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Demonstration for freedom in front of the White House



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The spirit of the people of Vietnam in the United States and other countries in the world are extremely excited period when thousands of people are gathered together before the White House in support of the Vietnamese delegation today 05-03-2012 White House audience was listening minds and aspirations of the Vietnamese community in concern about the human rights situation in Vietnam today. A show of strength and mutual solidarity in demanding Freedom and Democracy and Human Rights for Vietnam is happening is an event of great rarity in the United States, a country of democracy row the world. All-all irrespective of caste, political affiliation, race, religion and sex and sharing toward Vietnam beloved country with a common desire for a true democracy, a Freedom of prosperous, and an absolute human rights are respected in Vietnam.

As statements of the Dong Duc freelance journalist with the BBC Tran today, gathering crowds of Vietnamese community in the United States we take this very special properties because of their actions comes from the heart and sincerity, a divine love and with deep heartfelt sharing of the pain and loss that his compatriots in the country are suffering under dictatorship, harsh and very immoral of the communist regime in Vietnam. Spiritual power which has won all envy, grudge, divide and gather people together into a great power not seen when only one month within which gathered more than 120 thousands of signatures, sign the petition on Human Rights, an amazing success that East German journalist said that even American community or any other ethnic communities in the United States could not do this.

Hopefully with the same mind, with that sacred wish and with what the Vietnamese community in the United States we have shown in past time will reap good results. Hopefully by doing this sincerely, we will get the sharing, caring and support from the U.S. government in pressuring the communist government of Vietnam to respect human rights, stop immediately all the harassment, persecution, and persecution for the peaceful voices in the country as well as immediate release of all political prisoners, conscience prisoners are currently detained illegally by government. Compatriots in the country we also need to have the same practical actions to help increase the power struggle, increased attention and interest from the International Human Rights organizations and from governments, special unique is the deep concern from the U.S. government for Freedom, for Democracy and for Human Rights in Viet Nam.


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Demonstration for freedom in front of the White House
Vietnam-Long, RFA

Reported the concentration of more than 1,000 Vietnamese people in front of the White House in support of the Vietnamese delegation to meet U.S. law enforcement.

RFA in the setting angle photoMot 1,500 people
 gather in front of the White House


Nearly 200 Vietnamese delegation this morning on the U.S. presidential petition  asked Washington requires government of  Vietnam to implement freedom and human rights for Vietnamese people in the country. Use economic commercial lever to pressure that requirement. Crowd of people focus in front of the White House to support for the operation and also to U.S. law enforcement force Vietnam to release political prisoners, prisoners of conscience especially Vietnamese musicians Khang, who was imprisoned for two songs composed demanding independence for Vietnam, to touch the hearts of all Vietnamese people around the world.

Khung cảnh một góc cuộc tập trung- RFA photo
The scene is a rally-angle photo RFA

A delegate: I'm from Philadelphia, here in support of the Vietnamese delegation to the White House President Obama demanding requirements of human rights in Vietnam. From Philadelphia about 47 people, 3 vans.

Mr. Tran The Program from Connecticutt: We come here with fellow Vietnam to worldwide spiritual support for the meeting today, the Obama administration to be active how Vietnamese government to release Khang.

A Vietnamese from California: We are Nguyen Thanh Trang, the Vietnam Human Rights Network, from San Diego to here, with two purposes.

The first is to accompany the delegation to the White House, in favor of the petition to President Obama demanding load of human rights in Vietnam. The second aim is to go to Congress to lobby for a bill of human rights in Vietnam.

We know the U.S. House passed this bill for years, but the Senate has not considered, so this time we actively campaign, particularly Senator John Kerry, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Senate, and Senator Jim Webb of the Sub-Committee East Asian and Pacific affairs.

The campaign period has more hope than the previous year, proof that the petition sent to President Obama now has more than 120 thousand signatures. Second, the human rights bill for Vietnam this year was filed last year did not require sanctions on trade and cut off humanitarian aid. The bill requires only two things, if Vietnam human rights violations. It is punishing the communist authorities of violation of human rights ....

Đoàn Illinois- RFA Photo
Illinois-RFA Group Photo

A delegate from Illinois: We are Nguyen Van Phong Vietnamese community in the Illinois country, arrived here today for the purpose, first as a voice to fight for a country of freedom and democracy rights in Vietnam with President Obama, which requires the President to question seriously, forcing the regime to return the people of Vietnam the most basic rights of human beings that the Communist regime signed the join the international community.

We also want to ask President Obama Communist government to release all those imprisoned, the prisoner of conscience, political prisoners, for they shall enjoy freedom and democracy.

We also blind people in the country are seeing we are now standing here with enthusiasm toward freedom and democracy for the people back home.

A young American holding banners with young people VIETNAM: I am in Michigan but with the Vietnamese Community of Illinois to the struggle for human rights in Vietnam.

Girl next to: Yes there to support human rights in Vietnam.

American girls: I'm here to fight for human rights and Vietnam, and to ensure that the U.S. government made human rights for all Vietnam and Vietnam for community rights struggle for human rights as all Americans are entitled.

I went to the Vietnamese community to support the struggle for human rights in Vietnam.

American Youth: I'm here for the same reason, and that is also fundamental to contribute to young people representing Vietnam.

I'm from Chicago to, but also on behalf of the Vietnamese culture and American, to speak in support of Vietnam human rights in the country.

Một đồng bào khuyết tật đến tập trung- RFA photo
A people with disabilities to focus photo-RFA

A delegate who Miao: My name is John Kang of ethnic Hmong dontg. I'm sorry do not speak Vietnamese, but I want to use American English to say that 50 thousand people in Muong Nhe Hmong focus requires fairness and human rights, had been soldiers, police dissolved.
Muong Nhe then was besieged no longer out to be. Many village leaders, tribal leaders were arrested, killed,. Many Hmong refugees to to China, Laos, Thailand ... hide in the forest, but the Vietnam government is still monitoring manhunt, arrested ...

I would say this for the international community to intervene to help us H'mong ethnic lines.

Delegates from Australia: I am Bao Khanh, who works for Radio and Sydney 1706 block of support from the Australian democracy.

Ban nhạc nhẹ từ California- RFA photo
California-band light from RFA photo

hô tinh thần của đồng bào ở Mỹ
Vietnamese community in Paris to the streets
 to support them spirit of the Vietnamese people
 in America. (On 04/03/2012)
Photo Wall An / RFA

Photo Wall An / RFA
Collective organization of Vietnamese in Paris protests
at site Italie, of District 13 to support "the Petition".

Biểu ngữ của đoàn biểu tình treo trên đường phố ở Paris. Photo Tường An/RFA
Banners hanging of protesters on the streets of Paris.
Photo Wall An / RFA

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