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Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 142 (01-03-2012)

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Dear to You, Our Supporters, Our Readers semi-monthly magazine Freedom of Speech 142, release date 01-03-2012, the semicircular editorial san.Xin thank you received and abetting common, especially popular back in the country for dear compatriots.

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                The storm bird Wings!

Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 142 (01-03-2012)

            1 - «Doan Van Vuon. Tien Lang wind blew him across the country. Take life to keep the rice fields. When the government become bandits. From being eel. He opened fire first. To be human. Land of people blood and tears. Why robbers rob on to sweat? ... Prime Minister had to come in Hai Phong to defused. Farmers were pushed to the wall. Hurricanes and storm volume compression God angry ... »This is full spirit poetry of the writer Tran Manh Hao, highlighting two peasant hero Doan Van Vuon -  Doan Van Quy as the fuses to active the bomb, the bird's wing of storm- petrel. Indeed, anger hurricane formed from the sowing the oppression wind of Ho Chi Minh and are accumulated by how behavioral policies and plunder (from matter to spirit) of the Communist Party for nearly 60 years, in a very near future would flare into the storm. Indeed, the fuze that Nguyen Tan Dung wanted  to remove on date 10-02 was reattat by evil bully group and the local government a few days later through fraudulent claims spoofish, disregard superiors, slandered and defamed to the public by city party comittee secretary «Google.Tien Lang» at the Bach Dang club, or through both acts thus leeding gangsters to repress, destroy the house of people and just handle the process an application for hearing victims of police by the pig face colonel. Fuze is also being echoed by the crowd of oppression inferiors, group «the local God» all over the country, leaving many other storm birds wing to Doan Van Gardens also appear. Such delegations petitioners to waist another continent on the Communist Party's lair: "Today 28-02-2012, hundreds of farmers from Duong Noi (Ha Dong - Ha Noi) and Van Giang (Hung Yen) file before meeting headquarters of the Fatherland Front (Hanoi) against forcible land status, clearing the cemetery. In the last week, the petitioners Duong Noi, Van Giang worked with farmers in Dak Nong was towed to the capital required to solve the fateful locally. In Nam Dinh, many farmers have protested in front of the provincial government headquarters on 24-02. According to information from Hanoi, farmers claim the rally turned into a rally today on the Ba Trieu street and said they would take action «strong as Doan Van Vuon» if not to be heard »(RFI, 28-02 -2012).
            The farmers were robbed of land, together with the farmers for the loss of land use rights next year, when the 20-year term with armor set arbitrarily by the so-called «Land Law» full of unfair and unreasonable Communist and fraud, is the predicted bird rushing hurricane would wipe out (probably in the blood) the central evil corporations which had only one question hangs in the Constitution that rob millions of hectares land of farmers and the evil corporations and local capital have become the great landowners also took over the brutal and cruel feudal colonialism (if not the Communist Party quickly abandoned or radically revised land law This belt).
            2 - A storm bird wing flew in the sky other stuffy area of ​​the country and also overseas wingspan. Vietnamese artist Khang It is with these two songs: "Where is my Vietnam?» And «Who are you? 'And with the months in solitary confinement indefinitely Communist prison. The words of him although simple, rustic but struck the Lac Hong grandchildren, has evoked indignation where people care about the cruelty of a dominant group has lost human emotions, gratitude fellow and human nature: "Please, who are you? Why arrest me? I do something wrong? Please ask who are you? Why beat me, not a little mercy? Ask who are you? Not for me to the streets to express. Love this country, this nation has so much bitterness ... ». The words also evoked affliction where ancestors anxious about the risk Dragon domination and genocide at the hands of foreign enemies rob country and interior enemies who sale country: "... I can not sit still . When Vietnam country is reclining. My people going to be engulfed . A thousand years or constant darkness. I can not sit still. For later descendants would be people. Where the source when the world is no longer in Vietnam ». Vietnam Khang bird wing is causing storms of more than 100,000 signatures of the Vietnamese refugee community in the United States and many more in future storms in the refugee community abroad as well as many other effects on the way Hanoi's relations with democratic governments.
            Of course, along with Vietnamese prisoners Khang, many other prisoners of conscience are the storm wings that causing a stir public outrage, is to expose all of the human rights of the Group begrime Ba Dinh that are raising numerous interventions and campaigning for their freedom, are evoked the patriotic movement organizations fight to dissolve one-party dictatorship. What is the Tran Huynh Duy Thuc, the Nguyen Hoang Quoc Hung, the Do Thi Minh Hanh, Pham Thanh offer these, the Tran Anh Kim, the Vi Duc Hoi, the Bui Thi Minh Hang, the Nguyen Xuan Nghia, the Cu Huy Ha Vu etc. and so on ...
