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Petitioners in whole country claim for land and behavior of Vietnam's communist government


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Petitioners in whole country continued to pull together to gather in Hanoi for land claims with the desire to be the leaders of the party and government listen to the thoughts and their legitimate aspirations to request government to return the property, farms land that governments at all levels have seized in an unlawful course of many years. The petitioners of this mess are the rustic countryside, gentle and innocent. They only know how far away each one to survive is to sell their faces for land,  to sell backs for sky ( farmer) and farms and land assets of grandparents, parents, ancestors over many generations to leave that in a moment crumble again because the thieves robbed who in the name of law, government representatives and any use of force tactics evil, despicable seize an illegal way.

Although nominally the representatives of government and law enforcement, but the leaders are not only not protect the lives and property of citizens they also strive to make personal abuse of power benefits for themselves and their families regardless of all consequences pushing people into misery, homelessness, and jobless thus no longer living. Limited tolerance of people like spilled glass of water and what has come to family of Doan Van Vuon at Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city who has been unable to control the frustrations and furious that leads to self-defense actions when fired on a huge force including police and military, who were armed only want to swallow strong property and land of his family, despite the violation of law and human morality.

Tien Lang case a seismic country and attracted the attention of the international community seemed like a good milestone in the history of the ruling communist dictatorship Vietnam after receiving the post- support of the authorities, the relevant departments and organizations contributed most heartfelt words from a number of government leaders, including comments by General Le Duc Anh, former State President of Vietnam and the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dang Hung Vo professor. Shortly thereafter, the head of  government, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung also met with on the conclusions and guidance on handling staff wrongdoing in the incident and return all legal rights for victims. But joy is not complete, then the people of Vietnam the country again had astonished and indignant statement irresponsible, immoral from leaders of Hai Phong city government, said City Secretary Committee Nguyen Van Thanh.

In front of hundreds of senior officials and generals revolution at the club meeting at the Bach Dang Thanh has strongly criticized the attitude of the staff and service perspective distortions in Tien Lang and uphold his opinion that the authorities have acted promptly and correctly when carrying out enforcement of his family land Doan Van Vuon. The statement above clearly showed his displeasure with the condemnation from the people and conscience leaders, as well as complete protection against any opinions, conclusions, and direct the handling of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. People today have completely lost faith in true law, in justice and for the government. In the eyes of the people now only surviving images of corrupt officials, the soldiers, the police with guns, batons, electric batons on hand is poised to attack and destroy any who dared to have dissented and take action prejudicial to the interests and power of the party and the communist regime with the motto " exist Party, exist them."


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Petitioners continue to drag the places in Hanoi
03/22/12 8:59 AM

Dân oan các nơi tiếp tục kéo về Hà Nội   In two days, the petitioners from places like Ha Khe Village, Van Ha Commune - Dong Anh District, Hanoi; Ngoc Xuyen village - Bai Dai - Gia Binh - Bac Ninh 3 communes of Van Giang district and some other places in Hai Phong, Daknong was drawn to the central agency based in Hanoi, to ask the authorities in Hanoi to return the property was government land seize illegally allocated to private companies trading real estate or construction of ecotourism.

Today, hundreds of people waiting patiently in front of the Fatherland Front Committee of Vietnam (Vietnam Fatherland Front), No. 46 Trang Thi, Hanoi, and this morning, to continue to drag the National Assembly Office, No. 35, Ngo Quyen.

Petitioners places drag on test day 46 Trang 03/21/2012

The authorities have mobilized a huge police forces of all kinds, besides, many undercover police were sitting and plugs into the people. Those who go way if you want to take pictures is also very difficult, because force is "mass spontaneous" ready to steal the camera rushing despite who is the photographer .

Petitioners drag on the screen 35 Ngo Quyen on 03/22/2012

In a separate incident, yesterday afternoon 21.03.2012, the Thien Loc commune, Can Loc district, Ha Tinh province has put into the hearse Committee Thien Loc commune led government requested clarification on the death of Le Quang Trong, 25, died at the police station immortal and local police say died of suicide on 19/3 before.

Phenomenon of the police who beat people to death in the past few years has become the system. According to unofficial statistics prompted the name on the state media, the victims were beaten to death police are not small. There are approximately 30 cases police beat to death in the custody of the police in recent years:

Thien Loc commune People hearse pulled into the CPC on 03/21/2012
 ( Vietnamnet photo)

On 7/14/2009, because motorcyclists not wear helmets, Pham Ngoc Den, 29 years old was chased by Gia Lai traffic police that led to tragic death. Thousands of people flocked to Gia Lai Police attitudes expressed indignant at the immoral conduct of the police. There are no good, still arrogant aggressive, police arrested 75 people in Gia Lai incarcerated! The next day, among those arrested, Tran Minh Sy a young and strong youth , 23 years old, died quietly in Gia Lai police custody!

