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Vietnam's communist government threatening women and her child less than 2 years old


             Witnesses of trafficking in persons living in Vietnam

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Article today talking about a life and traumatic events that she Tran Thi Nga, a victim of Labor in Taiwan has suffered. These events also help to clarify and we can understand more clearly and correctly about human trafficking (labor export) a problem which had caused painful for everyone, all, all society, every country in the world in general and Vietnam in particular, backed and abetted from the officers, officials degenerate, immoral communist government of Vietnam. According to reports from the U.S. State Department in 2011, Vietnam 2 consecutive years were classified as type 2 List to Watch. See

http://  Vietnamese. 2011.html 

Communist government of Vietnam does not perform well and are not seriously their responsibilities in combating trafficking in persons, whereas there are government-sponsored action for a number of production cooperatives State exports of labor (related to human trafficking) and when it was uncovered, then continued with retribution, revenge and direct threat to victims of human trafficking is a typical labor victims in Jordan she, Vu Phuong Anh was lucky rescued by Camssa Organization of Dr. Nguyen Dinh Thang, a Coalition to Abolish Slavery (anti-trafficking) in Taiwan and then continued to be threatened by officials of Embassy of Vietnam in Thailand. Ms. Vu Phuong Anh has become a living witness to denounce violations of human rights of the Government of Vietnam in the hearing in U.S. Congress recently on 24-01-2012. Please see:

Now, the Henan government action and intimidation threaten to Tran Thi Nga and her daughter less than two years old again expose the unethical behavior of  Communist government officials of Vietnam. Nga itself, a benefactor of victims of human trafficking with gestures of caring and help in combating human trafficking has become a victim of the communist regime in Vietnam, victims of the staff corruption, unethical ready for personal gain trample on human dignity and human morality and abetting backing for the wicked professional exploitation and personal gain profits on other bodies despite the consequences caused by it, disregard the law, disregard of international law and even despised morality and human life.


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A movie about the life of Tran Thi Nga (1)

26/03/12 3:50 AM

Một đoạn phim về cuộc đời Trần Thị Nga (1)   Many people know to Tran Thi Nga (which in a bulletin, I misspelled Tran Thi Thuy Nga is now applying corrections) is an enthusiastic demonstrations in 2011 summer event. But less known than the arduous life is hard but her meaning.

In 2003, she went to export labor in Taiwan, and was very severe traffic accidents were thought to live without hope. Then she was the compassionate heart of the people that help, taken to the hospital and collected money for her hospital fees, the Father Nguyen Van Hung help, protection. Grateful hearts that, after comming back Vietnam, she has advised many people to help Taiwan procedure is quick, and helps many people claim their rights from being blocked by brokerage company, eat less. Thus, her work has caused "damage" to the broker.

She also helps families who are not relatives may have relatives in Taiwan have an accident, illness, death.

She helped them with her caring and carefree, do not get even one a penny, including travel expenses.

"Because the job to help people in distress like that police of  Vietnam has accused me provided for terrorism, undermining national security" - she wrote.

It is understandable that the terrorist threat that she suffered from thugs and local police in recent years not only because the "crime" to demonstrations that have deeper causes.

Let me turn to introduce some of Tran Thi Nga article for readers to better understand her as a film of her life.

A person who owes the other, do good to others, now she is in misfortune, if   receiving the help of other people as well as justice. This is cause and effect relationship is not reciprocal relationship because she could not pay her the grace to people that have to be someone else, who is not sure she helped support her again that it was the more.



Ms Nga and her child in front of the Thanh Ha Camp to visit Bui Minh Hang, who was arrested "transformation" for demonstrating against the Chinese invaded

I Tran Thi Nga, who is staying in the 8th ward, Hai Ba Trung, Phu Ly town, Ha Nam province. Let me share a story, I picked up by police (CAVN) at  Ha Nam Province, tricked and arrested to the police station, mental torture and threats, affecting the health of a handicapped woman, who has 7 months pregnant. The purpose of this paper is to articulate the dishonest and unscrupulous of Vietnam CAVN in society today.

