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Australian Community Speaks on - Human Rights Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam.


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Australian Community Speaks - Human Rights on Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam.
                           Nguyen Quang Duy

On last Friday, 24/02/2012, Human Rights Subcommittee of the National Defense Commission of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia's Federal Parliament opened a hearing to help the government more effective dialogue with the communist authorities of Vietnam - China. The hearing by Rep. Laurie Ferguson chairs and two Philip Ruddock MP Michael Danby and assistant. All of them are senior politicians have their partisan and close ties with the community in Vietnam. He is also the president Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade. This speaks to the importance of the hearing.
Vietnam side invited the Vietnamese Community of Australia Freedom, Prisoners of Conscience Fund, Committee to Protect Workers, Bloc 8406, Mr. Luke Donnellan, Representative Victoria and her Quynh Dao. Please send your article to read the feelings of some people.
Rep. Luke Donnellan always a concern and attachment to community and pro-democracy movement in Vietnam. In 2006, he went to Vietnam to visit Father Nguyen Van Ly and join a strike. When asked their feelings about the hearing Mr Luke Donnellan said: "I am very pleased to have been an opportunity to explain to the subcommittee about the experience I had in Vietnam. I am concerned that too many Australians do not understand the mode in which the Vietnamese are living. There was no speech freedom and no religious freedom.
I believe very caring Subcommittee want to learn about activities of the government of Vietnam. I think the Subcommittee should consider joint action with  many countries in the dialogue with Vietnam, the more positive results. I believe that by creating pressures more than one country at the same time, Vietnam will have to change. Moreover, the authorities believe that Vietnam is in a difficult diplomatic situation concerning the East Sea and will seek support from abroad. "
Community delegation including Mr. Nguyen The Phong, president of Free Vietnamese committee ( CDNVTD ) - Australia, Mr. Nguyen Van Bon CDNVTD - Victoria, lawyer Liu Xiang Quang, and representatives of Buddhism, Cao Dai and Hoa Hao Buddhism. The Phong Nguyen said: "After nearly nine years of continuous pressure and spoke of CDNVTD- Australia employment program useless Human Rights Dialogue (DTNQ) funded by the Australian Government to Vietnam and China . Today, the National Assembly by Human Rights Subcommittee, has launched an investigation to find out the human rights situation of Vietnam, as well as receive ideas and specific proposals on this DTNQ Program, to help government improvement measures, and consider the role of the non-governmental Organization (NGO) as our community in monitoring, provision and evaluation meetings between the regime and human rights in Australia in the future.
CDNVTD submitted a testimony of 64 pages with specific suggestions about the role CDNVTD and government can do to create more pressure as well as monitor the results or weakness of the human rights dialogue in the future. If the Committee agrees, the government agreed to implement recommendations of our colleges, the Australian Parliament and our community will play a vital and active (not passive like now) to protect and improve human rights in Vietnam. "
Mr Phong said the delegation representing the Community has proposed measures and give specific evidence about the status of serious human rights violations in Vietnam but the most recent specific case of the Vietnamese musician Khang. Mr Phong said CDNVTD-Australia is discussed to give a human rights campaign to scale next to Vietnam by the United States and Canada and strategically relevant European uninterrupted before the end of the United Nations.
When asked he said Nguyen Van Bon is as follows: "It is valuable when the Australian government interested in human rights issues in Vietnam as well as in China. Australian Government appointments of senior politicians in charge of bipartisanship to this hearing.
The existence of the program between Australia human rights dialogue with Vietnam and China is a testament to remind the world about human rights abuses have been occurring in Vietnam and China. I personally feel very honor because I have been with Mission opportunities CDNVTD - Australia contributed a small part of the Australian Government presented clearly on human rights in Vietnam today.
I feel if our fellow domestic have opportunity to present it to think they will say the articulate and honest as we did. I feel honor to be replaced domestic compatriots say what people want to say and I hope that people will keep Domestic replace us, do what we want to do; commitment dissolution of the communist regime to protect and maintain human rights in Vietnam. I believe Vietnam is indeed a free and democratic and human rights will be respected. "