            3 - In the realm of religion be also not insufficient the storm birds. After the storm bird wing is trapped in a cage at a monastery in Ninh Binh (by hand in and hand out) is Archbishop Joseph Ngo Quang Kiet of Hanoi, another storm birt wing, Bishop Michael Hoang Duc Oanh has ever appeared with many outspoken critics speech mode, despite many actions of government restrictions, more profound gesture of communion with the victims of oppression, many proper conduct as a shepherd the flock that is ready for experimental network. Wings that have long been made difficulties in many ways and has recently been flexing Kon Tum through false government thugs hurt one of his subordinates, Father Nguyen Quang Hoa after a 24-02 day trip for celebrating Mass. Many other storm bird wing appeared long ago in himself, Thich Quang Do, a Nobel Peace Prize candidate, who is locked in a cage «Thanh Minh Zen Monastery», in himself, Father Nguyen Van Ly, Sakharov human rights prize candidates, which are locked in cages «Nam Ha Kim Bang ', which itself Pastor Duong Kim Khai, soldiers of the petitioners, who are locked up in cages« Ben Tre prison', where the Hoa Hao constantly oppressed to the point of self-immolation declared ready to regain religious freedom (cf. newsletter on 24-02-2012 Free Asia), where a religious community, Redemptorist (now called public Redemptorists for specific country), which has been loudly voiced way for justice, for human rights in Saigon and Hanoi, as well as many times was revenge on the body and basic, from government who specialized used thugs and hooligans nature.
            The storm bird wings from the religious that is causing panic in Hanoi, Nguyen Tan Dung of the instant speed to put a general of police (Pham Dung) as the new head of religion and a warning from Ba Dinh recently (cf. Free Asia on 28-02-2012): "The Government of Vietnam warned managers of religion and government at all levels not to the occurrence of hot spots on religion in 2012. Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has directed this at a conference held in Hanoi on Wednesday (28-2). The conference report in 2011 that requires the issue of class action basis, and land ownership of the religion was less intense. The report also said that "had a breakthrough in the management of the state to limit the abnormal growth of Protestantism in Vietnam". Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc noted that in 2012 the sector, religious work will have many changes. According to him, ethnic issues and religion can be anything that he calls "the reactionary enemy forces" continue to oppose the advantage of the State ».
            4 - It should also be considered the storm bird wing as the innocent victim who has died from the hands of police, the types of new arrogant soldiers, but after many months of the date still does not require the justice and is causing a wave of hate in all parts of any people. It was Mr Nguyen Cong Nhut, with so-called «Institute of the Supreme People's Procuracy» slander eventually committed suicide in police station in Binh Duong, Trinh Xuan Tung that is, only «absolve» with a light sentence for Hanoi named lieutenant colonel who beat his neck broken, that is Le Xuan Dung and Le Huu Nam in Thanh Hoa allegedly died because of «random shots ', and almost a hundred other victims of the forces« exist party, exist us ». All are creating a groundswell, a cloud of charged particles, a detonator active bomb. As in any poem of the poet Nguyen Chi Thien: «In the stuffy darkness pressed. Available for a sun. No words in  suffering. Available for lightning. In class who hunger and cold. Available for the Army. When the country fate changing. All become the atoms'.
            Just as the bird can see the storm is worsening condition of the economy, national finance, is the collapse of the banks, the insolvency of the industrial conglomerates, such as recent warnings Nguyen Xuan of Zhou, economic experts from overseas had been President Truong Tan Sang invitation offered advice: "Economic crisis began sweeping the masses. Real Estate revive paralyzed and not be in at least 3 years, the Securities Market wall being artificially prop up because interest rates are very high and bank liquidity (NH) is a stalemate. Banking system is on the decline because of poor liquidity. State Enterprises, only to die alone because corruption corrupt all 21 Group and the Company. It is important that 90 million people saw the incompetence of the communist in solving these problems and a component of most people saw this crisis: will there are many enterprises never opened the door and perspective this crisis to last at least 3 years, if not 5 years »(the personal call sent to 90 million people).
            Communist Party of anxiety before the storm and recently held «the Resolution Conference Central 4» that to dress party in 27-02  in Hanoi . But the mentality of standing pat, hold dictatorial power, economic reform rather than political reforms, has exhorted each other to live together moral cover just as evil, as all actors to promote democracy and freedom, true justice is 'hostile forces', then try asking a reasonable party which survived the storm of fate hovering on the horizon?


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