2003 I went to work in Taiwan in the labor export and a traffic accident was at all broken pelvis and legs. While I was in distress, Assistance Office Worker Bride Vietnam by Father Nguyen Van Hung, director for help. During the time of Father Hung's office help me find a lot of people from Vietnam to Taiwan in need of labor the same as me. Each person having different accidents. Father Hung the whole office staff was very enthusiastic to help us through human suffering. From my heart love for his father and began studying in employee lifestyle, way of working. At the same time I find out Taiwan to the law you can help yourself and help others in the misfortune. This the way that I used to repay all the benefactors helped when I had an accident (including the Radio and Vietnamese).

In July 2008 I returned to Vietnam. I do business to make a living like everyone else. During this time I always wished to look for opportunities to repay those who helped me by helping the families of brothers and sisters working in Taiwan Vietnam distress as they die of accidents work, accidents at work or sick relatives to Taiwan to care. I advise them to do the necessary procedures to apply for visa to be able quickly to Taiwan soon. Since most of their relatives wanted to be arrived in Taiwan but do not know what the paperwork. Meanwhile, the brokerage firm instead of helping working families, they require too high a fee. There have been circumstances brokers ask the families of the victims authorize Brokerage arrangements are provided that do not require or find out whatever related deaths or accidents of relatives in Taiwan. Families of workers usually do not believe in Broker. They asked me to telephone instructions on how to do the paperwork for them to be worried about relatives in Taiwan. I help everyone for free. Never received any one of a coin. All telephone costs, gas money to move, my car by myself.

I was also helping some people who were cheated by broker companies to  return in country after several months of work in Taiwan. The siblings have not been reimbursed back the money that they paid to brokers before leaving Vietnam Vietnam to Taiwanese workers. That amount was up to 6.500 to 7.500 dollars. Under the provisions of the law of Vietnam when the employee must return before the contract, the broker must divide the amount of service charges collected workers into 24 months. Except for costs and expenses already made some months. The remaining amount must be refunded to the employee. However, with the corrupt regime, not transparent, the broker usually just write very little amount on the receipt. For example, Vietnamese brokers only write receipts $ 2.300 dollars to the worker. Meanwhile the workers must pay $ 7,500 dollars. Speaking a different way, workers are no brokerage paid to write the correct amount of receipts. Most receipts are only one way to write lies, never write properly for the amount that workers were paid. Those workers were sent back home after, telephoned to. I have worked to help them reclaim the money that Broker companies want to appropriate.

Because the job to help people in distress like that police of  Vietnam accused me provided terrorism, undermining National Security.

On January 7, 2010, at 8:30 am I was named deputy Public Security (CA) Ward, Hai Ba Trung, name called Quyet ( Quyet Sui) and local police name is Tuan Anh to fool me to the ward police. Two these policemen said to ward police for 15 minutes to do the procedures for temporary residence. When I met two names CAVN of Political Protection Department of Public Security (PBVCT / CAVN) Ha Nam Province and began to summon me to the provincial CA PBVCT for mental torture while my stomach hurt and are brought 7th month pregnant. The torturers my spirits that day, including the names Compliance, Department of Political Security, named Dinh Bich Van deputy head of Political Security, Hai chief of BVCT / CA Ha Nam Province, Truy Ministry police and 4 other police who I do not know the names and positions. They took turns my mental torture, when they yell, scolding, intimidate, threaten to harm my children, my personal family. Sometimes it is a sweet, enticing me to plead guilty. My mental stress, fatigue. My developing baby shake your hands, feet moving, made me upset, abdominal pain, loss. In addition, I worry no one to look after the shop. Because believed in police that just to ward work for 15 ', so I did not ask someone help.

Another form of treatment to women in
 Communist countries

The right to refuse to be asked, mentally oppressed, intimidated, etc.. my respect. My human rights were stripped, trampled by those who CAVN loss, loss of respect for others and indifference to a woman with pregnant as me.

