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Welcome lofty spiritual meaning of the two words " Independence " in Vietnam ... by humiliation and torment ... and by resentment of lost country


Do minh Tuyen

" National Day " every year in Vietnam on 02-09 is approaching ... and leaders of communist State of Vietnam also is being in arrangements to welcome on the  day " glory " of their own ... while fellow Vietnam on the country will welcome  " this history day " by What emotions ... ! Well, the great spiritual meaning of the two words " Independence " to the people and governments in most countries around the world is very dear and admired ... however , particularly in Vietnam .. . probably for a long time people in Vietnam did not remain the feeling of that  noble spiritual meaning ... and only to be greeted by humiliation torment ... and by resentment of lost country. What makes a national who's traditionally heroic with 4000 years history for establishing and defending the country ... up in the tragic situation like this ... !

I remember very clearly the darkest time of day 30 April ( 1975 ) ... the day when the country is in a state of joyful after unity two region South-North .... but nobody knew that also from that historic moment, the fate of the South people in particular  and the Vietnam country in general has entered into a landmark extremely dark as today ... when there's ears as deaf...there's mouth as dumb ...  ... and there's eyes but like a blind ... even the patriotism is also dare not express ... if do not want  themselves and their loved ones family harassed ... tortured ...  mistreated  and imprison . Many people have expressed joy and delight when fully unified country ... and especially for the members Vietnam Communist Party at that time ... excited beyond any description pens because of the freeing the brothers and their suffering compatriots in South Vietnam ended successful .


30 April 1975, the day when Vietnam in unity of country

But the real surprise for the first day when they took over South Vietnam ... their blood fellow who are living under the grip of suffering by the American puppet government ... needs to be freed as the propaganda of the revolutionary leaders at the time ... was completely different . First sight meets their eye are not as what they heard ... and not as what they think ... that is an incredibly prosperous life where the people of the city filled with magnificent . But the joy of quickly won ... make people forget the feeling of being cheated at the beginning ... and replace it is a deductive lame excuses ... perhaps the Southerners they were oppressed and mental grip ... and time passes erase how uneasy memories of the beginning in the communists and what will be will be .. .


Saigon "Pearl of the Far East" before the 1975

The " revolutionary government " is said to be good for the war that was launched fully to fulfill the sacred mission of their greatness is freeing his fellow siblings escape a life of misery slave was quickly apparent a government " Butcher " has killed the lives of hundreds of thousands of military officials under the Republic of Vietnam in the camps full of harsh and brutal evil .... as well as the campaign usurp the legitimate property of citizens in the name of " all excluding Bourgeois " ... pushed many people to broken families ... must risk their lives fleeing on the perilous sea voyage and death . By this time is many people of the revolutionary government ... who is said to have conscience ... thought to the people and the country ... have quickly changed their minds right before the power temptation and material life full of luxuries ...


People of Vietnam's crossing the sea in the 1980s

For months and years later arise rampant corruption , the people and the country pushed to the brink ... while the country's leaders know only fighting each other for power struggle ... noone remain thought of the lives of the people and the country destiny . Moreover , to ensure the seat of power and effective protection of property and private interests ... the Communist leader has quickly find support from China 's only communist superpower remaining after communism collapsed completely since the 1980s , including the Soviet Union and Eastern European communist bloc .... and since then the communist government of Vietnam has been  wholeheartedly loyal with the Chinese communist ... is expressed through concessions to China approximately 720km2 making Vietnam lost to 3200 square nautical miles (equivalent 11ngan territorial km2 ) in the delimitation of the territorial boundary in the northern Gulf which made in 2001 ... as well as bear a shame to give the island Vietnam to China through the content for sale of country by the communist Prime Minister Pham Van Dong Vietnam signed in 1958 .


Delimitation in the northern Gulf between Vietnam and China in 2001

Not yet mention to the communist government of Vietnam has allowed the entry of Chinese into Vietnam is an easy way arbitrarily ( without visas ) ... resulting in hundreds of thousands of Chinese people come and live in the area that they built their own throughout the province along the central provinces and southern plains ... it directly threat to national security ... and recently Vietnam fishermen continue to be attacked , beaten, shot and killed very brutally... right after the Declaration " comprehensive cooperation " between the two leaders of the State Vietnam - China sign ink still be not yet dry ... while party leaders and leaders of the State of Vietnam continues to maintain the blind allegiance and downright confusing for  Chinese invaders . And now even in perform humanitarian policy ahead of time spared jail ... then the inmate guilty of spying for China was in favor of the release of ... while the Vietnamese patriotic fellow who speak out for justice , for truth and for human rights in Vietnam, they continue to be harassed , tortured and imprisoned downright barbaric .


Vietnamese fishermen were attacked and beaten very brutally by Chinese soldiers

At this point , many communist party members Vietnam , those who have sacrificed their youth and devote much blood for so-called " liberation revolution " ... has uttered the pain feel free when to comment " government is no longer a government of the people " ... and in the hearts of each person is resounding the idea ... If did not have the campaign " Ho Chi Minh trail " ... If people know and understand about the real life of the people in South Vietnam ... and if leader Ho Chi Minh did not bring communist ideological and doctrines in the country did not happen war " fratricidal " between two North and South region ... and then caused how many corollary ... not only suffering for fellow Vietnam that even for the true party members who's genuinely deceived ... because ... false propaganda has  abetted the regime " cursed communist " cause stains hard to clean ... .


The campaign " Ho Chi Minh trail " in Vietnam war

We let try to imagine the scene now of the petitioners in Vietnam ... and how much of them is the real victims ... and how many people become victims because of their own mistakes caused out ... ? ? ? Well , most of the petitioners in country today were from families revolution ... from the personal background is revolutionary martyr .... they has ever participated in the revolution ... or as Vietnamese hero Mother ...who ever helped the liberation army in the war ... and then today all they get nothing except soaked by the rain and soaked by the sun  down the street for land claims ... housing and assets which's  robbed a blatant and crude way by the allies , their former comrades ... by any dubious tricks and shameless ...that cause no one now keep believes in the current leaders ...that a jurist with 45 -year-old of party and has ever been in many important positions in the government apparatus , Mr. Le Hieu Dang who had called for " Multi-party " .. .is demonstrates very clearly about the true nature of the current ruling regime . And lofty spiritual meaning of the two words " Independence " since there has not been exist in the hearts the people of Vietnam today .

Image of the petitioners who's concentrated down the street for land grievances across the country

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