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The Tien Lang authorities made impeachment to Mr. Vuon- Where is Justice?


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Tomorrow is the due date shall be 30-03-2012 Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung proposed that the city of Hai Phong People's Committee reports to the implementation of the direction of the Prime Minister on request handling violations of all government officials involved in enforcement cases illegal land in Tien Lang district to his family Doan Van Vuon and return quickly to resolve all legitimate rights and lawfulness of his family. But rather than recognize the wrong in the past and strictly follow the requirements right government of Prime Minister, the government at all levels have the delaying action and even has some indication that the points and the behavior of governments at all levels including City People's Committee of Hai Phong and Tien Lang district have gone against the views and direction from the head of the government of Vietnam, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.

The first violation is irresponsible and unethical statements of Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Secretary of the Committee of Hai Phong city in front of hundreds of government officials at the club "Bach" includes the Retired officials, generals and even some of those who have previously held leadership critical positions in state such as  General Le Duc Anh, former president of Republic Socialist of Vietnam, Vice Minister of Resources and Environment, Professor Dang Hung Vo. Mr. Thanh has denied any wrongdoing at all levels of government in the enforcement of land in Tien Lang district with his family Doan Van Vuon sharply criticized the comments of General Le Duc Anh and Deputy Resources and Environment Professor Dang Hung Vo, this completely goes against all the conclusions and the direction from Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung who said governments at all levels in the enforcement of land in violation of law.

The violations continued today as the government of Tien Lang district instead  realizes their mistakes and can quickly take corrective action and remedy and compensation for damage that was caused by their wrong decisions to the family of Doan Van Vuon, they ordered to the District Committee Ombudsman focused allegations of violations which follow the People's Committee of Tien Lang district, they must deal with his family Doan Van Vuon. In fact the offenses alleged violations unfounded from Tien Lang district authorities is aimed at enticing the public to understand and unbeneficial oriented to Doan Van Vuon family to cover up their mistakes decisions in unlawful land-coercion in the past.

All activities and ways to divert public opinion and evade the responsibility of Haiphong government and Tien Lang district government to the people on their violations, not only do not work well, but also increases discontent among the people and lost faith in the people seriously. Only by sincerely to correct the fault and seriously attitude at all levels of government to pay back the truth, justice and respect for all practical interests of the people can take back the faith from everyone really to government, to justice and state laws. The leaders of governments at all levels should stop all concepts, attitudes and actions of his sins. A government built on the foundation lacks fairness, lack of respect for the law, and especially the people lack confidence in the administration of justice, that regime will not survive and could not continue to rule the country.


The Tien Lang government convicted Mr. Vuon 
Update: 09:33 GMT - Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ao đầm của gia đình ông Vươn

Mr. Vuon was identified as having many mistakes
 in the process of land use allocation

Tien Lang district inspector has published the results of some investigation of his crimes Doan Van Vuon in agricultural land use in the context of the reporting date the prime minister on the results of the handling of the Tien Lang is coming.

Wednesday afternoon on 28/3, Tien Lang district inspector has invited wife of Doan Van Vuon and Doan Van Quy is Nguyen Thi Thuong and Pham Thi Hien to work in their offices Quang Vinh commune.

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At the meeting, the district announced inspection four violations of Mr. Vuon on the basis of the Commission's materials and documents of the bank that they collect.

Do Nhu Tuyen deputy inspector said Mrs. Thuong does not provide any document to the inspection team led by Mr. Vuon is being in detention.

Accordingly, Mr. Vuon was stated that there were violations: encroachment by nearly 20 ha of land outside the assigned protection deforestation or rental of land in assigned land and tax evasion.

In which three violations the Commission has been a long process to district inspectors not to investigate further and the only remaining tax debt. Therefore, inspection requirements his family Vuon to pay the tax debt over 10 million.

Finding trace by pick up the fur?

BBC interviewed Mr. Vu Van Luan, Secretary FA brackish water aquaculture Tien Lang district, on the charges of Tien Lang district inspector.

Mr. Luan is person who was authorized by Mrs. Thuong on behalf of her family to work with the inspection team when her husband is in detention but this authorization was not accepted by the inspection team and the local government.

It is not tax evasion, tax proposal is not revenue authorities. Now the service and people do not pay taxes. "

Vu Van Luan, secretary Tien Lang brackish water aquaculture

Mr. Luan completely disagreed four 'offense' and produce the action that is 'left the fire on people's hands' of Tien Lang government.

He argued that Mr. Vuon's 'land invasion' while the government programs are encouraging all organizations and individuals reclaimed polders. Moreover, Tien Lang administration then legitimized his actions by ruling Mr. Vuon for his additional assignment of the land 'encroached' is almost 20 ha.