According to me, they do so to my panic, hysteria and spirit and could not continue to help victims of labor exploitation victims. As state representative CAVN torture me like that, indirectly, they want to continue labor brokers are exploited. At the same time the officials are corrupt the huge amount of money brokers, exploitation from sweat, and tears of Vietnamese workers in Taiwan.

Trusting in my good work, I spoke candidly with CA, I only help people in need only. I therefore find themselves unable to commit crime. What about me is that slander guilty of terrorism and sabotage national security, the evidence must be shown, please arrest me and take me to court. Now I must go home to rest and take care of my living. CAVN not hear and yell or make me stop and kept locked in the room. They forced me to continue working with them to break new 12pm and 1pm to continue.

Because the body fatigue, stress, combined with the worry is when the store's entire estate had no caregiver, if I lost all the same have no way to  live. Remembering his father Hung up "when things got tough, stressful mental fatigue sit praying the Lord is always with you." Follow Father Hung taught, I did not answer any more questions of CAVN that sits close my eyes to ask God for blessings and peace for me and child. While the policemen frantically shouting. As expected I was guided by God that telephoned to the doors locked by neighbors help. So I have been assured a job. Then I got a call of two families whose relatives died in an accident in Taiwan for their assistance procedures to Taiwan to take care of the post of danger. Because the phone to guide them so police asked me off the phone, but I did not hear CAVN because I respect and want to help those who are struggling. Only those who had had an accident as I understood the mood of people need help how. By then the Lord give me wisdom and courage to answer CAVN. I said "this is my phone, now I'm helping people in need, no one has the right to prevent me doing good."

I refused to prison eating because I am not a prisoner. They stand guard when I go to the bathroom door. they do not allow me to stand up when the person uncomfortable. At 1.30pm afternoon with a strange name to continue to torture me. It uses sweet words seduce me guilty recommend a member of a terrorist organization by Father Nguyen Van Hung, head of; if I plead guilty will be entitled to leniency. I'm sure in time I was helped by Father's office, I only see Father help those who in need like me, Father help us to eat, for sleeping, these illnesses when we get to the hospital treatment . I do not see Father beating anyone like that so-called terrorists why? If good work is a crime like terrorism, I volunteered to help many more people in distress.

So they turned to go back out again to tempt shouting, forced me to sign the minutes of pleading guilty. I disagree. they made some photo paper or something in (I do not know) with the contents of my resume, and several other papers and said it was evidence of my crime. They asked me to confirm whether it is not my handwriting? I put my request to see the original, I know, just put the paper in this photo or can not be determined (for printing or photo so they can fake letters or edited in the commentary machine). Seven, eight policemen by different mental torture, interrogated me to 5 pm, my body tense tired mind I no longer have the strength to endure anymore but still have to sit in a chair two eyes no longer have to open but still have to hear them tortured.

When the purpose of them have no achieving, they do transfer to film photography, called local police and ward police where I was staying to testify that they announced it I was a member of a terrorist organization, undermining national security.

Then they asked me to sign the minutes of interrogation. Minutes of a segment on them to empty; just write the middle. I am required to write full not empty, (for they will write something else to specified offenses me?), Must sign full name and title of each name CAVN, the name of policeman who torture me, then to me a photocopy, then I read and if they agree, I was signing. Also I ask to give me CAVN summons sheet as proof that they have detained and tortured me from 9am to 5pm. Director CAVN afraid to say and keep winding law is not for me to store things such papers. And I to protect yourself from being tricked into the prison so I determined not to sign those papers that ambiguity.

Before leaving they sure will continue to convene and investigate me until I have to confess, the last time.

A weak woman's foot soft hand, full of back injuries are pregnant while as I have been a bunch of CA's self-proclaimed representatives of the State Party trick tricks my detention in contravention of law law tortured spirit. Since this tortured spirit to always stress, fatigue and fear. Night to sleep for fear flickered. Body fatigue. I get abdominal pain. I was afraid of the torture of CA affect my child who nearly born.

Ha Nam 0h sleep a night on 10/01/2010

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