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SOS. Ha Nam Public Security terrorist threatening a woman and a baby


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Vietnam's communist government always claims before domestic and international public opinion that Vietnam is a legitimate state with a fair society, civilized and polite and human rights are always adhered by the government. But in fact the words and their actions do not go together. Human Rights in Vietnam so long have been rudely trampled. Human life is lower than an animal, like abuse, like beatings, imprisonment or even want to deprive life that will not be sanctions or be punished by law. It's painful situation is happening every day in society in Vietnam today when the people who brought nominally representing law enforcement authorities have been given the inviolable rights.

Governments at all levels shall behave arbitrarily immoral worse gangsters that  family Tran Thi Thuy Nga in Ha Nam Province is a typical case. A weak woman with a child less than two years are welcome torture, spiritual terrorism and life that is threatened is the behavior of civilized and polite of the government Vietnam's communist government that almost always claims to the International Community? People in the country no longer strangers to the government using terrorist thugs spiritual people. But the cowardly way use this evil for a woman and a baby less than two years is an immoral act is not acceptable.

While the world is the trend toward democratization of the Global, Vietnam has gradually regressed back to the era of the wild people. A society no law, no humanity, and Justice always belong to those who have power and strength. But  that power will survive for how long when people's endurance is limited. And when the inhibition, that indignation beyond control what will happen? Practices in the country occurred in Libya and some other countries in the Middle East and Arab has found that, not a force or power is strong enough to survive if the government has no Justice , does not serve the interests of the people, for society and for the country.


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SOS. Ha Nam Public Security terrorist threatening a woman and a baby
3/23/12 1:42 PM

S.O.S Công an Hà Nam khủng bố đe dọa tính mạng một phụ nữ và một em bé   Tran Thi Thuy Nga at addresses Number 52, Tran Thi Phuc, Tran Hung Dao Street junction, quarter eighth, Hai Ba Trung ward, Phu Ly, Ha Nam province threatened to kill tonight.

After many despicable dirty game of Henan Public Security as leaflets threatening, death threats, pour shrimp sauce and dirty things into the house, using thugs track and continuous aggression, poured glue elephant 502 into locks and many other dirty games ... In particular, these disguised police  regular wired external locking door, threatening Ms Nga and her child repeatedly while at home has only both of them and neighbors is constantly threatened.

On the afternoon of 23.03.2012, when she went market and went back from the Net service, a neighbor called and said: "your exit door was fenced by police that ruined my garden." When she checked out, the police had used the barbed wire enclosure.

Tran Thi Thuy Nga, in the visit Bui Thi Minh Hang, who was jailed for
 patriotic demonstrations against China

Ms Nga is a victim of sending employees in Taiwan and was abandoned during the tribulation are aid centers Catholic Vietnamese bride in Taiwan to help pass back to Vietnam, while those who bring people of Vietnam entirely neglected victims.

Since her return to Vietnam to date, the government not only has no responsibility to help, contrary she has consistently got many despicable games by Vietnam government. She only mother and child, (child less than two years old ) but was continuosly watched and threatened life by gangsters who worked from order of Ha Nam police.

Police impersonated as gangsters and watched in front of Ms. Nga house.

On the one hand, plainclothes police frequently harassed, vandalized repeatedly by many ways as inspection of household, shelter etc ... Moreover a police group who impersonating thugs regularly monitor her house and keep abreast  her with dirty threatened actions.

Can not accept a government with full guns in hand, the way a so-called rule of law that breeze despicable and ignoble game with a weak woman legs and soft hands and a baby as this case.

She was the one who regularly participate in patriotic street demonstrations, visited victims of the communist regime as she Hang Bui and others are persecuted. She had been repeatedly kidnapped blatant by police from Ha Noi and the drop between the lines. Many other games have been cowardly to use.

We spoke before the whole people who have conscience, be wary of this despicable government of Vietnam to the fate of the mother and child this woman.

We will update information on this case here.

- Update Tran Thi Thuy Nga:

During last night, thugs surrounded the house of mother and child this woman. This morning, a person who visited her and she opened the door, gangsters (impersonating police) robbers broke into her camera.

At present, they were surrounded and isolated by thugs outside, and the well being persecuted around and no one dared to intervene.

20:30 pm on 23/03/2012

Queen of Justice

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