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Vietnam: Da Nang coercive pressure on Con Dau parish


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While government leaders of Vietnam are focusing ranks of party members in the direction of the amendment and rectification under Resolution 4 of the party central committee, then any consequences arising from the return of land including Religion and the country people still ignored and tends to sink as in the case Doan Van Vuon at Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city, despite the conclusions and the direction from the Prime Minister. This shows that the majority of key staff, in power and backed umbrella still prove bureaucratic and disregard national discipline led to skepticism in the hearts of people and international public opinion. Leaders of Vietnam's communist government really want to correct, rectify the ranks of leading cadres and stop the coal corrupt, degenerate leadership in government at all levels or not?

Domestic and international public opinion as well as International is expressing concern about the current situation in the Con Dau parish. Danang authorities have continued provocations and implementation of a new round of repression in order to appropriate notes remaining land of hundreds of households cling firmly in the land that their ancestors had owned for hundreds of years. Con Dau  events occurred in 2010 when the government used a large armed force to suppress, brutally beaten that many lay people were injured, including a lay parish of Con Dau, he Thomas Nguyen Thanh Nam were beaten and tortured to death by police has created a wave of domestic and international outrage. Many lay people involved in the fight for land takeover of the government then has been harassed, threatened to lead each other across the border fled for asylum abroad to preserve life and avoid reprisals from the communist government of Vietnam.

For more than a year, scars of the laity in the parish of Con Dau has not healed, then again, who lay suffering may have to continue to endure a new crackdown, a threat New threats from Da Nang city authorities. Request of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung to the ministries and departments concerned with the authority to review regulations related to inadequate land and if necessary, to modify the Constitution appropriate to the situation and needs related to land now in the country only as a transient breeze to ease and remove fuses storing up resentment in the hearts of people throughout the country in general and people in the district Tien Lang in particular. The law is not strict, or that there is a greater force behind his Prime Minister?

Parish Con Dau is at risk of permanently deleted and drop the laity also are faced with waves of new violent repression of their lives may be threatened. This is no longer merely the land grabs of people but real purpose is to prevent from government and stifle religious freedom of people in the parish of Con Dau wiped in order to narrow the scope of the Catholic Church. Action of Da Nang city authorities were serious violations of human rights need to be international condemnation. The laity in particular Con Dau and fellow parishioners and abroad generally have unanimously spoken out against the wrong policies of the government of Da Nang city. The event shocked the country on land confiscation in Tien Lang district is the example and the most effective motivation for people in country to follow and ask the government to respect the truth, justice and respect for human rights and the legitimate interests of the people.


Vietnam: Da Nang coercive pressure on Con Dau parish

Công an Đà Nẵng dọa bắt giáo dân Cồn Dầu

Da Nang Police arrested parishioners threatened Con Dau
Tu Anh

From 2010 to now, Con Dau parishioners by the pressure from government for sale cheap land to real estate company. Consequence of the repressive measures as a death, a number of sentenced prisoners, many lay people have fled to Thailand refugee. In recent days, police threatened the family and determined to cling ordered priests to preach for three months. Public suspected the hand of the Mafia.

Catholic agency Asia News said Con Dau parish at Cam Le district, Da Nang province prepared to wait for a new round of repression.

Police threatened to forcibly deport those who resisted forced to give 10 acres for a housing company to build the resort.

In recent days, government officials and police had to take home the parishioners refused to implement coercive order issued two years ago.

In 2010, Da Nang City authorities ordered the destruction of churches and cemeteries of Con Dau parish founded 135 years ago to build hotels and entertainment venues.

News by promises of compensation and resettlement help of the government, and by pressure, about 200 families agreed to leave. But according to sources from the parish, the last two years they have not the land, no house.

Therefore, the remaining 100 families are definitely not go anywhere.

Laity for more Asia News in Sunday Mass, Father Nguyen Tan Luc had to inform parishioners that he might have to sign papers «move the cross», then, bulldozers will san by graves.

Parishioners also expressed concern for the priest pastors. They questioned affordable Bishop Chau Ngoc Tri been «pressure» to authorize priest Nguyen Tan Luc settlement with the government? Or there are other underlying causes?

According to the report on the «Queen of Justice», the investor group tourism in Con Dau has many subsidiaries «specialized type of smuggled goods" over the line «Vietnam black society in Ukraine».

The dispute with parishioners not ended, the pain has land for sale with prices 30 times higher compensation for victims of coercion.


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