering attack on Vinh diocese. The diocese has a long tradition. Together with the province's propaganda radio, newspapers denounced smell, threats, death is the vehicle mounted speakers run around the village of Yen Thanh district in the words of aggression. Images that make people panic as soon Yen Thanh district had a bloody war happens, local people living in the fragrant low mood, anxiety did not know that we are living in times that any an so.

Seemed the prelude with information on all media have achieved victory, Nghe An authorities had given written arrogantly threatened forcible breaking pitch on 30-10 -2011. Of course the media propaganda on television Nghe An administration's impact on those who read or who do not have flesh and blood, the parish dedicated to Ngoc Long, but based solely on the basis of this to followed on the use of force, Nghe An, the government and bureaucracy so childish. By lay people in the countryside but not much believe in what the government claims. But once they do not believe, the government relying on force to solve the problem, surely these things happen is very unpredictable.

The simmering conflict between the government and Vinh Catholic for long, all-cause initiators are from the government every time they see the need to aggress to serve political purposes. The incident happened at the end of Tam Toa Vinh diocese, the communion of the whole diocese by geographical distance is limited. But Ngoc Long position parish located in the heart of the diocese of Vinh. These events occurred in this place will definitely unpredictable if anyone had witnessed the burning flame 8-2009 Catholics last month when the event occurs Tam Toa.

Egyptian society changed when a young man died vendors on sidewalks. Vietnam's social thinking unlike Egyptian society, but was a man after the first has its similarities. A death is not enough for Vietnam as Egypt, but who dare affirm dozens, hundreds of Catholics perished on their holy places, in the diocese hundreds of thousands of Catholics nothing will happen out or not like the others. The information is easily spread as today, when only a fraction everywhere witnessed bloodshed, violence, deception, conspiracy taking place directly.

Nghe An provincial government should wake up, do not venture to pioneer an executioner for a regime, is unpopular, is about to collapse because of economic downturn, resource depletion, our people complain .

Above all, the people of Nghe An province regardless of Catholic, non-Catholic or other components should be condemned propaganda, violence, aggression launched by local authorities. Do not lose the arms of the local peace to serve the political purposes of the administration CSVN. The officials, public figures who should be alert in the province to ask the question why thousands of hectares of land in the province into the hands of children of leadership, the group that a few nests feeling good farmland in the parish Ngoc Long the government burned smell to the war. Answer the real question is, will find unacceptable for CSVN get into his local board to serve political intrigue adventurers.

Wish the parish community Church in Vietnam reassured communion face to government persecution to the church Ngoc Long. These organizations and individuals of conscience, of  the social stability, with justice, peace Vietnam as a country fair, democratic please pay attention to the potential uncertainty in this small parish .

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