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Vietnam jailed 2 dissidents on charges of anti-government propaganda


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Government of Vietnam continues to use vague things about the criminal law to arrest and sentencing dissent who against to wrongful act of the regime peacefully. In current context our compatriots abroad, but particularly in the United States is trying to mobilize local administration more attention to the violations of human rights has become increasingly worse in Vietnam, as well required to Obama administration should have specific actions to put pressure on the Hanoi government to respect and fully implement international commitments on human rights through stop immediately all acts of harassment, repression, arrests and illegal detention of people expressing freedom of speech and peaceful, as well as immediate release of all political prisoners, prisoners of conscience and religion in a unconditionally.

So long, the communist government of Vietnam has always invoked reasons of national security and discretion are used to interpret the terms of a vague and unreasonable of Article 258 (abuse of Freedom Democratic rights for infringing the national interest) or as Article 79 (conspiracy to overthrow the government) and the most popular is Article 88 (propaganda against the regime) to excuse and cover up the violation human rights, serious suppression of free speech rights of lawful citizens which are prescribed by the State Constitution and protected by law. In recent years, International has repeatedly criticized the government and asked Vietnam to quickly improve its record on human rights. The U.S. government last year sent several high-level diplomatic missions to Vietnam for talks on human rights, as expressed and clear views of the Washington government in the ancient distress and boost the Democratic Home, Freedom and Human Rights in Vietnam.

While other Asian country Myanmar is gradually change meat closer to the formation of a free society and a democratic country, Vietnam still hung up on the spot the worst human rights records of them if not say that there are human rights setbacks in recent years. Themselves leaders in the party apparatus and the communist state government keeps them in conflict with themselves. On the one hand they are aware that only the Liberal and New Democratic truly sustainable economic development and long-term, truly political stability and social stability as well as the country quickly and people to prosperous and thriving place really. At the same time, Vietnam will have the opportunity to integrate and foothold in the international arena as well as regional. But on the other hand they fear that power and benefits they have possessed so long may lose if the democratization of the country as successful as some countries in the world today.


'Associates of Father Ly' jailed
Update: 10:45 GMT - Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bà Võ Thị Thu Thủy và ông Nguyễn Văn Thanh (ảnh: Báo Nghệ An)
Two guilty of "anti-Party and State"

Nghe An provincial court has sentenced two people in prison for alleged contact with Father Nguyen Van Ly to "anti-Party and State."

Ms. Vo Thi Thu Thuy, 50, was sentenced to five years in prison, and Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, 28, was three years in prison at the hearing on 6/3.

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Nhan Dan newspaper, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party, said Thuy "connection" with the Father Nguyen Van Ly after joining calls for land in Tam Toa parish, Quang Binh province in 2009.

'Spreading materials '

The newspaper of the Communist Party continued: "Thuy several times in Hue and Nguyen Van Ly provide multiple documents, three CDs with $ 1,900 for printing and distributing content data against the Party and State . "

Father Ly was sentenced to eight years in prison in 2007, after joining established 8406, is considered one of the few democratic movement was first formed in water.

He was temporary reprieve for convalescence in March 2010 in the General Bishop of Hue.

But last year, after a year of treatment, Father Ly was sent back to prison, leaving the United States and other international organizations also appealed for his release.

The indictment in the court hearing on 6/3 said Thuy Nguyen Van Thanh had the same "involved the printing and distributing printed material in the province of Nghe An province."

Nhan Dan newspaper reported the two defendants "confessed his crimes and expressed remorse, repentance."

December last year, Nghe An court has sentenced two dissident character other Ho Thi Bich Khuong was her five years in prison and Nguyen Trung Ton 2 years prison for 'propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam' under Article 88 of the Penal Code.

Charges of 'propaganda against the state' has been used for government jailed many dissident, but human rights organizations have criticized as "vague and often arbitrary interpretations."

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