Mai Phung Prisoners of Conscience Fund (TNLT) reported feeling "I need to put our position on the plight of the Australian government, they have difficulties while working with Vietnam. I could not give them I know the requirements of the drop to conscience prisoners (TNLT). For anyone who is TNLT criminal? When they asked us to find answers for themselves when asked against their regime. For example, their question is: he Nguyen Huu Cau ( NHC) former ARVN psychological warfare is dangerous for the VN. government, so must be very heavy prison, why do you defend the NHC? The answer is we need evidence NHC was convicted of vandalism under the criminal law in 1982, but did not specify what so destructive NHC should be reviewed for fairness, in addition, many prisoners crime sentences were released after 20 years but the NHC was 32 years.
They ask how you can help us to measure the effective funding, I fully agree and have asked them to open a human rights conference in Hanoi, invited the police chief, representatives of NGOs namely lawyers Nguyen Van Dai represents Prisoners of Conscience Foundation, invite representatives of special religious and PFLAG (Parents Friends Lesbians And Gays) a protection of human rights organizations for gay men attachment to their financing to swap, especially policemen have the opportunity they present, most likely the police will refuse to do so, but Australia is to send a message to the public that Australia does not disregard the human rights issues . "
Mr. Doan Viet Trung, Committee to Protect Vietnamese Workers, said: "Perhaps the most notable is the question of Rep. Michael Danby said" I think it is possible to periodically Human Rights Dialogue, Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Subcommittee Human Rights should be leaders rather than just participate. " Look  at the way he said  and event of Laurie Ferguson and Philip Ruddock did not say do not consent, then I guess this is just a thought let alone come up with two goals before him. But even a mouth or a calculated force, hope this is a sign he wants a big step Danby. Mr. Danby has long been strongly denouncing the crimes of Beijing. "
Bloc 8406 Individual hearings are conducted in a very open space, he Danby even sang a song was familiar to annoy him Ruddock. Block has moved from a human rights hearing into a political hearing. Subcommittee want to know that the opposition forces in Vietnam or not? and How Vietnam will change? After the hearing when talking with everyone in the block, suddenly Mr. Ruddockdot said he wanted to be invited to attend the Congress of 8406 in accordance with General  Scope block. Written replies were promptly prepared and Bloc are one day he will be pleased to be invited. This speaks to the attention of Mr Ruddock said the Australian Government in particular and in general to the Democracy Movement in Vietnam.
If only exploring feelings of the representatives of the organizations it is flawed. In Victoria we have her Quynh Dao a longtime member of Amnesty International. Ms. Quynh Dao said: "Attending hearing in Victoria, I have felt the sincere concern of the Commission on Human Rights Congress Australia's worst human rights situation in Vietnam. Kindness of Australian politicians to the plight of the people of Vietnam under the brutal rule of the communists do my utmost appreciation. Through hearings, they have a better understanding of the communist crimes against the people of Vietnam, from the massacre of civilians in the land reform, events "Mau Than", the wave of increasingly angry stronger in the country. The struggle for democratic demands for Freedom and Vietnam was backed by the western civilization. I am very happy. "
Ms. Quynh Dao said: "I also urge the Commission chairman Mr Laurie Ferguson special attention to his case Dieu Cay, Nguyen Van Hai, is one of those who have the courage to speak up about Communist Vietnam has offered Hoang Sa and Truong Sa territorial waters for ships Communist Vietnam has more than 16 months now and his family still do not get news of his fate at all. I repeated to him the threat Hoang Van Dung policemen belonging Police in Ho Chi Minh city for him: "I'll beat you until your doctor you will not recognize you, and law Professor's body you will not find you. I'll torture you until you exhausted and die. I'll make you lose the ability to man "(this is what wife of Hai recounted ). How Human Rights Commission to find part of nature cruel, despicable and cowardly of the ruling class in Vietnam today. "
Not only Australia, the United States has nearly 150 thousand people signed the petition Obama campaign for human rights action in Vietnam. We have some catastrophic the past held on 5-3-2012 under consideration to discuss lessons learned for the future.
We often heard that our community lacks unity, hard to tell right from wrong, but to sign the Petition and Hearing confirm our past are always concentric, comrades, towards the domestic consensus create favorable conditions for the people standing in country to be won freedom. There is a new freedom and democracy can preserve the territorial waters of Vietnam: Nation of ours.
Nguyen Quang Duy
Melbourne, Australia


