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Law in Vietnam ... in the eyes of the people and the authorities ... !


Do minh Tuyen

The law is not strict and clear ... authorities are not competent care ... care perfunctory , sketchy or even cover up the accused... and when being exposing in public is the consequences have become so serious that excessively difficult to overcome  ... as the case seized land for family Doan Van Vuon at Tien Lang  Haiphong which had rocked the country ... that's is the bare words of Professor - Dr. Bui Xuan Duc , Commissioner of the Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front at the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations held on  30 August , 2013 morning  ....and is also the worries and concerns of tens of millions of people in Vietnam . Besides , the disregard the law of the authorities ... and government organizations is also one of the causes contributing to the spread of corruption in society today in Vietnam .

In recent months , the party leaders and the current communist government in Vietnam to deal with the bad situation of the country has launched a campaign to get feedback from people on Draft Edit change State Constitution ... which is causing a lot of controversy where public opinion ... but none of them knew or deliberately do not know the cause of rampant corruption and social instability degrade this country is not due to faulty legal ... or the Constitution of the State of Vietnam is incomplete ... but the main reason for the tragic situation in society today ...for the Vietnam people and Vietnam country is due to the party and government State has always sat on the laws and Constitution of the State . Typically, as in the case of land seized his family Doan Van Vuon is right the Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has also identified the coercive land from the government of Tien Lang district . Haiphong to family of Mr. Vuon is against the law , and requests to resolve and handle the consequences then quickly reported to the Prime Minister's Office ...

However, eventually the authorities Tien Lang district and Haiphong city together used the trick to make the victim becomes the accused and has been put in prison... while government officials who violated the law shall not be impeached ... not to be sanctioned by law ... Upright automatically on the judge's chair of trial ... ! The law itself is defective ... or the State Constitution is of any defective ... ? ? ? Yes , the biggest mistake is the party and the communist government of Vietnam has taken the liberty of sitting on the laws and Constitution of the State ... so the next time , even if the State Constitution drafting and amendments is how perfect also be useless ... if the party and the state continues to sit above the law and the State Constitution . In democratic societies around the world today , the voice of the people is done through their votes ... and that is the sole power to help good governance in the country ...while in Vietnam, the people 's reputations as owner of country but in reality always be the servant of people is the governments at all levels to tread on their neck ... but not speechless ... !


31/08/2013 - 08:00

Front is " run by " government

Front coordinate with other monitoring organizations just like as " accompany " still be unknown powers and their responsibilities to it.

" The Front was confused , there reverence , avoidance , collision problems with the authorities , fear of government makes it difficult , especially funding for Front activities . There Front status " running follow " the government " . That's the bare words of Prof. Dr. Bui Xuan Duc , Commissioner of the Central Committee of the Fatherland Front VN , workshop supervisory role and social criticism of the Fatherland Front , from the perspective of NGOs government on 30-8 morning .

Mr. Duc said in annual the Central Committee of the Fatherland Front VN receives from 2,000 to 3,000 complaints and denunciations of citizens . In particular , Front consideration transferred to the competent authorities more than 2/3 but only received 40-50 responses . These cases are not resolved and answered , Front can only recommend further . However, there are no regulations specific sanctions to force the agency jurisdiction , answer . " The fact that many complaints and denunciations are not state agencies addressed or resolved through the speakers , perfunctory . Many alleged cases but not treated seriously , even cover up the accused . Many people denounce corrupt officials , but the authorities do not check or is too slow , not strictly handled . There're some cases in pressing from people , the press reflects , the monitoring group's joined in just to settle as a violation of land in Do Son , forcible land acquisition case in Tien Lang ... " - Mr. Duc stated .

According to Germany , the reason for monitoring activities of the Front currently limited , in part due to lack of legal basis , not specific . In addition , monitoring activities of the Front and also form associations , regulatory efficiency is not high . " The body style of the work is heavy on Front administration , mainly  received letters and transmitted . Meanwhile , the coordination of surveillance Front with other monitoring organizations just like to " escort " without the rights and responsibilities of Front anywhere " - Mr. Duc said.

Talking about the critical role of the Front , Mr. German said that although the Party's policies mentioned but there is currently no legislation that specifically critical of the role of the Front . Thus Front also struggling , confused , stop at the suggestions and proposals for the project , the draft of the state agencies in a passive form , perfunctory . " The reason for this situation is because there are still misconceptions about social criticism . There is the view that social criticism is synonymous with opposition , the opposition , the enemy vulnerable to countervailing advantage . In addition , many people do not want to hear mixed opinions , thoughts on the lack of public trust ... " - Mr. German analysis .


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