On 21.11.2009, Nguyen Manh Hung, 33 years old, died in police detention center in Ha Dong district, Hanoi!

On 11/28/2009, Dang Trung Trinh, 32 years old, died in police headquarters Tien Dong, Four States district, Hai Duong!

On 22.12.2009, Nguyen Van Long, 41 years old was arrested by police social dimension Bom Bo, Bu Dang District, Binh Phuoc. Evening his wife visit to see Long swelling, bruises all over his body and heard moaning from Mr.Long: Was beaten! It hurts! May be not live! As expected, the next morning, police said his wife that: Mr. Long was dead!

On 01/21/2010, Mr Nguyen Quoc Bao, 33 years old, died in police detention of Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi!

Vehicle of staff were people throwing stones Thien Loc commune (Vietnamnet photo)

On 4/24/2010, he Huynh Tan Nam, 21 years old, motorcyclists not wear helmet was a traffic cop and a police Phu Dien commune, Dien Khanh district, Khanh Hoa beat spine trauma, subsidence right temporal bone, and sphenoid bones broken provision right cheek, put marrow, ligament rupture along the front, four broken teeth, a critical life!

On 07/05/2010, Mr. Vo Van Khanh, 29, died in police custody Dien Ban, Quang Nam!

The police car was Thien Loc commune people
 break the glass dimensions 21/3 (Vietnamnet photo)

On 25/05/2010, Tinh Hai commune, Tinh Gia, Thanh Hoa focused preventing a government land acquisition forcibly imposed, police opened fire immediately broke two people, include Le Xuan Dung, 12 years old died on the spot, Le Huu Nam, 43, was seriously injured, five days after death!

On 06.07.2010, Nguyen Phu Trung, 41, were two police Thuy Xuan Tien, Chuong My, Ha Noi beat to death!

On 30/06/2010, Vu Van Hien, 40, died in police custody Dai Tu, Thai Nguyen!

On 07.03.2010, Nguyen Thanh Năm, 43 years old was police officers beaten to death in the funeral in Con Dau, Da Nang!

On 07.23.2010, Nguyen Van Khuong, 21, motorcyclists not wearing helmets, police arrested Tan Yen district, Bac Giang, just a few hours later, was killed in the police house !

On 08/06/2010, Hoang Thi Tra, 20 years old, student, plainclothes police shot, bullet thighs, pelvis break!

On 08/08/2010, Mr. Tran Duy Hai, 32, died in police custody Hau Giang!

On 09/09/2010, Tran Ngoc Tang, 52, died when police custody at the headquarters of the commune People's Committee of Binh Thanh, Trang Bom district, Dong Nai!

On 28/02/2011, Trinh Xuan Tung motorcyclists not wearing helmets to Giap Bat station, Hanoi, caught by the police regarding police headquarters Thinh Liet, Hoang Mai district. That night he had been bruised all over, full body paralysis. Viet-Germany Hospital emergency procedures to determine he had been two neck vertebrae and bruise injuries all over him! Eight days after Mr. Tung death! "

On 04.25.2011, Nguyen Cong Nhut was found dead hanging in positions in Ben Cat District CA headquarters and left a suicide note cards. He Nhut was storekeeper of Kumho Tire Co. based in Phuoc Industrial Park 3. He was invited to headquarters CA Ben Cat District to clear thousands of cases of theft occur and car tires at this company.

On 03/19/2012, Le Quang Trong (SN 1987, residing in Hong Tan hamlet, commune Thien Loc, Can Loc district) is said to have hanged himself in police detention room Can Loc district, Ha Tinh province. When the body weight of receiving information from the police, the victim's body was taken to the hospital morgue Can Loc.

Most of the victims were police explained "suicide" by shoes strand, by his shirt or as Nguyen Cong Nhat suicide by charging phone strand.

The abet of the authorities in Hanoi covering each other with the motto " Exist Party, exist them" are causing many disasters to innocent civilians all over the country.

We call on the conscience of the nation's leaders: please stop before its too late!

Video: A brazen robbery of the people land in the middle of Hanoi by the state "of the people, by the people, for the people"


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