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Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 143 (15-03-2012)

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Dear to You, Our Supporters, Our Readers semi-monthly magazine Freedom of Speech 143, release date 15-03-2012, the semicircular editorial san.Xin thank you received and abetting common, especially popular back in the country for dear compatriots.
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Reoganizes Party - Conspiracy and antics!
Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 143 (15-03-2012)

            Former Prime Minister Ly Quang Dieu, the interpretation of integrity, any corruption of the state apparatus (who is his party) in Singapore (capital renowned throughout the world), has said there are three factors: a salary worthy people without corruption, a strict law institutions so that people could not corrupt, and an education that fully conscience (through religion) it fails to take corruption!
            Communist Party of Vietnam, due to cultivate four management apparatus country very bulky (the party apparatus, the machinery of government, public security apparatus, the apparatus Front) should not pay a living wage. Country's laws only apply to people rather than for party members, and intra-party have only the purged law (between seniors and inferiors), bribery laws (as for the above) and any managed Act ( King for a local realm). Finally, communism advocated pagan, conscience honor is considered junk, the morality is what is most beneficial to the party and yourself. These naturally lead to the gradual deterioration of personality, moral of party members and pose for power and survival of the party. Consequently the party does not stop the correction is in place, especially from Congress in 1986, at the beginning of economic opening and party members are allowed to get rich. Since then, it has been calculated to have 14 political parties resolutions. The problem of moral degradation of the ranks of party members from low to high has never been solved thoroughly, even becoming more severe. Two years ago, dated 10-10-2009, closing remarks the 11th Conference of the Central Committee of the Xth Party, former General Secretary Nong Duc Manh stressed that the work of Party building "mission-level immediate, meaningful decision for the revolutionary, vital to the Party and the regime ". By the 4th Conference of the Central Party Committee XI on 26-12-2011, the new General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong to repeat: "Alter Party is the prerequisite for survival of the regime." Then just two months later, at the conference of party members nationwide on 27-02-2012, he was general secretary screamed even more loudly than mandarin stem than around the "master, the implementation of Central Resolution 4 for party-building "(ie rescue party) before" a thousand delegates including the entire membership of the Politburo, Secretariat, Executive Committee of 11th Central Committee, key staff in the Agencies Central Committee Secretary and Deputy Secretary, key officials of 63 provinces and cities in the country. "
            What prompted the party to open two large conference just two months apart? This is the situation of the people protesting on a rise, creating a hurricane can knock at any mode. Motors latest protest that made the party's dizzy Doan Van Vuon shooting case against robbers disguised police officer, followed by the arrest to Viet Khang musicians, the author of 2 songs that tracks nature denunciations (Who are you? and Where's my Vietnam?) already popular Vietnamese disturbance from domestic to overseas out. In parallel it was just the drum beat agreeably, trumpet blow contrariwise between the Party Committee of Hai Phong and Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. A conflict between the State Party, between central and local, and even among senior party members with low-level party members. In addition, the power struggle within the party, especially between the General Secretary, who was head of the Politburo, the greatest power on the principle of party-but watch out for this underdog, with Prime Minister secondary capital accountability of government, diplomatic concerns surface, but this became the number one authority, because just holding tool that police violence, both instruments in the hands of forces is more than 20 corporations and age group. Factor "against people armed party," factors "disorder Party from top to bottom" and "element likely island in the Political power" has led to the danger of collapse Party should really new intensive open a large meeting called to "be correct for the mistakes, shortcomings, the show negative deviations, fade, away from the ideal target, bureaucracy, corruption, wastefulness and violations democracy ... of many cadres and party members, including those who hold high positions in the Party and State apparatus ". In fact, the only political party this time is a plot and a farce.
            1 - Conspiracy:
