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New Developments on the U.S. Bill of Human Rights


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Bill of Rights was HR.1410 Foreign Affairs Committee U.S. House of Representatives passed Tuesday 07-03-2012 without any kind of resistance that the current U.S. government has felt the full and correct thing about bad record on human rights in Vietnam. As the remarks of Rep. Chris Smith, Republican party and author of Human Rights bill above said discriminatory nature of religion, politics and ethnicity in Vietnam is ongoing day and day  became worse, and that's why the Congressman suggest deep concern and particularly when drafted and introduced legislation on human rights said the U.S. Congress this year. With authentication assertions besides many obvious evidence of the crackdown on freedom of religion and freedom of speech that the Communist government of Vietnam has been implementing, the U.S. officials have strongly accused the communist government of Vietnam has seriously violated the lawful  basic rights of citizens.

HR.1410 Bill of Rights which were not overcome the threshold of the United States Congress Senate in 2011. However the bill of Human Rights above continues to be re-submitted in the context of Vietnam's communist government to increase acts of human rights abuses in a systematic and fierce as a convenience. Besides a campaign to sign the petition online Human Rights of the White House recently by SBTN Television and Save The Boat Organization (Boat People SOS) of Dr. Nguyen Dinh Thang start initiated with less than a month has attracted nearly 150 thousand signatures of the Vietnamese American community has the intent to cause great impact to the U.S. policymakers of both Houses of Congress and the White House.

The solidarity of the Vietnamese community overseas to have a common voice to demand human rights for people of Vietnam in the water was really effective leaders and make Vietnam's communist government became worry more than ever, especially after the collapse of a series of dictatorships in countries of the Middle East and Arab in the past. Vietnam's communist government is now well aware of the great strength is formed from the desire to freedom and democracy of the people. The thirst for justice that has gathered everyone together and connecting them to become the second great Wall of China that does not have a power or any one force that can break. Good results exceeded everyone's expectations due to unite as one of the Vietnamese American community and in many other countries have actually triggered the inspiration and bring the confidence to Vietnamese people in country. Wish every citizen at our homeland have the same thoughts, have the same aspirations and most have the same unity similar to make the dream of Freedom become a reality soon in our loved country, Vietnam .


New Developments on the U.S. Bill of Human Rights

Update: 03:29 GMT - Thursday, 8 June 3, 2012

Trụ sở Quốc hội Hoa Kỳ trên đồi Capitol
The U.S. Congress continues to put pressure on 
Vietnam's human rights record of the country

Foreign Affairs Committee U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to restrict aid to Vietnam unless this communist country made progress in improving its human rights record.

Bill was passed Wednesday just seven thirds vote by mouth without any opposition.

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It is not allowing for non-humanitarian aid to be overtaking from the U.S. in 2011 unless the State Department review Vietnam has 'significant progress'.
But the bill must be able to give full House and Senate - a body lies in the hands of a different party.

Previously the U.S. Congress passed a Vietnam Human Rights Act but it is not passable in the Senate.

Developments 'bad'

Congressman Chris Smith, Republican, bill author, alleging discrimination brought fine 'religious, political and ethnic' in Vietnam persists or even deteriorate.

He accused the government of Vietnam that it tolerated the condition of forced labor and trafficking into the sex trade.

"Regardless of some people claim that increasing trade with Vietnam will create much more freedom and democracy, so that the Vietnamese people are more oppressed and denied their human rights Basically, "congressman of the  New Jersey state says.

Another Republican Rep. Ed Royce is coming from California where Vietnamese Americans have living Bill of Rights says Vietnam is' inspiration for those brave dissidents continue to be got the brutality repression by government of Hanoi '.

Bill expressed concern about the limitations that the Vietnamese government to impose on the people 'in the show but political and religious differences peaceful'.

It concerns how to treat Vietnam government critics such as Father Nguyen Van Ly.

Vietnam and the U.S. are building closer ties and skip past sad war amid  Hanoi and Beijing is having conflict in the East Sea sovereignty.

Democratic administration of President Barack Obama has repeatedly called for solving the Hanoi or concerns about human rights even though it also promotes wider cooperation with Hanoi including military exchanges.

Agency for International Development said the country's U.S. aid to Vietnam has 134 million dollars in fiscal 2010 - more than half this amount title to improve health and reduce mortality rate in children.

The agency has proposed amount of aid to Vietnam in 2012 was 125 million dollars.

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