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Human Rights in Vietnam in the eyes of the people and the International Community ... after full promising commitments through the trip to China and the United States recently of President Sang



Press Release bilateral U.S. - Vietnam has been heavily reported in the positive direction after a recent meeting between the two heads of state, U.S. President Barack Obama and State President of Vietnam Truong Tan Sang. The joint declaration between the two countries which's ever been a former enemies together in so-called "comprehensive cooperation" between the two countries was more or less created the atmosphere quite excited ... pulling on the hope and ambition so long from the people of Vietnam and abroad about a possible change that could be accepted in Vietnam related to human rights ... and the Freedom Democracy for the people of Vietnam. However, current developments show as also like as after a trip to China as well from this president .... Vietnamese fishermen immediately were attacked by Chinese marine surveillance vessels and beaten very brutally even in areas Paracel Islands, which belong to the undisputed sovereignty of Vietnam ... while the document "comprehensive cooperation" which's signed between the two leaders the State of Vietnam - China still not yet dry ink.

Yes, the expectations and the joy of some of people in Vietnam after the visit of President Truong Tan Sang to the United States and China that in their judgment is trusted ... optimism ... which has fade out before the act of trampling on human rights continue to be so violent and brutal before and immediately after the end of the trial two patriotic citizens of our country, Nguyen Dinh Kha student and  female young students Nguyen Phuong Uyen at Long An province in Vietnam last 16-08-2013. Similar situation occurred between two historical events suggest that ... thuggish nature and lost all humanity of the current ruling Communist regime today are difficult to change... and the good promises from the party leaders and this communist government are not trusted. The ruling communist of Vietnam has a steadfast effort to maintain and protect the dictatorial communist regime ... although now are facing with harsh criticism from the international community concerned to human rights ... and the great challenges due to the recession  all aspects, including economics, politics, diplomacy ... national security ... and safety and social order ....

All emergency measures are proposed in order to solve the problems and challenges mentioned above ... from the trips to China and the United States by the State President of Vietnam Truong Tan Sang ... to the establishment of emergency seven inspection teams from the leader of the Politburo and the Central Committee of the party, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong on last 06-08-2013 ... also did not bring the results as desire . The reason why all try effort from the communist government of Vietnam  is not recognized by the people of Vietnam and foreign and international ...??? Nothing confusing .... because of all the aforementioned actions of the leader of the State of Vietnam did not come from their hearts ... not from love of country, love ethnic homeland ... that's just the deceptive tricks, deception and lies ... in response to the situation .... and reinforced deceive public opinion at home and abroad about modification intentioned desire, fix and improve the human rights situation worse in their current state. Our ancient  before often said: "Country is easy changing ... but the nature is difficult to move of change" ... yes, in the old days which the group leader Ba Dinh Hanoi still keeping of thuggish nature and lost all humanity that day , they must continue to receive the attack from the public ... and will pay the price for acts which's contrary to the interests of the people and the interests of the ethnic country.


Many people were beaten, harassed, assaulted

Gia Minh, RFA editor, Bangkok

Ý kiến của Bạn
Chia sẻ
In trang này
Mẹ con chị Trần Thị Nga
Mother and child Tran Thi Nga
RFA files
Those with opposing views with the authorities in Vietnam continued to get harassment even assaulted, beaten unreasonably.


Last 16 August Long An provincial court was in attracting attention of many people interested in the struggle for democracy and human rights in Vietnam. There's someone from Hanoi, Ha Nam to the people in Saigon, Vung Tau had gathered there to monitor appeals hearing of two student Nguyen Phuong Uyen  and Nguyen Dinh Kha on charges of propaganda against the state under Article 88 the Penal Code. Among those who's at Long An including mother and child Tran Thi Nga in Henan, Ms. Bui Thi Minh Hang in Vung Tau ...

As a long time who publicly roofing requires legal rights of citizens oppose the wrong of the authorities at all levels ... often was the objects that they believe are the security police in track.

Bui Thi Minh Hang said that the assault was followed and for herself in last August 17 as follows:
When the car had stopped at the hotel door, this group was hiding available at the intersection. I just crossed the street at the point get tickets at which there're hundreds of people around that area because it's coach station, two persons was over up to hold rock banging my head
Bui Thi Minh Hang
Hotel has steps to go higher up to the front desk, they went up. At that time, I was holding the phone so running back inside. Suddenly they attacked Mr. Truyen  and mother and child Thuy Nga first. The child was 8 months old and was beaten by this gangsters to burst into loud wails. I then laments, and at the same time the guards of the hotel hastily rushed out and people come. They call the police, but  a person come, certainly is the ward policeman, and asked while still sit on the saddle 'What's thing' and then walked away.

