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U.S. opposed Vietnam arrests dissident teacher Dinh Dang Dinh


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Editorials reflect official views of the U.S. government protested the arrest for his illegal Dinh Dang Dinh, a dissident teacher in 10-2011 on charges of alleged "Activity propaganda against the state "that was consistent policy of the United States in supporting and the call for a democratic progress in Vietnam. In recent years, the Hanoi government has increased the campaign of harassment, repression, arrests and illegal detention of the dissidents, writers, journalists, bloggers and activists Catholic youths to quell any opposition that follow government's consideration they are dangerous elements that can cause harm to the regime and the country ruled by dictatorial leadership of the Party and state government of Vietnam.

Above the crack faces fierce opposition from public opinion at home and abroad, as well as receiving highly critical mass and heavy from the International Human Rights Organization and many countries around the world including the United States and many countries of the European community. Many countries especially the U.S. government has expressed concern about the increasing repression of peaceful voices of people in the country as well as the interpretation of a vague and arbitrary way of Vietnamese communist government of the so-called "national security" through the indiscriminate use and spread of Article 258, Article 79 and Article 88 of the Criminal Code with allegations such as abuse of democratic freedoms harm the national interest (Article 258) or as a conspiracy to overthrow the government (Article 79) and finally the application and also the most common charges: propagation against the regime (Article 88).

The ambiguity in the law to criminal law said the state government on Vietnam using an arbitrary and unreasonable to legalize the action of repression and arrest people when they stand up protest for wrongful acts of government expressed by free speech rights of their legal and legitimate. Religious freedom and free speech are the two most sacred rights of the people have been prescribed by the State Constitution and protected by law. But the sacred and legitimate rights of the people that state government of Vietnam was a blatant trampling mercilessly. Apart from the arbitrary use of vague about the criminal law in order to cover legitimate excuse and cover up acts of sins, the Hanoi government also used the media to power distorted the truth and conceal all information to easily cheat to citizens domestic and international.


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 Wednesday, March 7, 2012

U.S. opposed his case Dinh Dang Dinh

U.S. State Department recently published editorials reflect official views of his case Dinh Dang Dinh.

Ông Đinh Đăng Định, trước đây là giáo viên trường trung học phổ thông Lê Quý Đôn, huyện Tuy Đức, bị khởi tố với tội danh 'tuyên truyền chống Nhà nước'

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Figure: danlambao
Mr. Dinh Dang Dinh, a former high school teacher Le Quy Don school
 district Tuy Duc prosecution on charges of "propaganda against the State '

Although Vietnam and the United States to expand cooperation areas and depth in relationships, the United States remains concerned about the progress on human rights continued deposition in Vietnam.

The laws with vague rhetoric is designed to protect national security have been used to intimidate, and in many cases, have been used to imprison religious activists and political moderates.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other U.S. officials made it clear that should have made significant progress in ending this behavior to be able to build closer relations between the two countries.

One of the recent events on human rights violations is the imprisonment of several months, Mr. Dinh Dang Dinh through a school teacher in the Central Highlands and denounce his crime with the "active propaganda against the State . "

Mr. Dinh, 49, was arrested in October and police detention since then. He has written articles questioning the government about allowing bauxite mining in the area of ​​environmental sensitivity in the central highlands.

He was invited on the authorities to work and they said they found in his laptop hundreds of pages with content that they call "against the government." The article also his disdain The Communist Party Vietnam and ethics of Ho Chi Minh.

U.S. concerned about his arrest The allegations related to his articles on the net.

U.S. urges Vietnam to respect free speech rights for all Vietnamese people, including the right to express political opinions and the right to criticize government policies.

* The editorial "against the case of Mr. Dinh Dang Dinh " reflect the official views of the U.S. government

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