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RSF: Vietnam 'still hostile to the Internet'


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Censorship and internet restrictions, as well as suppression, monitoring, arrest and prosecution of bloggers who write and express their opinions, their political opinions peacefully on the network are evident and there in a long time in society and the communist country, the dictator countries in which the most prominent and most serious is Vietnam and China. According to the organization and evaluation of Reporters without Borders (RSF) Vietnam ranks second after China in the list of "Enemies of the Internet" which showed a clear, correct and consistent with what has been happening in Vietnam related to Internet repression and suppression of free speech rights that are typically dozens of arrests and prosecutions for Bloggers, the main character disagreement ants, who has expressed his freedom of speech in peacefully demanding freedom, democracy and human rights for the people of Vietnam.

Exact words in the statement of Ms. Lucie Morrillon, communications director of the BBC RSF Organization concerning the state government increased the crackdown, censorship, harassment and arrests of left law for Bloggers, Network Democratic activists and Human Rights  on the internet is a serious violation to human rights as stipulated in the International Human Rights Charter of the United Nations to which Vietnam is a member. The requirement for government respect for human rights and extend the Liberal Democrats is a legitimate and legally rights of people that has been clearly defined in the Civil and Political Rights by the United Nations that took the government of Vietnam Date and signed since 1982 to date.

Vietnam's communist government had declared a state ruled by law and  respect all people's basic rights, then please turn your words into reality. The increased government crackdown on peaceful dissent in the country for fear of influence spread from the revolutionary Arab spring is an unwise action and counter-productive nature. The people of Vietnam always be appreciated as a national hero, intelligent and brave. Therefore, the more oppressed the more people become stronger. coercion, harassment, beatings and imprisonment only confusion and fear for people in a certain period of time can not erase instinctive tenacity and courage which had a human nature in Vietnam people and was inherited by every generation. The only thing that can help avoid the occurrence of a similar revolution in Vietnam are: the communist state government of Vietnam must quickly implement fully all international commitments on human rights. To fully satisfy all interests and the legitimate demands, legal residents and related to Freedom and Democracy..


RSF: Vietnam 'still hostile to the Internet'
Update: 11:54 GMT - Monday, March 12, 2012

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) ranked Vietnam the list "enemy" of the
 Internet from the perspective of free speech on the new list published.

Vietnam is the second line, after China, the group of 12 countries 'enemies' with free Internet, besides Burma, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and the two countries be put on the Bahrain and Belarus.

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RSF's list published on the World Anti-Internet censorship 03/12/2012.

Replies BBC Vietnamese language on Monday 12/3 from Paris, she

Lucie Morrillon  , Director of RSF's press office said they were deeply concerned because "Vietnam government continued with the crunch of censorship, harassment of bloggers, online activists democracy, human rights Internet ".

The Government of Vietnam has repeatedly denied allegations from RSF and other external organizations when they mention the management of electronic information and freedom of the Internet users in the country.

RSF's communications director, said more and more concerned about the Vietnam government used security forces special operations behind the control and prevention with firewalls and network intrusion to against Internet freedom.

"After the events of spring 2011 Arabic, Vietnam government wants to tighten controls and gripped the situation, stabilize the regime. Thus we witnessed the tightening measures control and monitoring network and strengthen the State's propaganda, "she said Morrillon.

"Bloggers and netizens become more vulnerable than before the measures of security agencies. Number of the prisoners because the Internet is increasing, with this figure is 22 bloggers and activists a voice network, Vietnam just behind China. "

Bà Lucie Morillon, Tổ chức Phóng viên không biên giới
She said Lucie Morillon difficult to predict
Vietnam's progress on the liberalization of
 the Internet in a few years

Voiced strong

Ms. Lucie Morrillon comment, although controlled, stringent suppression, the netizens Vietnam continues to speak out and attract strong public opinion in the country on many important issues.

"For example, the export and domestic bauxite ore to China and by China, an effect is predicted disaster for the environment of Vietnam.

After the events of spring 2011 in Saudi Arabia, Vietnam government wants to tighten measures to control the situation and holding and stabilizing the regime "

RSF Director of New Media Lucie Morrillon

"This is what the bloggers have done, while as a very difficult subject mentioned by the journalists of state media. The network also reported that citizens, all mentioned much about police violence cause ... "

"In response, the government continued efforts and sought to block the many blogs, many sites block. And especially many activists monitoring network, the dissidents.

"For example, we have seen have been many arrests occurred Christian bloggers, notably the case of Paulus Le Van Son, was arrested in August 2011. Or the case of Father Nguyen Van Ly was arrested back to prison despite his age and health are worrying.

"Currently, we are very anxious for the case of blogger Dieu Cay - Nguyen Van Hai. During the past two months appears more and more rumors of concern about the detention situation, current health and his life.

"We found that the government of Vietnam needs to clearly explain to his family and the public is explicitly clear about why he continued to be detained, the current situation of his detention , as well as health status, his like. "

Blogger điếu cày (giữa)
It is not clear about the blogger Dieu Cay situation
 like in jail amid rumors he 'could have died.'

In addition, she said Lucie Morrillon Vietnam are strengthening efforts to control, network screening a focus on tightening the firewall for Internet access in the country and tend increasingly clear of the family increased "repression, oppression," the netizen.

This is what RSF, said Morrillon, for evidence of "human rights violations" and "fundamental freedoms of citizens" has been international law, to which Vietnam is one of the Contracting Parties acknowledged.

Vietnam is said Asian countries have growth rates among the highest Internet, with user numbers now exceed 30 million.

According to a recent survey summarizing the Yahoo! Kantar Media in 2011, the percentage of Internet users has exceeded the daily rate even listen to the radio and read newspapers and the majority of people, especially young people use the Internet to gather information, entertain friends and socialize.

Ministry of Information and Communication in Vietnam issued many documents on electronic information, to direct the management, provision and use of Internet services and online information.

Government of Vietnam has always denied allegations that the authorities' control of Internet users "or press.

Most recently, in the
Tiên Lãng,, Nguyen The Ky, deputy of the Party Central Committee Propaganda has confirmed to the BBC that "no policy" censorship of the press when reporting on land disputes.

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