We arrange to church to attend Mass and then go to the taxi to come home. This group continues to stalk. Right at Ky Dong church gate is a car deliberately crashing into me when I opened the taxi door step up. That person speed up deliberately rammed me, but I step up the taxi. Then we went to the bus station  in the District 1 to buy tickets to come back Vung Tau, my house. I am also very careful to tell everyone that they continue to cling with the deliberately provocative behavior, should have noticed when down the taxi they would ability attack. I said the driver parked close to the hotel door. When the car had stopped at the hotel door, this group was hiding available at the intersection. I crossed the street to the point to get tickets to that point at which there're hundreds of people around that area because it's coach station, two persons was over up to hold rock banging my head. Back to my home now they were also crowded, this morning there were only two now were dozen.

Former prisoner Truong Minh Duc, who witnessed mother and child Tran Thi Nga was beaten while staying at the hotel on Pham Ngu Lao, recounts what happens:

We stay overnight at the hotel. In the morning when I and Mr. Truyen go down to buy morning food, they suddenly from the foot of the stairs to attack up. Just that time, Ms. Nga had just come down the stairs cradling her child, Tai 8-month-old. At that time, in addition there're many others, but there are four young people they beat Ms. nga. I myself was one of four men to control the phone jerk, but I've put it in pocket and pulling shock so they could not snatch. Ms. Nga was beaten by two persons, Bac Truyen he yelled why beat the woman: two people turned back holding his neck and hit him in the foot of stairs.
Ms. Nga was beaten by two persons, Bac Truyen he yelled why beat the woman: two people turned back holding his neck and hit him in the foot of stairs.
Truong Minh Duc
Discipline in prison

That is the case of some dissidents are in society.

Also on August 16, families of prisoners Tran Huu Duc to visit him in prison. Mr. Duc is belong to youth group of Catholic-Protestant, was imprisoned at Camp Phu Son K3-4, Co Lung commune, Phu Luong district, Thai Nguyen province.

Information from the relatives of Mr. Tran Huu Duc said he had previously been in solitary confinement for reasons that himself, as well as the family is not in accordance with regulations. Younger sister of Tran Huu Duc prisoners on the way to come home from the prison said the following:

When come to visit him is thinner, more pale face because he was held incommunicado for 10 days and on the hunger strike 10 days since that day. He said the day before yesterday took him out was worse could not walk. I asked reason why. He said they told because of sending letter, but I find ridiculous. Rules for mailing, over censorship of officials Son and Triem, but when sending was not allowed for the preposterous reason. They also put 5 inmates who's common criminal come as the lie witnesses said that wearing like this, wearing like that ... He also said that no cases of solitary confinement like him. Before time in solitary confinement have two warnings: first and second, but he did not get any once warning. They chained hands and shackled his feet all day and night. He said chained hands, shackled feet during the day only, but with him for the whole day and night, do not open one minute, one second.

They chained the hands shackled his feet all day and night. He said chained hands, shackled feet only during the day, but with him for the whole day and night, do not open a minute, a second
Younger sister of prisoner Tran Huu Duc
Clear up and to judge
Before the act was considered so ridiculous, these people have questioned the authorities and they received no satisfactory answer.

Younger sister of Tran Huu Duc prisoner restated what happened in the prison K3:

Officials told why you thorough like that, always pick holes little to little. Working is also relatively, couldn't be absolute.

Former prisoner of conscience Truong Minh Duc made the comment about the  action to hit people from components that he and those who are in case identified as police or security:

It is very disturbed: do not know who's ordered to attack Ms. Nga. Maybe because Ms. Nga is the person who appeared earlier today in Long An appeals court in treatment Uyen Phuong, because they only targeted on Ms. Nga. This is the action that I think they are inhumane.

On the afternoon of August 16, the people who follow-up to Long An appeal two student Nguyen Phuong Uyen and Nguyen Dinh Kha and proved very excited and welcome the court's statement of half sentence reduction for both students and suspended sentence for student  Nguyen Phuong Uyen. The public then also the hope that something changes in the behavior of the authorities. However, the monitoring, assault the dissidents, and the torture to prisoners still continue happening as shown by the people in case which made their expectation was  fade out.

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