Free Vietnamese Community to attend the Hearing


Ms. Quynh Dao said to Laurie Ferguson  "Sir its human rights in Vietnam is that." The middle image is Rep. Luke Donnellan, a friend of our community, with a smile.

Hearing Australian Federal Parliament - 8406: Human Rights Not Enough - For Democracy Freedom.

Morning Friday, 24.02.2012 at 11 h 30, 8406 were invited to testify before the Subcommittee on Human Rights to help the Australian Government can effectively dialogue with the communist government of Vietnam.
The hearing by Congressman Laurie Ferguson presided, and two Philip Ruddock  and Congressman Michael Danby. All of them are senior politicians have partisan ties attached to the Community of Vietnam. Human Rights Subcommittee, held hearings, is a subcommittee of Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade that Danby is president Congressman.
On the 8406 with Dr Le Kim Song from Western Australia, Mr. Pham Anh Tuan from NSW, Ms Dang Tho, Mr. Chau Xuan Nguyen, Mr.Tran Dong and Nguyen Quang Duy  in Victoria.
It is known that the same day, besides 8406, also attended the hearing, there's Free Vietnamese Community in Australia, Prisoners of Conscience Fund, Committee to Protect Workers, Mr Luke Donnellan, state representatives and Ms. Victoria Quynh Dao.
Before the hearing, 8406 Bloc visited Luke Donnellan, Representative Victoria. He is a friend always sticking with the community and the democratic movement and Vietnam will also be hearing the same afternoon.
In general, MPs and Parliament staff are Federal air creates a very open, frank and sympathetic before, during and after the hearing. Our thanks to the contribution of everyone, especially Mr. Philip Ruddock always affable to everyone.
The hearing began at 11 hours and 30, may be in the belief that 8406 bloc is a political organization should the hearing has moved from human rights hearing to politics hearing  . 8406 members have answered all questions to the Australian Parliament can better understand the political situation in Vietnam.
Mr Laurie Ferguson opened the session by introducing the Subcommittee people. Mr. Nguyen Quang Duy thanked the Subcommittee for the opportunity for a hearing and 8406 are introduced one by the group.
Next, Ms Dang Tho read the preamble to the human rights situation increasingly worsened. She highlighted three cases of urgency should be noted that (1) Father Nguyen Van Ly declining health that communist authorities refused medical care (2) the forced detention Bui Thi Minh Hang and (3) the detention of Vietnamese musicians Viet Khang. She also mentioned the case of journalists Nguyen Van Hai Dieu Cay. She reminded committee communist government does not respect human rights, what they do not respect the international registration.
Mr. Chau continued to present the views of Block 8406 and recommended 8 points to help enhance the effectiveness of the Vietnam-Australia dialogue. Mr Chau special emphasis to the establishment of the action with the contribution of community labor, and need to link the aid to Vietnam and human rights, aid can not continue without conditions.
Mr Philip Ruddock said there is a similarity of the hearing group, the Australian Embassy requires to work hard so what they have to do? Mr Chau said that the staff of the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam tend to visit visit the political prisoners and their families, and Australian employees do not have tour. Mr Michael Danby said the congressman Luke Donnellan has visited . Mr Chau agreed but requires senior staff of the Australian Embassy.
When Mr. Ruddock asked what is the block 8406? Dr. Song said the establishment of the block on 08.04.2006, with 118 members. Dr. Song emphasized that although the block did not develop into a major force for nearly 6 years, but not the spirit of the intact blocks and blocks are not members of  reduced.
Mr Ruddock wants to know is the 8406 block has to be a political organization or not? Mr. Duy said no and insisted that Block 8406 is a combination of the freedom-loving democracy, and the first set of declaration established domestic and overseas development.
Mr Ruddock want of a thorough on the subject have to block 8406 is a political organization when asked what has been attached to the members of the bloc. Mr Chau said Block 8406 is a collection of dissidents. Only thus he reported to a member of the Representative Volume is Tran Anh Kim, a veteran of Vietnam People's Army. Mr. Duy said members of the block come from the country roads, regardless of composition, religious or themselves history.
Mr Ruddock was not satisfied with this theme should have asked more is there to save anyone who voices opposition to the government, imprisoned? Mr. Chau by this opportunity to make the case of Pham Thanh Nghien, a Bloc members just because anti-China banners in the home that was 5-6 years imprisonment. Mr Ruddock was surprised about her case imprisoned because protesters at home. Mr Chau emphasized in the second point is in 2011 there were 13 anti-Chinese protests that no one was imprisoned, under standards of the world she must be released immediately and communist authorities must apologize to her . Mr Ruddock agreed.
Next, Dr. Song mentioned two rules 88 and 79 that the government of Vietnam has used to imprison dissidents. All three MPs agreed to campaign to abolish this monstrous two laws.
