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Protest letter to protest Communist authorities persecuted Catholics Group of Father Nguyen Kim Dien

Rev. Tadeo Nguyễn Văn Lý            Rev. Peter Phan Văn Lợi

Rev. Stephen Chân Tín                      Rev. Peter Nguyễn Hữu Giải

             THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE

Dear compatriots and to the Catholic faithful in Vietnam and abroad. Please help spread and translated into foreign languages ​​to broad public opinion.
We sincerely thank you.
Father Nguyen Kim Dien Group, Vietnam.

Protest letter to protest Communist authorities persecuted Catholics
 Group of Father Nguyen Kim Dien

- Our fellow Vietnam and abroad.
- Our Brothers and Sisters Faithful Catholics in Vietnam.

            On 28-2-2012, the Vatican Press Office announced joint statement on the 3rd meeting of Working Group Vietnam in Hanoi and the Vatican in two days 27 and 28-2-2012. In the statement which reads: "The delegation stressed that Vietnam State of Vietnam has always done and continue to improve policies and ensure respect for freedom of belief and religion of the people" .... "In addition, both parties made reference to the teaching of Pope Benedicto 16 on the living Gospel in the heart of country, and his remarks about Catholics well as a good citizen."
            1 - In fact, recently, there have been many cases proved Communist government of Vietnam continues to persecute religion in general and Catholicism in particular, that Pope Benedict 16th called 03-2012 Italian missionaries in this month: "May the Holy Spirit gives grace to those who persevere, especially in Asia, being discriminated against, persecuted and killed for the name of Christ" and Radio Vatican to speak the Vietnamese language on 24-02-2012: "Agreement mind with Catholics throughout the world, we earnestly pray for the grace of the Holy Spirit for believers endure discrimination, persecution and murdered for Christ, especially in Asia and especially in Vietnam. " Under these circumstances, Father Nguyen Kim Dien team we stated:
            a-condemn the Communist authorities in Vinh Long province has decided to invest 60 billion (through Dispatch No. 3518 dated 21-12-2011) to upgrade the Center for Youth Activities (OSO 75 Nguyen Hue, Ward 2, Vinh Long city). The center served as the basis Seminary of the Diocese of Vinh Long, but was occupied from 1977 to transform into places of entertainment of youth and children's teams Communist, now Bishop Nguyen Van Tan claim to "serve as a basis to meet the needs of pastoral training for priests, monks and more than 200,000 parishioners" of the Diocese (through Letters of complaint dated 24-05-2011). But Communist authorities despite legitimate demands and rights of private ownership of these activities of the Diocese.
            This behavior is blatantly land grabs religious establishment and strict limits activities of the Church in faith conspiracy to decline.
            b-condemn the Communist authorities in Nghe An province, from late July until late December 2011, has in turn arrested 13 Catholic Diocese of Vinh Chu Manh Son, Dang Xuan Dieu, Dau Van Duong Hoang Phong, Ho Duc Hoa, Ho Van Oanh, Nguyen Dinh Cuong, Nguyen Van Browse, Nguyen Van Oai, Nguyen Xuan Anh, Thai Van Dung, Tran Huu Duc, Tran Minh Nhat, 3 Catholics concerned Redemptorist with Tran Vu Binh An, Le Van Son and Ta Phong Tan. Most of them were abducted by police catch cold, and as of today, nine people have been charged with charges of "activities aimed at overthrowing the people's government" and three people accused of "propagating against his house. " We also strongly condemn the Communist authorities in Nghe An province, on 06-03-2012, was sentenced to 5 years and 3 years in prison for two Laity Diocese of Vinh Vo Thi Thu Thuy (vice president Tam Toa Parish Council), and Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, called on charges of "propaganda against the state."
            This is the act of trampling on civil and political rights of citizens, because in addition to kidnap illegally, two counts of "activities aimed at overthrowing the people's government" and the three accused "propaganda against the state 'there is no democracy in the legal institutions of human civilization and totally opposed to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which Vietnam has committed to uphold. In addition, the imprisonment of the said parishioners, who also lived the enthusiasm, the kind of repression and flexing of the authorities of Vinh diocese is the Redemptorists and the Catholic community are two prominent mental defend truth and reason.
