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M'Nong ethnic minority whom Vietnam government was land robbing " determined to stay in the Capital for land claims"


Speech by Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Secretary of Hai Phong City Party Committee at the Bach Dang club on 17-02-2012 that against the views and conclusions of the Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, and caused public outrage in people.

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Gatherings in front of the public authorities for claims on land, a problem has been widespread in Vietnam so long, is becoming more serious for those citizens who are ethnic minorities living away from the city center and the center includes major cities such as Saigon and Hanoi. The phenomenon had become hot and urgent than when the long pent-up frustrations on in the hearts of people today have a special opportunity outbreak most of since the case of Doan Van Vuon in Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city, an enforcement seized land illegally by Tien Lang district government to put people with no escape path leading to risk their lives to use self-defense weapons, against the wrongdoings of the government with the backing of an armed force includes hundreds of powerful police and army.

Gunshots in Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city did wake up and pull the government leaders at all levels to return to reality. In the past, when the authorities use force to suppress appropriate property and land illegally, people only care bear distinctive  dare not resist even though many of them are well aware about the law of the non-recovery decisions and enforcement of land above. However, before an armed force is a powerful and people representing government, the law with electric batons, batons, guns in hand with murderous face so people know only to accept the woe that the suffering endured biting live and silent chain pitches life that full distress and misery. A small number even when have no longer way of live, they risk their lives to pack to take to the central agencies or large cities for complaint with little hope here that justice remains a bit of respect that  ....

Tien Lang recent case was really blowing a puff of new air from them and help them enhance the courage to face reality, to violence and oppression. Gunfire of his family park Doan Van Vuon at Tien Lang has really helped them stand up with their own feet in claims for justice, to reclaim land and property interests of the family that authorities Vietnam's communist country seized an illegal throughout the past decades. Typically, ethnic minority groups M'Nong stayed resolutely in front of the central government until the government of Vietnam to meet the legitimate aspirations to turn back their thousands of land acres that government appropriated without resolution for many past years, despite direct instructions from the authorities at higher levels.

The phenomenon of " inferiors not obey seniors " as the folk legend is a proverb that " Village law defeats the law of King" has lasted throughout the decades in society and the country of Vietnam which is known as a jurisdiction state. Above phenomenon does not seem to have the opportunity to terminate that the Tien Lang case is a recent empirical evidence. Speaking and acting from head of the municipal government secretary of Hai Phong Nguyen Van Thanh had said exactly the opposite opinion, conclusion and the direction of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung about Tien Lang in the meeting at a Bach Dang club with attended by hundreds of former officials including a state supreme leader of the Party and State Le Duc Anh, former president of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.


M'Nong 'to head to the capital'

Update: 17:31 GMT - Friday, 2 June 3, 2012

Người dân về Hà Nội khiếu kiện trong tháng Hai năm 2012
The people of Dak Nong and other locations
 have a complaint about Hanoi in recent weeks

A team from Nong M'Nong was determined not to leave Hanoi for more than a month to appeal, although the government has to inspect them during the day 03/01/2012.

Mr Dieu Xri, the head of a village with dozens of farmers lost their land said the central government has intervened nine times but Dak Nong province did not settle and they will not come back home until more than 100 households with 700 password is returned more than 1000 ha were government expropriation.

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He, Xri said people had growing wheat, cashew and rubber on this land and now the private companies are also similar crops.

Answer BBC by phone from Monday 02.03.2012 Hanoi, Mr. Xri, who said right his  home was confiscated land has said:

"The type of government resolve the issue for people but that we say is' know how much work this side of the central office down to the province and the province never settle for her children."

"... They always steal whole, from the [trees] that [of] her, they burned his home, clean comfort always.

"We got on the proposal for the government to solve our people."

When groups of farmers who M'Nong flock to Hanoi for claims are arguably sensitive because the Communist Party of Viet Nam are meeting conference organized to regulate large part intended to resolve the problems of people welfare that away tension society.


Mr. Xri said representative of Dac Ngo commune also to Hanoi to convince the appeal people to come back the local but they refused to return.

The village chief said from Dak Nong Group claims that 11 people at first, but now some people have gone 'home' and the remaining seven remained in Hanoi.

He said hundreds of people struggling M'Nong is life after land seizures.
"From coercion, they have nothing [for] people [are] all income.

"Farmers growing wheat, they are not harvested, robbery always white."
Mr. Dieu Xri

"Only a wandering life, employment, making hiring, nothing to harvest all.

"Farmers growing wheat, they are not harvested, robbery at all always."

The number of land claims are not resolved increasing with provincial government and city government was accused of "covering up" for their infenior level confiscate  "promiscuity" land of the people.

BBC can not obtain the opinions of local officials in Dak Nong on this land claims.

Known many lands withdrawn or abandoned private operators for use in farming  that those who 'lost land' also did the same in cases in Dak Nong.

In the case of Doan Van Vuon shocked public opinion in Tien Lang earlier this year, family of Mr. Vuon has stated that they completely lost the trust and local authorities "from districts and communes to the city" and only hope that the central resolved.

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