Mr. Chau highlighted the case of Viet Khang and Mr. Laurie immediately asked if Viet Khang wrote and sang the song 10 years ago was detention? Mr Chau and Duy answer yes but the human rights situation on Vietnam is getting worse rather than improved as the Communist authorities still reported every year. Mr Chau said the opportunity to petition the United States, only less than two weeks have collected 62,000 signatures. Obama himself will welcome a delegation to the White House the next day 5-3-2012. Mr. Chau stressed that this is important because Obama would not avoiding action as the Australia Embassy's reports that human rights is progress in Vietnam. Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Ruddockdong agreed, Mr Chau added that poetry and writing music is a form of peaceful protest audience in all forms of protest such as writing, blogging, direct criticism, etc. Duy said he was 10 years ago in Australia do not have human rights dialogue Australian Vietnam, which showed all the dialogue did not bring any benefit.
Mr Laurie said this morning he followed three groups and all three groups were proposed as 8406, so he'd know that 8406 also has suggested that help the subcommittee? Tuan raised two proposals: (1) requires improved freedom of speech and the press (2) establish a Monitoring Human Rights in Vietnam.
Soon after Mr. Duy said that Vietnam is a small country,China is big country, so Australia can through aid, military and commercial demand that Vietnam's communist government to improve human rights, freedom and civil owners. Burma's case is a typical example. When Vietnam became a freedom national , there are many benefits for Australia and for the Vietnamese community in Australia. The view of all participants hearing the views of Australians of Vietnamese origin is always directed to the benefit of both countries.
Mr. Chau remarked that Vietnam-China relations are getting worse, and as the United States, Australia should use the military as a condition. If Vietnam standing toward allies, it  will bring many benefits to Australia. The exchange should be associated with human rights conditions of freedom and democracy for Vietnam. All three MPs to speak privately and expressed consent.
Next Dr. Song recommend to non-governmental organizations and international human rights organizations like Human Rights Watch should be at the table dialogue with Vietnam and calls this organize help effort for the talks . Dr. Song also suggested that Australia should have the human rights report every year as the U.S. government so people can judge progress.
Mr Ruddock said the communist authorities requires the dialogues must be kept secret, so there must be "Asian culture" or not? Mr Chau replied under the communist regime from corruption to abuse of power, everything was so secretive so must say clearly that is "communist culture".
Mr Danby asked the last question How about the Vietnam-China-America  and there's someone in the Communist Party could be like Gobarchev or not? Mr. Chau remarked that Vietnam-China relations are increasingly worse and the factions within the Communist Party are vehemently fighting each party should not know what is right and although has a clear side, we also  should not believe the Communists .
In general, the hearing was moved from a human rights hearing into a political hearing. Because time is limited to 45 minutes, to block 8406 could not go deeper into the sub-committee needs to know where and towards other topics of interest. All thanks to the preparation of each member and rhythm through a combination although come from three Western Australian, New South Wales and Victoria.
Immediately after the hearing, the whole group and discussed the following remarks
(1) Sub-Committee would like to insist that the human rights situation deteriorated in Viet Nam during past 10 years;
(2) Sub-Committee did not see Justice of Vietnam as an independent court. They seem to agree that the communist authorities arbitrarily use their belief Justice; They agreed with the Bloc is to tackle both article 88 and 79;
(3) Sub-Committee would like to know who is Bloc 8406, and why did not kill as other organizations in Vietnam and the Commonwealth can afford to stand up to opposition to the Communist Party or not? After hearing when talking to everyone in Block, Mr. Ruddock said he suddenly wants to be invited to attend the Congress of 8406 in accordance with General Scope block. Mr. Duy was quick to respond that Bloc is preparing  and one day, He will be pleasure invited . This speaks to the attention of Mr Ruddock said the Australian Government in particular and in general to the Democracy Movement in Vietnam.
(4) Sub-Committee wanted to know about the relationship between the Communist Party of Vietnam and China to work out appropriate policies for Australia.
(5) Sub-Committee would like to know that there are opposition forces in Vietnam or not? Vietnam will change and how?
After days of hard work, all six Bloc members are very happy to have helped change the voice of fellow brothers and sisters to the world of Homeland Australia: Human Rights Not Enough - Vietnam need Freedom-Democracy.
Pham Anh Tuan
Member 8406


Picture from left to right Mr. Tran Dong, Dr. Kieu Tien Dung, Ms Dang Tho, Dr Le Kim Song from Western Australia, Philip Ruddock MP, Laurie Ferguson MP, Pham Anh Tuan from NSW, Senator Michael Danby Mr Chau Xuan Nguyen and Nguyen Quang Duy.


8406 is preparing for the Hearing
Figure caption number two, "said Luke Donnellan, state representatives Victoriacung 8406 Preparing for Hearing"


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