            c-condemn the Communist authorities Kon Tum province, dated 22-02-2012, has sent three thugs underground-which are all prisoners on probation case reformatory mercantilist-type priest Louis Gonzaga Nguyen Quang Hoa Kon Tum Diocese, was on his way back to the priest after Mass for a Christian burial in the village of Kon Hnong, Hring Dak, Dak Ha district. This speculative basis, because a day earlier, the commune People's Committee has announced that the pastoral of Reverend Nguyen Quang Hoa locally as "illegal, violating the law" and threatened to "firmly dealt with."
            This is the infringement of freedom of religion, based on two legal documents is absurd injustice Ordinance on religious beliefs of the 21 in 2004 and Decree No. 22 of 2005 (which is being revised draft harsher direction, and more with the tough police lieutenant Pham Dung has set as its head Religious Affairs). Also, this is the type of flexing of the government threatened to leaders Kon Tum Diocese Bishop Michael Hoang Duc Oanh, who is the Good Shepherd faces and courageous prophet.
            d-condemn the Communist authorities of Da Nang city continue plans wiped Con Dau parish, Cam Le district, forcing the faithful to place full precarious resettlement, land grab farms, the house and cemetery of the laity to sell to Sun Group which project urban riparian ecology Xuan Hoa. This behavior continued cover for acts of violence against small religious community here since 2010: as forced displacement, blocking funeral, assault arrested, tortured to death, harassed life , sentenced to prison, leaving many parishioners have fled abroad refugees. The government has defied the legitimate aspirations of the laity is to be gathered around the church to live the peace of mind, was kept sacred graveyards of our ancestors and made a living with his father to farms back.
            This is an act of deprivation of legitimate ownership of the land of farmers based on the principle of unjust, unreasonable and deception: "The land belongs to the people represented by the state property" stated in the 1993 Land Law (with amendments), which has caused miserable for millions of farmers throughout the country. Also, this is also in merger plan distribution (or dispersion wiped veteran Catholic parishes) had long since the Da Nang authorities.
            2 - Pope Benedict 16, dated 27-6-2009 in training from the Vietnam Episcopal Council, has been labeled as: "A good Christian is a good citizen." With experience in his native Germany and throughout the former Eastern Europe, the Pope knew that the dictatorship Communist atheistic materialism, where civil rights are trampled, the Political Rights of stripped, the Exclusive Economic manipulated, the right to be disdainful of Social, Cultural rights are overlooked, where has no religious freedom, free speech, free assembly, free elections , freedom of association ... is there's only courtier or slave did not have citizens! Consequently as we understand, the message of the Pope is a mandate that Catholics of Vietnam let go to build up their rights and  for people.
            According to the demands of the Gospel and social teachings of the Church, building citizen rights in the communist dictatorship,
            - For the clergy and monks to have political attitudes (instead of their political activities are not allowed to consider the vocation). That attitude is wrong to speak out to expose and denounce the crimes of the government, is to announce the truth and probably not before protecting society as a whole, is to defend the poor human rights and help the share her low human mouth, is to educate and advise on issues of Laity justice of peace, social and political. This was implied in the apostolic exhortation The Church in Asia No. 33: "The Synod Synod knew the continuous violations of human rights in many parts of the world, and especially in Asia, where "millions of people are suffering due to discrimination, exploitation, poverty and exclusion". They assert that the people in Asia need to understand the inevitable challenges and not removed, attached to the defense of human rights and promoting justice and peace "
            - For the Parishioners to have political action (by vocation to live in the life), as certified by the apostolic exhortation The Church in Asia No. 45: "As witness to the Gospel in every area of ​​life social life, the laity can play a unique role in the eradication of injustice and oppression. " Action is not the attitude as the clergy and monks above but also engaging with political citizenship-Catholic spiritual development through street demonstrations to show their patriotism and raised the legitimate demands for the government, through the establishment of or participation patterns and organizations fighting for human rights and democracy, justice and truth-peaceful way, to the value This early recovery in the homeland.
            Finally, we pray God to all Catholics Vietnam Posts endure the persecution of the Communist authoritarian state with a heart of forgiveness and courage to struggle invisible mode Communist spirit with fierce willpower.

