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Vatican delegation to Vietnam was visa revoked and banned religious activities



                                   Government of Vietnam recovers visa and hinder
                                   activities of Vatican delegation to sainthood for
                                   Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan

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News from the Court office Saigon archbishop said the Vatican delegation to Vietnam in the activities of collecting information and evidence to cater for the beatification of Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan was Vietnam's communist government revoke visas and banning perform any activities in Vietnam. The conduct of sainthood for Cardinal is a work of pure nature of religion thus hindering the activities mentioned above from the state government of Vietnam is infringing freedom of religion law has been legal, constitutional and international legal provisions and protection. The withdrawal of visa and impede the lawful activities of Religious Holy See delegation to the state government communist Vietnam and blatantly disregard contrary to all international commitments on human rights including freedom of Religion, which Vietnam has joined and signed since 1982.

On the surface, the Hanoi government always claims before domestic and international public opinion that the consistent policy of the government of the Republic Socialist of Vietnam so far is always respect for human rights including freedom by religion. According to statements by Foreign Ministry spokesman Vietnam, the allegation of violation of the International Religious Freedom in Vietnam is totally unfounded, fabricated and libelous mode because of manipulation, and distortion of the reactionary forces overseas to circumvent religious solidarity in Vietnam. But the act of obstructing activities of the pure nature of the mission on Religious Holy See today has clearly exposed the so-called right "religious freedom" in Vietnam.

Vietnam's communist government now can not continue to quibble over the crack of their religion. A delegation of the International Religious activities in Vietnam in the framework of constitutional law and state the purpose for pure religion but also to be interfered and prohibited by state government. So, has the freedom of material that beliefs of people in the country really be respected as allegations of government rhetoric to date or not!? With the violations of freedom of religion seriously in Vietnam, then the Commission on International Religious United States (USCIRF) has proposed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States consider putting Vietnam back on the CPC list countries with serious violations of Religious freedom and continuous nature is a proposed completely proper and in accordance with deplorable human rights situation in Vietnam, including the right to Freedom of Belief people.


Delegation investigation beatification of Cardinal Francis X. Nguyen Van Thuan visa be revoked
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    VRNs (23/03/2012) - Saigon - Two female office workers Saigon archdiocese has said to reporters VRNs Vatican delegation to Vietnam to investigate the beatification process for Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan visa has been revoked and is not conducting any activity.

A nun involved 100 weekly Bible class, said last night, on 03/22/2012, Bishop Pierre Nguyen Van Kham, auxiliary bishop of Saigon says Vietnam Embassy in Italy's entry visa withdrawn Vatican delegation.

According to this source, the cardinal said he was head of mission has been granted a visa to enter Vietnam to gather evidence for the conduct of beatification servant Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan, but later recovered .

VRNs contacted the Chamber of Christ, the religious - ethnic Saigon and this place sure did not know that. When the reporter said it was VRNs official from the archdiocese of Saigon, the religious officials soccer board to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Government Committee religion. Then VRNs sought to contact the religious government, but may have outside office hours, so no one to receive calls.

According to the announcement was made popular on the WHD on 02/01/2012 "in the process and show beatified saint for The Servant of God is Francis Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan, former deputy archbishop of Saigon archdiocese, former Chairman of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace will send a delegation to Vietnam from March 23 to April 9, 2012 to meet and listen witnesses of the Catholic Church in Vietnam to collect documents on the vivid detail of his virtues. "

This is a pure work of the Catholic faith, but was ignored by Vietnam's communist block. Is this evidence publicly violations of religious freedom from the communist government of Vietnam?

Reportedly, the police lieutenant General Director Pham Dung counterintelligence department has been appointed to the position of head of religion the government of Vietnam, and the withdrawal of the visa Vatican delegation is considered the first action from the general religious police do this.

Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan was the Vietnam communist government imprisoned 13 years, without any judgment. Now when he died, the authorities continued to try to stop his influence on the people of Vietnam and international Catholic community.

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