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HRW concern about the imprisonment of eight Hmong at Dien Bien, Vietnam


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The trial and sentencing of ethnic minority Hmong people participated in demonstrations against religious repression and land grabs by governments Vietnamese communist state in the event 'Muong Nhe "in 2011 was really of concern from the International Human Rights Organization. Human Rights Organizations, Human Rights Watch (HRW) in the United States said that while people reported by the media in the country is not equipped weapons and were faced with a powerful force up to a thousand people, including police and military armament, guns and ammunition with the helicopters support to attack ethnic minorities Hmong cause of dozens of tragic death of innocent civilians can not be found guilty of the participants of this demonstration.

According also received from the organization Human Rights Watch, the act who sentenced eight ethnic Hmong of Vietnam government seems to exercise simply because they express their views and gather peacefully, the basic rights of people  is regulated and protected by law, the State Constitution and international law. Religious persecution, prejudice the right of free speech and assembly as well as seize land illegally for the people and the religious establishment is a widespread phenomenon and lasted for decades are increasingly tarnish the image of a friendly country of Vietnam, peace and beauty in the eyes of international community. The policy, guidelines, and policies dictatorship, autocratic rulers in Hanoi are gradually pushing the country closer to the edge of a cliff, causing instability and social chaos, creating a large gap between government and the people and pushed more and more people came to confront the government.

Most of people in country have lost faith in the law, in government and they were skeptical even before the promises to change and reorganize within the party and government apparatus according to the resolution of the central 4 Committees. Living under the harsh rule and the regime's immoral atheist communist past decades, people have consciously and truly poignant about what is the call of a socialist country beautiful, a social fair civilization, and a reconciliation policy, national reconciliation ..... People are no longer optimistic with empty promises and lies from the leaders of party and government of Vietnam. Tien Lang case was an obvious lesson that, words and deeds of leaders and government officials in Vietnam's communist regime did not go together, this leads to domestic human rights on a worse than ever.


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 Thursday, March 15, 2012
HRW concern about the imprisonment of eight Hmong at Dien Bien, Vietnam
Tra Mi-VOA

Ông Phil Robertson, Giám đốc phụ trách khu vực Châu Á của tổ chức Human Rights Watch

Figure: HRW
Mr. Phil Robertson, Director for Asia of
 the organization Human Rights Watch

To monitor international human rights Human Rights Watch expressed concern about the imprisonment of eight Vietnam Hmong in last year's unrest in Muong Nhe in Dien Bien.

Of the eight defendants were sentenced Monday 13/3 for the crime of assaulting a police officer and incite others gathered to demand establishment of an independent nation 'has 2 people with 30 months in prison and 6 recipients 24 months in prison.

Mr. Phil Robertson, director of HRW Asia, told VOA in Vietnamese:

"Vietnam government banned the press or independent observers to Muong Nhe to investigate the reported serious human rights violations in the incident here last year to provide information dimensional case, that cause doubt, do not know actually who was convicted but sentenced to do so. Vietnam press when news of the loan does not even speak the Hmong equipped weapons. Our concern is that this Hmong imprisoned only because enforcement of basic human rights is to express their views and peaceful gatherings which are internationally recognized. "

Vietnam government accused the Hmong overseas mastermind gatherings of thousands of people in Muong Nhe Mongolia in late April to early May 2011 requires the establishment of "autonomous Hmong kingdom."

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