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The call of the General Petitioners protest across the country



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Houses, farms, land and other assets of people were Vietnam's communist government used every trick of appropriating an unlawful abuse of power including the use of force and indiscriminate, widespread in Vietnam today society has been gradually going to push people suffering hunger, homelessness, jobless and even in the moment may be falling into prison for alleged offenses such as: "Against the duty" or "Gathering illegally, disturbing public order ... v ... v ..." that's the case his family  Doan Van Vuon at Tien Lang district, city Haiphong is a testament to the past and most obvious detail. broken family and in a moment become homeless, no longer the way of life while he himself is suffering from abuse in the home landscape jail and facing charges of allegedly " Murder and anti-people on duty," unfairly.

Corruption in the apparatus of government so long has been a festering problem in social causes, not only did not stop in time that is increasingly popular way to spread on a systematic and become more sophisticated. Officials have the right level of corruption scale than the larger and protected more rigorously by a legal system inviolable nature. Particularly the case for government officials with the smaller elements, less than the corruption of power in a more limited scope and usually when people are detected, the low-level officials will quickly become sacrifice, sacrifice myself to take the blame for superior protection of honor and a crew of government leadership in the eyes of the people and international community. This led to rampant corruption can not control and prevent the current and likely to be the main causes leading to social unrest when people become landless farmers throughout the country and stand up for the life and legal rights of their own.

The call of protest throughout the country today is an urgent work and complete right of the people. Collective actions against of the petitioners in whole country will be as cold water to flush on the heads of party leaders and state communist government of Vietnam. And is the only measure that can awaken the conscience of leaders governments at all levels. be able to prevent the wrongful act of leadership continue in the future government and the last hope is an act of collective protest petitioners country becomes a relative strength that can be force the authorities in Hanoi to sit down and negotiate in a fair return for farmers. In general, the petitioners focus protests on a national scale in the current situation is only possible measures affecting government at all levels in the implementation of social justice, respect for the law and the moral human nature .


Petitioners save themselves: Together down the road!
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   VRNs (03/21/2012) - Saigon - A few weeks, on the popular internet forum has general appeal of the petitioner protests across the country. Accordingly, the protest will take place in Hanoi, Danang and Saigon, the coming 26 and 27.3.2012. The above information has been the popular appeal of the petitioners to know is how to save themselves by the law of Vietnam. If the police or anyone on behalf of the government ban impeded, causing violence, it is concrete evidence and clearly denounce the government has actually abandoned the people, and they chose the self-confrontational People.
VRNs please contribute to this popular appeal.

The call of the General Petitioners protest across the country

We, group of veterans, former officers and soldiers Military of Pioneer Brigade, Plain Brigade ... Group is proud of the title "uncle Ho's soldiers", as the title of it is pride; a deep emotional attachment generations staff, our soldiers during the wars against the French and the U.S. until today tomorrow and forever.

Considering that: First of metamorphic attitude of governments at all levels by a small group of leaders who, degenerate in the party and government apparatus taking advantage of the Communist Party, the Party's revolutionary Uncle Ho to go against with the policy of "peasants having land". They are conspiring with domestic and foreign capital, the investment on behalf of interest groups, seizing land, houses, fields and gardens of the farmers, compensation for the cheap price for resale with prices up to the hundred times for capital construction of golf courses, real estate projects, export processing zones ... That causes a large force of landless farmers were pushed into the dead end, assets and capital goods were horizontal appropriate course, life is inherently poor, poorer and more difficult. And then there appeared a red capitalist class giants have many trillion of assets, as the case of Nguyen Thanh Phuong, daughter of Mr. Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung is the Chairman Board of Bank The Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank (Viet Capital Bank) owns more than 3,000 billion VND capital.

Therefore: This fact has pushed the petitioners, including many families of veterans, war invalids, martyrs, including the families of the revolution and the families of Heroic mothers in Vietnam to end of the way, then the only death. Because the loss of land, homes fields and gardens are no longer lose all the way live. Whether the family has been pursuing several complaints uninterrupted years were done without hope, push indifferent attitude of the authorities. That the family's protests Union Veterans Doan Van Vuon is proof undeniable wrong.

So: In the spirit of unity is our strength, take the example of hundreds of farmers are landless farmers lost their land from three areas: Dak Nong province, Duong Noi (Ha Dong, Hanoi) and Van Giang (Hung Yen) in the last few days in Hanoi. In the spirit of "the ground lost is even harsher death. That must have land to live and we are determined to reclaim the means of production. We declare that if the government does not solve for people, we will make TW hunger strikes, set themselves on fire ... "

We call on all people, petitioners nationwide are victims of unjust acts, despite the law arbitrarily stolen land, homes, our farms to be rich for a small group of Great aristocratic family. Let's consensus, the series down the road, promoting the spirit of Mr. Doan Van Vuon to indicate the strength of our forces petitioners nationwide on peacefully. Please do not forget fellow farmers, chopsticks are more susceptible to a break, a bunch of chopsticks in no way be broken, it is the eternal rule.

Specific and focused in three major cities: Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho. Ho Chi Minh.

A. Time: 02 days - Starting from Monday 26 at 08:30 am to evening Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Two. Location:

In Hanoi: National Assembly Office at No. 35 Ngo Quyen, Hanoi

At Danang Representative Office in the Central Parliament No. 04 Tran Quy Cap, Hai Chau District, Da Nang

In Saigon: The office of clients receiving State Party Central Committee and in the city. Ho Chi Minh - No. 35 Ho Hoc Lam, Binh Tan Dist. Ho Chi Minh.

3. Slogans, banners requirements people preparing that not aggressive and within the limits permitted by law and avoid violating the law.

4. Suggest petitioners, we prepare food, drinks and blankets for protesters in last 2 days 1 night to put pressure on the government to resolve the complaint and amended Land Law. Where the demands of her children are not met we will hold protest gatherings with consecutive monthly longer, on a large scale, forcing government to accept the demands of each one of us.

We respectfully ask the mass media and individuals widely distributed this call  general rally websites on websites, blogs and help us photo copy this call then sent widely range to the petitioners to participate.

Expect individuals and good heart organizations that support food and drink for people during the time Petitioners protest to alleviate difficulties for people.

Would like to thank.
On behalf of the General Union Army veterans Pioneer Brigade and plain Brigade Group

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