           Speaking in Vietnam on May 12, 2012 03
            Representatives from Father Nguyen Kim Dien

- Father Stephen Chan Tin, Redemptorists in Saigon
- Father Pierre Nguyen Huu Giai, the Archdiocese of Hue.
- Father Peter Phan Van Loi, Bac Ninh diocese

with the communion of Father Nguyen Van Ly Tadeo, imprisoned in South Vietnam.

 ******  Appendix *****
Church political nature
The message of the Swiss Bishops' Conference
Switzerland's National Day, 1-08-2011

Dan Abbot Martin Werlen OSB

            Church is not partisan politics, but sided with the people and for the people. Commitment to the Church faithful to the Gospel, not only with a certain party. In the message dated eighth, German abbot Martin Werlen Denmark, on behalf of the Swiss Bishops' Conference, explained why the Church is also a political nature.
            Stay on top ...
            Church obviously political nature, leading even ... Many people were too quick to forget this. The vast majority of Swiss people who have been baptized. They are members of the ecclesial community. As citizens of this country, they are called to vote, they involve themselves in politics. Many people are baptized take responsibility in State level, by promoting efforts for the common good, with the understanding and conscience.
            ... and at many levels
            Usually occurs as associations and organizations of the Church, as well as the Commission of Bishops 'Conference or the Bishops' Conference, said about politics. We heard the leaders of associations and committees, as well as those engaged in pastoral or members of the Council of bishops publicly expressed their opinions some political agenda.
            What about party politics? Yes and no
            The Church with capacity the church does not interfere in party politics. However, every party are based on the commitment of the faithful. All parties have raised legitimate issues and bring these issues into the political debate. Christians engaged in the debate called for political good of all, as believers, independent of nationality, religion, sex, age and health.
            Church is not partisan politics, but the Church of their choice. All men and women who announce the Gospel sided to the people. All human beings must be true right to life, find the fullness of life (see John 10.10). Church sided with those who have no voice. Church sided with the downtrodden dignity - when the fetus, the disabled, the sick or age, or foreigners. Church sided with the people who not as an equal, but as objects. Church calls for solidarity where people need other people for help. Church to demand justice for all people as the foundation of peace and commitment to all people enjoy fair and social protection, speak up where there's people selfishly enrich on the others. Church commitment to their families, for education and create, promote the development of a responsible attitude to the creation and resources. There are many challenges the Church to speak in public opinion, if you want to be faithful to his mission.
            Involve people
            Church there is no solution for all of those things. But the Church can and want to contribute to finding good solutions. Thanks to the Catholic dimension (= global), the Church has experienced a great treasure. Churches have a habit of looking out the boundaries. Church is the first part put people to ask specific of people into the political debate. Church constantly reminded that if the only economic development that is not enough, there are other aspects to consider. It involves the whole person. To every human being.
            Serving the integration
            Church is not a parallel society. Church in the midst of life - the people. Church's vocation is to become men-for the salvation of man, for the salvation of the world. Just because the Church is found in all cultures, classes of people, field workers, political parties, the next generation, so the Church has a special power integration. Church can gather around a table with people who have opinions and different world views, to the fight for fair solutions in a spirit of mutual respect.
            Proclaiming the Gospel
            In doing so, the Church faithful to work for the Gospel, in a living tradition. The Church has learned many things from the mistakes of the past - even connecting to political. When engaged, the Church have to pay justice not for the vote, which for the Gospel, his self-direction is not in the world but in spirit Jesus Christ. Who centered in Jesus Christ will put themselves to the challenges of the present and meet the specific person. Who lives in communion with God can not be indifferent to his fellow man.
            Thank you
            In the name of the Swiss Bishops' Conference, I would like to express sincere gratitude and blessing for everyone: all of you who were baptized and where political commitment to our country; the Participants in the poll and vote follow understanding and his conscience; those who actively seek good solutions; the constant prayer for the present and the future of our country. Thank you very much. May the Church in our country to continue existing political - leader and at different levels.

            Fribourg / Einsiedeln, July 2011
            Abbot Martin Werlen OSB,
            Thua commissioned the Swiss Bishops' Conference
            (Source: Swiss bishops' conference)
            Joseph Nguyen transition

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