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VIETNAM IN TRIAL ethnic Hmong who in Massacre at Muong Nhe in the past year


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Trial of the Hmong ethnic minority held in Dien Bien province on 13-03-2012 again drag us back painful memories of the massacre of dozens of innocent people when the Vietnam's communist authorities exert a force up to a thousand people, including police, army, armed guns and ammunition conducted a bloody crackdown against ethnic minority Hmong in Muong Nhe in Dien Bien province on May 05-2011. The event shocked the country and attracted widespread interest from international public opinion. Government of Vietnam's communist government at the time mentioned above who had tried every way to conceal information, including prohibiting the media, domestic and foreign media as well as representatives of countries not access to the event area above.

Press and media in the country at that time tried to distort all the information and painful distortions occur at the time of the crackdown was wrong on that day claimed the lives of many people innocent at Muong Nhe including women and children. Vietnam's communist government slander that people listen to bad propaganda provoke riots demanding autonomous region set up against the government but in fact it is violation of human rights that Vietnam shall state to interfere with the beliefs of ethnic minorities and land grabs. For years, state government of Vietnam has been accused by International for their serious violating to religious freedom especially for ethnic minority who have belief in Catholic and Protestant in the mountainous districts, border region and Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Once again, heartbreaking tragedy and criminal acts of the government for ethnic minorities own faith has been reminded by Vietnam's communist government through the court on 13-03-2012. Religious policy of solidarity and fair enforcement of all rights in respect for religious freedom of the people that the communist government often claims before the International always like this? The person conducting the hearing at the Hmong ethnic minority in the event "Muong Nhe" in the past for what purpose? authorities want to spread a message of warning to people throughout the country in general and ethnic minorities in particular or above actions of the authorities is an indication of intolerance, an initial sign for a new wave of repression that the communist state government wants to show to show authority and inalienable rights that the party leader and dictator of Vietnam authorities have dressed up their own .


Jailed for eight people in Muong Nhe
Update: 06:11 GMT - Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mường Nhé
So far little is known about what happened in
 Muong Nhe

Vietnam eight people sentenced to prison from 24 to 30 months, involving uncertainties related services thousands of Hmong Christians in Dien Bien province last year.

Preliminary hearing took place in Dien Bien province on 13/3.

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State media say these people were executed on charges of "disrupting security in the crowds, to put pressure on government, claims of form 'Kingdom of H'mong.'"

People Newspaper said they 'ringleader', is Vang A Ia and Thao A Lu, are being hunted.

The newspaper quoted the police charged two men "pull" of ethnic Hmong to claim government land grant to establish "Hmong kingdom."

Vietnam police say this is the case 'cause particularly dangerous consequences for society, causing security complex political and social order and safety, adversely affecting the lives and health of thousands of households family. "

Muong Nhe service occurs from late April to early May 2011, when the Hmong people from the provinces of Lao Cai, Lai Chau, Dak Lak, Dak Nong Khon Huoi drag on, Nam Ke Commune, Muong Nhe.

Thousands of people have been camping for a week to wait 'savior' of them.

Lack of information

Information when it said troops and helicopters were dispatched to suppress.

There are allegations that dozens of Hmong people dead or wounded  - can not confirm this because when it happened, the government does not allow diplomats and foreign journalists to the area.

On the day of the event, the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi issued a statement saying they are investigating and "call upon the parties concerned not to use violence to resolve conflicts peacefully and in accordance with Vietnamese laws South as well as human rights standards have been internationally recognized. "

At trial, two defendants, Giang A Si and Gold A Giang, was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

The six people remaining are Mua A Thang, Thao A Khay, Chang A Do, Thao A Lau, Cu A Bao and Giang Seo Phu, was sentenced to 24 months in prison since being detained.

These people will also be on probation after 24 months of prison.

Observers say the government has made Muong Nhe again to review the policy on religion and ethnicity, especially for areas fellow ethnic minorities.

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