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Binh Phuoc police 'opened fire on citizens'


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The people of the country so long and which always pressing infuriated by the situation the police abuse of power Vietnam caught hold of an unlawful use of force and indiscriminate and unnecessary excess law caused many tragic death and injustice to the people. As reported by the International Human Rights Organizations and the most recent annual report of the U.S. State Department human rights situation in Vietnam reveals dozens of victims of police torture, beat brutally beating to death in prison during their detention by the authorities to investigate. Most of the conclusions of the investigating police agency that the victim died because of fear should have committed suicide to avoid punishment from the authorities? The judicial bodies including the procuracy and people's courts at all levels together then also colluded to cover up wrongdoing by ruling that the irresponsible and unfair.

The all authorities a false conclusion and termination of the trial ignore the facts and evidence of crimes from senior officials, police and other leaders in the government caused a pressing the trigger outrage to people, on the other hand creates dangerous precedent because it will encourage the increase of the same offense because of violations of the law of these officials caused serious consequences without being punished by law or only dealt too lightly with inadequate evil deeds which they have caused to people. Evidence that the phenomenon of abuse of power and disregard people's lives from the police, from the justice sector including the procuracy and courts at all levels have increased, behavior and seriousness of the violation becomes more sophisticated and more serious in Vietnam society today.

The phenomenon mentioned above was in serious condition at an alarming rate, if not timely correction we will be seeing a lot more on the death unjustly tragic and full of the same. Inadequate attention from central government departments and local unions of the above serious condition or ignored from the warnings and recommendations directly from both the public and from people in countries can lead to social turmoil and instability. In parallel with the campaign to pressure from the International Human Rights Organization, and other countries in the world, we, people are direct victims of the violence in Vietnam's communist regime also needs to contribute directly to voice objections and ask the communist government of Vietnam must immediately stop the violations of the law, disregard of human life, and adhere to all fundamental rights of people, including the right to life and the inviolability which the law has prescribed and protected.


Binh Phuoc police 'opened fire on citizens'

Update: 04:14 GMT - Friday, 2 June 3, 2012

Công an Việt Nam (hình minh họa)
There are fears the police power of Vietnam
are not monitored

A police chief accused of shooting distance shots do a lot of people have to go to the emergency.

Local media reported incidents took place in Ha Long, Binh Phuoc province, when police attempted to arrest those who played card on Wednesday, 29/2.

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Victims were shot as Mr. Nguyen Huu year, 55 years old, live at village 9, Long Ha commune, Binh Phuoc.

'Continuous Shooting'

At night 29/2, Mr. Cao Dinh Sam, chief of Long Ha police and some of other policemen came into Mr. Nam's coffee shop to catch those who was playing card.

The law Newspaper of Viet Nam quoted witnesses that by  Mr. Nam ", he refused to sit down so Mr.Sam used his leg straight into Mr. Nam led him tumble down."

"When Mr. Nam just stood up, Mr. Sam pull his short gun out to shoot six shots into neck and shoulder of Mr. Nam resulting in severely injured.

Then, he was put In the police headquarters and to distant approximately 23h30 'just 29/2 new "was released to his family taken to emergency."

Youth Newspaper says Mr. Sam used his pistol to shoot rubber bullets, fired four shots and three shots into Mr. Nam.

This Newspaper said while the state police rushed into Mr. Nam's coffee shop to arrest his guest who is playing card, at this time in the shop have an mason named Bui Van Binh who are watching television, also was arrested.

Mr. Nam went out In his presentation that Binh is not related and that group played card for water drinking only so occurred controversy, leading to Mr. Sam jumped on Mr. Nam hugging but was ejected.

Colonel Hoang Van Hue, director of Binh Phuoc province police told local media that "strictly deal will not cover, omissions criminal."

Fame recent interest in the scuffle incident and controversy, even violence between police and people.

Some human rights groups warned that Vietnam is an increased risk of symptoms that "police abuse of power".

The latest report of Human Rights Watch said: "The news of police violence, including torture and beatings to death, continued to appear throughout the region."

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