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Vietnam sentenced dissident Protestant Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh



Commission on International Religious Freedom United States (USCIRF) recommended making Vietnam CPC list of the serious violations of religious freedom


            U.S. congressman proposed Vietnam back serves CPC

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Violations of freedom of religion seriously and have systems in Vietnam was always the first concern for public opinion at home and abroad. The increase of human rights abuses in Vietnam now be urgent in the public opinion as well as deep concern from international human rights organizations and many countries around the world including the United States and the international in the European bloc. In recent years, many international human rights organizations, the European Parliament, Congress and the State Department in many countries have repeatedly criticized and warned Hanoi government quickly to improve its poor human rights and ensure its full implementation and the correctness of the international commitments on human rights including the right to freedom of speech, freedom of belief and basic human rights that have been set forth in Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations that the communist government of Vietnam has participated and signed since 1982.

The communist government of Vietnam has always asserted to international that following a consistent policy from the government of Socialist Republic of Vietnam is absolute respect for human rights include basic human rights such as Free Speech, Religious Freedom, Freedom of the press, freedom of association ... v ... v .... The government tried to sophistry and denial of the allegations from the National Human Rights Institutions International and national human rights abuses that they oppressed people. Government of Vietnam has announced that in Vietnam do not have any political prisoners that only people arrested for violating the law of Vietnam. But in fact, the government made no commitment as they say. Human Rights in Vietnam have been trampled rudely. And activities of harassment, repression, arrests and illegal detention against the dissidents, religious activists, individuals and religious organizations with increasing seriousness important and sophisticated.

The arrest and sentenced to 11 years in prison for "undermining the unity policy religion" under Article 87 of the Criminal Procedure Code to Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh, Head of Evangelical Lutheran Church in Vietnam today one government again shows Vietnam's communist government does not respect and concern for religious freedom rights of the people. A series of unprovoked attacks against of the government to Religions as the Thai Ha parish, My Loc, My Du, Mission of Con Cuong ... Getting and brought back to prison for dissident priest Nguyen Van Ly while his health was not good for are being suffered the consequences of brain tumor and the secret kidnapping dozens of young people for young Catholic Diocese of Vinh, Redemptorists, attacks and cause serious injury, terrorism and impede spiritual activities Religion, as for Pastoral Catholic priest Luu Quang Hoa of Diocese Kon Tum, Nguyen Van Lia Hoa Hao Buddhists in An Giang , Pastor Nguyen Hong Quang Evangelical Mennonite Church in Saigon and many other cases .... cause affecting the interest of international public opinion and the recent recommendations of the Commission on International Religious Freedom U.S. demands put Vietnam back on the CPC list of countries with cases of violation freedom of religion seriously and continuous nature.


Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh was 11 years in prison
Update: 14:03 GMT - Monday, March 26, 2012

Mục sư Nguyễn Công Chính khi bị bắt

Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh was arrested
 almost a year ago

Gia Lai Court has treated Protestant Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh, 11 years in prison for Undermining national unity policy under Article 87 of the Penal Code.

The pastor, 43, was arrested January 4/2011, nearly a year, which so far been brought to trial.

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Tran Thi Hong, his wife told the BBC his trial without an attorney present.

Voice of Vietnam said the reports are open to the public hearing, but she told police heavily guarded around and she herself, as the wife, to be "fierce struggle" for being inside.

"Only the presiding judge, representatives Procuracy and jurors, but even the court-appointed lawyer nor should my husband have to defend themselves."

Tran Thi Hong said the family would appeal proceedings within 15 days prescribed "as required by my husband sent out from the prison," but are now looking for a lawyer.

Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh was arrested on 28/4/2011 to investigate crimes against the unity policy., Under Article 87 of the Penal Code.

Mr. Main, whose real name is Nguyen Thanh Long, is the Lutheran Church, a Protestant church in, in Vietnam. Previously, he was also head of mission of a Mennonite Protestant churches are not permitted to operate government.

Officials then said was "detained reactionary audience Nguyen Cong Chinh," said he was not only accused priest that he was "hiding under the guise of religion."

The court's indictment Monday 26/3 also says he has the "contact, collusion with the object of political opportunity and abroad set up many organizations, religious groups meeting illegally, received funding from the the reactionary exile organizations and participate actively in the organization to oppose the reactionary state, undermining the unity policy ".

'Especially serious'

Presiding Judge Le Van Ha was quoted by Voice of Vietnam  as saying: "While  have been reminded several times but defendant still made  violations with increasing levels of more serious damage to life society. "

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'Crime' of Nguyen Cong Chinh was also rated as "extremely serious, causing loss of trust of the people of the State, destabilize the security situation in the local politics."

Mr. Nguyen Cong Chinh, along with writer Tran Khai Thanh Thuy, 2009 was Vietnam Human Rights Network for Human Rights Award. Now she came to the United States Marine settlers.

The pastor was born in 1969 in Quang Nam.

In 1985 he and his family to live in new economic zones in Kon Tum. He had served time in the military.

Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh currently residing in the city of Pleiku, Gia Lai province. They had four children.

Government Committee for Religious Affairs has a new chief is Lt. Gen. Pham Dung, who held the position of General Director of Department of Security II, that the agencies responsible for homeland security.

Speaking to the BBC about the new sentence for the pastor, said John Sifton, Advocacy Director for Asia of the human rights organization Human Rights Watch, said the actions of the government of Vietnam shows that Vietnam "is not respect for religious freedom. "

"The conviction of the pastor is not an isolated case ... Particularly in 2011, at least nine Protestants in the Central Highlands total sentenced to 85 years in prison for crimes against national unity, while the adherents of other sects such as Hoa Hao, Catholics and Falun Gong also sentenced to prison or sentenced awaiting trial. "

"The sentence for Nguyen Quoc Chinh pastor once again proved that the government of Vietnam does not care about religious freedom."

Commission on International Religious Freedom recently the U.S. State Department request bringing Vietnam into the list of countries of concern about religious freedom (CPC).

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