            First of all, it is the fight between the factions, as commented by Professor Ngo Vinh Long (son Ngo Ba Thanh, a senior party members disillusioned): "The conference last say is justified, but fact that, to date, how much the political parties from the 1950s until recently, only factional fighting. "Indeed, before the Central Conference 4 and National Conference with Officials Party central is regulating the practices of nepotism Nguyen Tan Dung has exposed front of everyone: the eldest son be promoted to Vice Minister of Construction and daughter took a key role in many banks and important companies, while the youngest son shall be held high in the Communist Youth League. Not yet to mention to the Prime Minister himself is manipulating the entire financial economy and the nation through the boss of the corporation, university and corporations are creating fins wings of the police generals full power. So no wonder that in the speech on 27-2, Nguyen Phu Trong has recommended that "leaders ... especially the head," "must voluntarily, as the previous model," "self-criticism, inspired himself, his unit, his family "as well as repeated solemnly Regulation No. 47 of the Central Executive Committee which was signed on 1-11-2011 Trong, said that 19 articals are prohibited. According to many analysts, this is  "19 massages send to private family of Nguyen Tan Dung. Posted by Nguyen Phu Trong and Truong Tan Sang. Core content of it, long lines are "forbidden chain alone holding the blade to grind political economy which cut off flesh of country that not save to anyone." And only three short words: "Enough, Dung!" (Tan Luc Dinh, ).
            The second plot is Han assimilation in party. We all know China has made public the Vietnam strategy as weak, dependent on China since Mao Zedong took power. By the Vietnamese Communist Party's cowardice, after accounting for the Vietnam Hoang Sa in 1974, and Truong Sa in 1988 and 1992, China has bribed Nong Duc Manh to conceal military in the Central Highlands through the guise of bauxite, bribed Nguyen Tan Dung to conceal  troops in the forests are strategically located country, has taken an army who covered as workers draped across the country. All just waiting for an opportunity to launch the attack, pushed Vietnam into the situation to endure, bear complete loss of the Spratly Islands and became the country of China. Changsha is fully occupied conditions necessary to control the entire South China Sea, and South China Sea will be a springboard to China towards the Pacific. That want a share of Vietnam's Truong Sa by force, the first condition is that Vietnam must be silent, did not fight back, resigned to take up the entire outpost strategy. Who will do this? Only "you" of the Vietnamese Communist Party China! This is the real reason, the importance of the "legal" current. This has been prepared by economic management trip of Tap Quang Binh to Vietnam in Jan 2012 and through the visit to Beijing of To Huy Rua from 14 to 18-2-2012 To Huy Rua that to pass plan to reorganize party of Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong and ask for instructions of the Communist Politburo of China. This is incalculable risk for the survival of our People and our Country.
            2 - farce
            As already mentioned, Nguyen Phu Trong has solemnly reiterated Regulation 47 as "commandments" of all the party reforms and individual members. This is not a new story, because from September 5-1999 Regulations also had 55 "These things do not party members." 12-2007 have to Regulation 115 of the banned party members only (Truong Tan Sang sign), then there Regulations 47 in 11-2011. All of them still only around 19 articles and content is "the same" and the results may be " not different." As the recent confession of raw TBT Le Kha Adventure: "The situation has degraded  dropping in party, such as cancer. In fact, this situation has often prevented by Party but do not where to choose to get the disease is becoming more serious. "
            Proposed solutions to political parties, Nguyen Phu Trong emphasized self-discipline, self-criticism: "Step by officials and party members, first of all, each Member of Central Committee comrades, members of the Politburo, the Secretariat itself sense, model self-criticism, review, look back, adjust his play something good, something bad, then wash yourself, fix yourself. " But a "moral" has no foundation in conscience, not subject to the judgment of a sacred power, no need to consider paying for the future world probably, took strong space policy lies Conduct of life, then do affect the personality of the party members, although TBT has exhorted the throat irritation! The weight also admitted: "The principle of self-criticism and criticism very poorly done, lack of frank, honest, scruffy, deference." Also, because putting themselves above the law, not responsible to the people (because where people have to vote!), Taking dictatorial as method of treatment of citizens, strengthening the power and authority to acquire benefit, so what party members need to live by reason, by goodness! Which dictator would produce a monopoly. Exclusive privilege born. Born privileged alienation. Alienate the entire population born lamentation scene, hundreds of their resentment. Then word came that the new party rectification continuously, a humorous action completely, type «to leave a work unfinished », «holding high, beat lighly" to appease the wrath of public opinion rather than real changes the situation, that is very effective, as more and failed to prove actual current shows.
            To rule out the plot completely (causing harm to the public authorities and national life) and quitted farce (causing abuse to party members and clam bored in people), the only way that all people are standing up to make a democratic revolution, to dissolve dictatorships and Communist Party started (especially the major culprit members) have to answer to justice.

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