"This period (sea) very turbulent. How having trees, how having warp like this, "he said," All day white water hit warp crushed. "

"The south area of Cong Roc is the most bony area that many people have not done but Mr. Vuon has done, has shielded the major sea routes such as this," he added.

On deforestation, Mr. Luan quoted the decision that assign land to Mr. Vuon is 'land aquaculture rather than forest land'.

"(It is)when the people in production, they have dug ponds for shrimp hatching, they have no dug forest, cut forests," said Luan urgent.

The land lease on assigned land from Mr. Vuon, Mr. Luan also invoked Article 113 of the Land Law for the correct law.

"Mr. Vuon has the right to lease land even including to foreigners who come here to lease," he said.

Mr. Luan also said that Tien Lang government is at fault in farmers do not pay taxes.

Ao đầm nhà ông Vươn

Many people believe that his family Doan Van Vuon
 was sweating  and sacrifices to land reclamation

"Every year when tax Tien Lang district administration has decided to issue tax revenue assigned to agricultural land use for all household land use," he explained and added that since 2005 the government Tien Lang has not issued any decision like that.

"We know where to taxpayers? pay this application or pay the other application? district demanded, commune also demanded he know whom to pay?, "He said.

Mr. Luan also said that Mr. Vuon has repeatedly worked with Tax Department and proposed the Commission district issued tax collection targets for land use 'are payed taxes'.

"It is not tax evasion, proposal taxpayers but goverment not collect. Now slander people do not pay taxes, "said pressing.

Mr. Luan also said that other farmers have no dicision of  collect taxes quotas should not pay taxes that now only collect to Mr.Vuon, so he claims the  inspection result is 'unfair'.

'Not do heavy-handed '

He said make inspection to Mr. Vuon at this time that shows the Administration in Tien Lang is " Finding trace by pick up the fur'' to find reason to cover their work' while 'the prime minister had clear conclusion' about violations in the land recovery and enforcement of Tien Lang government to Mr. Vuon.

"The government does not see his mistakes to fix, sorry, to the settlement on the basis of construction," he said.

In a meeting with the inspection, Mr. Luan said Mrs. Thuong and Hien request for inspection result but is not responding and was told that 'few more days to deliver. "

Committee of Tien Lang can grasp something of the secrets of Hai Phong. So if you do heavy-handed with me, I would say all the twist behind. "

Vu Van Luan, Secretary Tien Lang brackish water aquaculture

"If Mrs. Thuong would receive written inspection that the inspection results is illegally, I  was authorized representative of Mr. Vuon, I will make a formal complaint," he said.

As Secretary FA brackish water aquaculture Tien Lang district, Mr. Luan said he was "closely monitoring the path of Hai Phong city in the implementation of decisions of the prime minister '.

While only a limited days left to Hai Phong authorities must report on the implementation of prime minister was concluded on 30/3, Mr. Luan commented that city government certainly can not do heavy-handed with Tien Lang '.

"Committee of Hai Phong allowed Tien Lang to do," he explained.

"Maybe Committee Tien Lang grasp something of the secrets of Hai Phong," he speculated, "So if you do heavy-handed with my hands, I would say all the twist behind. '

He said during the implementation of prime minister concluded recently, The FA's he has sent several dispatches Committee of Hai Phong city but so far the city is not what any such action.

One of the documents suggests the City 'investigation and prosecutions of criminal violations in the field of management of land under Article 174 of the Penal Code' Mr. Luan said this is the crux of everything threads in Tien Lang.

A further written request for consideration of liability and inventory of all assets on the ground to compensate for Mr. Vuon as well as other farmers in Tien Lang revoked on the ground.

Comments lawyer

Căn chòi tạm của gia đình ông Vươn

Hai Phong authorities will report inspection results
 to the Prime Minister of Vietnam

Talking to BBC, Truong Chi Cong lawyer specializing in land law at the law firm C & M in Hanoi to know if there are witnesses confirmed family Mr. Vuion from reclaimed polders with their effort to the land today is 'entirely consistent with the guidelines and policies of the State at that time'.

"The government itself has admitted, has delivered more sanctions and it means that Mr. Vuon used land in the lawful ," he said.

On the destruction of forests by Mr. Vuon, The lawyer argued that the allocation record must indicate on forest land and what trees to statistics, the number of how many and have served the purpose of protection or not to convict Mr. Vuon based 'cut down protection forests'.

"Otherwise, Mr. Vuon has perfect right to use land for agricultural development," he said.

On land lease of Mr. Vuon, he said must be based on the contact of assign land that has forbidden Mr. Vuon for doing it or not, otherwise the procedures of Mr. Vuon for leasing land is also legally No problem.

The lawyer also said that the tax debt problem 'is in error state agencies'.

"The local tax office must be notified to the tax obligation that they must pay taxes based on their assigned area," he said.

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