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Hai Phong leaders self-criticism - Where is Justice?


                 Speaking of the Party Secretary of Hai Phong city in the club "Bach Dang"
                 contrary conclusion of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on violations 
                 of government all levels in the enforcement of land to Mr. Vuon's family.

                  THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE

Do minhtuyen

The case forced illegal land serious consequences of Tien Lang district authorities to family Doan Van Vuon by government at all levels performing tricks after the conclusion and the direction from the Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. With a series of serious mistakes in the management, administration and implementation of policies on land law not only cause serious consequences and losses on assets and spiritual of people, but also contribute to social instability, pushing people to the right place for resistance to unwanted government. Violation of the law and trample on legal rights and legitimate interests of the people and how to overcome the unfavorable consequences, not honest from governments at all levels including government leaders Hai Prevention and Tien Lang district has lost the expectations and beliefs of the people left for the government.

After a series of comments and criticism from a number of generals and leaders of state governments in Vietnam, retired, senior officials including the ideas of revolutionary leaders who have ever previously held the important position in the apparatus of government as General Le Duc Anh, former State President Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Professor Dang Hung Vo former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources that makes Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung have into action. Conclusion of the head of the government apparatus when claimed for the enforcement of land in Tien Lang district, including governments at all levels of Hai Phong City and Tien Lang district has violated the law. This fully meets public expectations of the people expect and partly to help people have little faith in justice and the law ...

But joy is not full of people in whole country continues to witness a series of legal actions disregard of government at all levels starting from the highest leaders of Hai Phong city government, Mr. Secretary Nguyen Van Thanh with the remarks irresponsible and immoral to several hundred government officials, senior officials revolutionary generals at the club .... "Bach Dang" on February 17, 2012 that was contrary to the conclusions of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. Mr. Thanh not only strive to protect all violations of city government and administration of Hai Phong Tien Lang district, but also strongly criticized the comments of two senior officials of state is President Le Duc He and Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dang Hung Vo Professor. According to Thanh, the leaders had not sided with the party and government and opinion leaders is also the source bad precedent for all the criticism from the government organ, transmission Public and press in the country ....

Handling results in Tien Lang and then report to the Prime Minister today 30 -03-2012 of Hai Phong city authorities and Tien Lang district administration has made many people disappointing. Staff on handling errors in the wrong coercive land to family Doan Van Vuon, except the two leaders as president and vice president of People's Committee of Tien Lang district was dismissed, the whole  remaining staff only dealt with discipline or reprimand self-criticism that no one of them was demoted or prosecuted under the law. Another type of action raised to quietly defused the public burning. While victims of unlawful coercion, a victim of disregard legal action and immoral from the corrupt leaders, and metamorphic degeneration is Mr. Vuon and family continued being detention and their legal rights had not been restored or interested by government at all levels. The ruling way of communist government of Vietnam at present like that how could make people be pleasure? and how could make people believe that there's a fair society in the communist regime and bring happiness, prosperity and true prosperity for people and for the Vietnam country.


Hai Phong leaders 'self-criticism'

Update: 03:26 GMT - Friday, March 30, 2012

Ảnh từ báo Dân Trí

Enforcement services in Tien Lang had shocked
 public opinion, but looks are 'sinking boat'

Haiphong informed the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the city received self-criticism in the form responsible for the enforcement in Tien Lang district.

According to the report, 50 personnel and 25 organizations, has been disciplined units, mainly in the form of criticism, reprimand.

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Many people believe that the survey results, the city will be reporting to the Prime Minister, announced aggressive but seems too light.

Review, chided

The two most senior figures are prompted for name, chairman of Haiphong People's Committee Duong Anh Dien and Vice Chairman Do Trung Thoai, were themselves responsible for a review meeting on 27/3.

Statements of Haiphong, said 17 people in Tien Lang district were reviewed and discipline.

In particular, the president and vice president of the district was sacked in February. Those left to review or receive a warning.

At the city level, 33 people were "conducting a deep point, consider this a lesson to learn from experience," according to a press release.

Party Civil Affairs Committee of Haiphong People's Committee received a reprimand, and two leaders of the Department of Natural Resources - Environment also blamed.

Hai Phong will send this report to Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, who chaired the meeting Monday 10/2 to clarify requirements for land acquisition coercive family Doan Van Vuon.

Mr. Vuon, and three other family members were being prosecuted, detained on charges of murder.

'Not satisfactory'

Immediately after news of Haiphong discipline is made, many people criticized.

On the home page

  Press Nguoi Lao Dong   , the comments section, a reader wrote: " dismiss and to review with staff to make the people more and more contempt for the behavior of the staff together."

Another person irony: "I propose to review and withdraw Reaching deep experience always, of love so new rational!"

On the individual,

A blogger
 with pseudonymous Cu Lang Cat, said: " Hai Phong announced 'self treatment' in 89 minutes, but really it is not a final result, because at the central level not comments yet and still unsatisfactory.

Page 'left margin',

Dân Làm Báo, , criticism: "The officials, party members still trying to cover up mistakes to each other through gentle discipline."

Before that, today 28/3 Tien Lang district inspector has published the results of some investigation of his crimes Doan Van Vuon in agricultural land use.

Tien Lang district inspector offer wife of Doan Van Vuon and Doan Van Quy, is  Nguyen Thi Thuong and Pham Thi Hien come in their offices Quang Vinh commune to work.

At the meeting, the district inspection announced four violations of Mr. Vuon on the basis of the Commission's material and documents of the bank that they collect.

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